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TyC Is Back With Exciting Release “Look What You Made Me Do”

TyC is back with another exciting single and if All 2 Myself was a glorious slice of electro-rock, here we see him turn his sights onto more pop and R&B territory. Securing the services of Joselyn Rivera says something about the rising profile of this songwriter/producer and her sassy and modern vocals add  wonderfully fresh and “of the moment” dimensions to the song.

There is an intriguing staccato structure to the song, it trips and hops, bounces and bowls along but often does so in wonderfully strange time patterns yet never looses sight of its inherent groove whilst doing so.

And it is this combination of the conventional and the cutting edge that is really putting TyC on the musical map. Pop may come from a fairly obvious place, R&B is often predictable and electronic music is very often too “out there,” too left field in its quest to find a new sound. TyC has that rare ability to put them all in one place and find a beguiling, not to mention commercially viable, middle way. Neat!

Nina G Releases Sassy Pop Video For “No Average Princess”

Everyone needs a bit of life-affirming, empowering, Day-Glo pop in their lives and that is exactly what Nina G delivers with this sassy song and its accompanying fun video. Blending pop infectiousness with modern R&B grooves and always with a view to where the music and video counterpoint exists, she blurs the lines between Disney Princess imagery and alternative cabaret visuals. And the result is a song and video which has both mass market appeal and will tick all the right boxes for the more serious pop picker, the younger market taking it all on its fun face value, the slightly older set revealing in its effortless coolness and the message which it has to offer.

Whatever your age Nina G makes music which whilst might seem slightly frivolous on the surface is actually quite challenging, not to mention reassuring in its message. And the message is have fun on your own terms, break which ever rules you chose and do it your own way. Not only is it destined to be a club floor filler, Nina is the perfect role model for the young girls. It is fine to want to be a Disney Princess but now you have your very own Viking pop warrior to look up to.

Myra Hotazz releases sassy-modern track ‘REMIND YOU ft B’

Myra Hotazz sits at the collision point of so many genres as they reinvent themselves for a future generation. Pop, rap and R’nB are all fed into one end of her song writing and the result is a sassy, ultra modern, ultra hip blend of all three. The rap/soul vocal trade off is a classic harmonic device but the song also buzzes with cutting edge studio textures, grooves on a chilled dance beat and crackles with pop energy.

But for all its forward thinking, it’s very much of the here and now vibe, the song is also the oldest story in the book of a girl being taken for granted and moving on. It just shows that as much as some things may change musically, emotions are doing the same things that they always have done.

Christopher George releases Fire It Up

Classic and timeless vibes shoot right through the heart of Christopher George’s music, it is soulful, sassy, chilled and full of emotion and mood. That’s a lot to fit into one song but it is because he has studied the classic sound of the soul greats, the R&B icons and even some of the ground breaking pop writers that he understands just what makes a future classic song.

And if that seems like an over sell, close your eyes, wind back the clock and pretend it is any other decade from the 60’s onwards and this song could fit comfortably within it. Not because it is dated but because it is woven from all the musical threads that never go out of fashion. Would you consider a vintage Rolls Royce out dated? No because it’s built of sleek lines and of a design that transcends fashion. The same is true of Christopher George’s music.