TyC Is Back With Exciting Release “Look What You Made Me Do”

TyC is back with another exciting single and if All 2 Myself was a glorious slice of electro-rock, here we see him turn his sights onto more pop and R&B territory. Securing the services of Joselyn Rivera says something about the rising profile of this songwriter/producer and her sassy and modern vocals add  wonderfully fresh and “of the moment” dimensions to the song.

There is an intriguing staccato structure to the song, it trips and hops, bounces and bowls along but often does so in wonderfully strange time patterns yet never looses sight of its inherent groove whilst doing so.

And it is this combination of the conventional and the cutting edge that is really putting TyC on the musical map. Pop may come from a fairly obvious place, R&B is often predictable and electronic music is very often too “out there,” too left field in its quest to find a new sound. TyC has that rare ability to put them all in one place and find a beguiling, not to mention commercially viable, middle way. Neat!

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