Alexis Basilio – Your Love for Me: Potently Ethereal Indie

Alexis Basilio’s recent single “Your Love for Me” doesn’t make you feel anything, you might want to check for a pulse. The ambiently light Indie single progresses through plaintively raw melodies of soft instrumentals with the addition of plenty of transient reverb. Yet, the ethereal potency within the up and coming artist’s latest single is mainly the product of his hypnotically soft vocals which rest perfectly against the haunted atmospherics of the soundscape.

Your Love for Me is just one of the tracks from the New Brunswick, US-based artist’s most recent EP “So You Lack Another Day”, each one of the four tracks contain the same razor-sharp resonance, and clever use of spatial effect. But there really is no better introduction to Alexis Basilio’s melancholically alchemic style than Your Love for Me.

Any fans of Elliot Smith, James Yorkston and Radiohead will definitely want to check out Alexis Basilio’s latest EP. Which you can do by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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