Turn it up: Belgian DJ John Gilliot smashes the speakers to shreds on ‘What Are We Made Of?’

John Gilliot is back with a mind-blowing bust-down-the-door track with the volume on really loud via the new Techno single ‘What Are We Made Of?’.

Dark and Acid vibes are pushed to the forefront on this Techno powerhouse smasher that was made for those long sweaty nights in the local club. With these mostly closed worldwide, fans of this genre have had to bunker down and go back to the old days of the invite-only underground private events to hear tracks like this.

The beat is ferocious from the moment you press play and the energy does not let up ever. This is a storming single to help us all through the nightmare and back to a place that we all enjoy. That loud ass music that the lame couple next door hate but you love, is thrown against the window here and splattered all over your room. Every now and again you hear the vocals and it gives you the shivers of pleasure.

With a build up that will make your local construction workers proud, this is a single that catches you off guard after a while as you get locked into the DJ’s club and closing your eyes is ideal on this one. Tomorrowland is today in your head and the gradual mysterious sounds ease any stress or headache you might have deep inside your body.

Belgian Techno DJ John Gilliot is quite breathless on ‘What Are We Made Of?’ as he makes 2020 a happier place. This is a single to play loud in your bunker with your headphones on so loud; you might burst an eardrum. It doesn’t even matter.

Stream this new track via Soundcloud and see his socials on IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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