Tried To Hide It All The Same: Lara de Belder shows her utter disgust at a cheating ex with 3rd single ‘It’s All Over’

After feeling the full authority of this hideous pandemic that slammed the doors shut on many music venues and creative opportunities beyond comprehension, Lara de Belder shows her determination to move past a relationship that had so much promise before but sadly faded away on ‘It’s All Over‘.

Lara de Belder is a phenomenally talented London, UK-based, North Yorkshire-born, University of Leeds and Royal Academy of Music-trained, indie jazz/blues solo artist, musical director, and actor, who sings with a vocal output that you will always remember fondly.

‘’I’ve been interested in writing my own material for a long time and dabbled in the past, but before the first lockdown hit the UK I was involved in several bands and projects and that was where I was putting most of my energy. I didn’t yet fully believe in myself as a writer and solo artist, so the self-doubt found its comfort in prioritising these other ventures. It wasn’t until we literally couldn’t do our gigs and other projects that I realised the opportunity that was being presented.’’ ~ Lara de Belder

With the excellent producer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Rodwell on board, Lara de Belder closes the door on a broken room that has too many cracked walls to live in – as she tried to ignore it for so long – and regrets waiting until everything shattered right in front of her. With superlative vocals from a highly-praised singer who is in inspired form, you will feel like you have just witnessed an extraordinary track performed with that rare quality you have been waiting all year for.

It’s All Over‘ from the decorated London, UK-based indie jazz/blues solo artist, musical director, and actor, Lara de Belder, is a sensational single that could be in any era, due to the smokey class and outstanding ambience. Her voice is so vintage and she shows us the consequences when a former lover left that once-sweet love for dead. This is class personified and a release that is quite clearly something extra special.

Hear this sizzling experience on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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