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The Leeds-based indie rock evocators Milford Place will render hearts raw with their latest single, Lately

Whoever you revere as the most iconic emotive indie rock acts of all time, everyone can agree that the Leeds, UK-hailing 4-piece Milford Place deserve a spot in the evocative rock hall of fame, especially after ‘Lately’ entered their discography.

After making their presence well-known on the local live scene in 2019 by playing to capacity crowds and always finding a new way to hone their live performances, the outfit is looking to come back with an even bigger bang following pandemic stagnation. After dropping Lately onto the airwaves, Milford Place will easily steal the hearts of indie rock fans who turn to sonic sanctity to quell their heartbreak.

With tinges of Peace, Jaws and M83 to their intricately lamenting sound, which always cuts to the core of emotion for visceral catharsis, we have no doubt that the melodic powerhouse will effortlessly dominate the indie landscape in Leeds and beyond.

Lately will officially release on June 7th; hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Stubbed my toe on a Rock: Moose Wrench man-flu’s their way through the midlife existential crisis on Not Dead Yet

Provoking us off our cosy crisp-laded crunchy couches and informing us to hastily brush off all those lazy mentalities which don’t help at all, Moose Wrench is at its roaring best and might shatter fragile glass windows that haven’t been triple-glazed with a speaker-breaking single to sit up with, Not Dead Yet.

Moose Wrench is a Leeds UK-based alternative act that loves to be known as the finest dad-bod alt-core trio in the world with their ultimate confidence and groovy vibes to entertain all ages who are brave enough.

Angry and snarling. Brisk and brooding. Moose Wrench is the name. Leeds is in their blood through and through. Turn them up okay? Before they break something. Anything. They make loud music which is right up in your nostrils.

Not Dead Yet from Leeds UK-based alternative act Moose Wrench is a thunderous release that you will either love to pieces or find compelled to shout at. Either way, that’s the point. They don’t care about our feelings at all. Making music they love is the mission, that loyal fans will bounce off walls to hear.

This is underground music with a piercing sound, that will slice through earlobes like a spikey pin in the night.

Turn this up on Spotify.

See more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Americana Meets British Acoustic Indie in Champagne on the Rocks’ Sentimentally Cinematic Single, Golden Hour

UK singer-songwriter, Champagne on the Rocks, tantalised timeless Americana tones and tinged them with British acoustic indie in his latest cinematically rendered single, Golden Hour.

With choruses that made me nostalgic for Semisonic, Deep Blue Something and The Calling while simultaneously affirming that Champagne on the Rocks has what it takes to become a sonic legacy in his own right, you’re damn right we were arrested by the elevated weight of Golden Hour. When the winding Americana guitar solo hits, the stripped-back sentimental hit which will allow all of your most-cherished sun-soaked memories to manifest in your mind, the track transformed into a virtuosic triumph. Repeat attention is practically mandatory.

Golden Hour is now available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Back to The Bar It Is: Jejune gets another one in the thirsty tummy via Boogie Juice

Rushing the groove and taking another shot to spruce up the night, Jejune downs the apple sours and feels rather alight again with the catchy new single to dance all night with called Boogie Juice.

Jejune is a Leeds, UK-based indie rock band that is a fearless and unpretentious outfit that just wants to bring humanity kickass tracks to jam with.

Soaring with a Cuban, Jersey and Notts fused energy which is only heightened by the quality on offer, Jejune turns up the volume and shows us their raspy brilliance to make the night one to remember. This is a late-night track you see, and only for those who love a cold one, or appreciate the booze-packed aura.

Boogie Juice from Leeds, UK-based indie rock act Jejune is a rather super song which will make many smile and many frown. That’s the point. This is a loveable track which shall get feet tapping and many cheers forming, to bring us a cheerful soundtrack to sip on happily.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ferocious Leeds punk upstarts Mince smash their paws on the window with Misprint

Sawing off the tree and doing it with a cheeky wink too, Mince surge through with a striking single to dust off those mud-soaked boots with on their stomping new release called Misprint.

Mince is a 5-piece Leeds, UK-based indie post-punk band who blasts through with a thunder-like entry into our shocked souls each time they drop the heat.

Misprint is a problem that nobody is ever likely to face. We all have irrational fears, but what about the worries our minds haven’t even begun to cover? If you feel like you’ve forgotten or left something at home, it’s probably just the knowledge that anything can change your life in an instant. Be care-free.” ~ Mince

With fire in their bellies and so much venom laced inside and ready to bite at any moment, Mince send our minds alive and is a swimming pool of fun with a sensational single to get truly excited about. This is raw to the core. Just the way it was intended.

Misprint from Leeds, UK-based indie post-punk band Mince, is a hammering new single which will cause a few rib cages to be tested. Powerful in delivery and soaring with a tremendously exciting sound, this is a mood-altering track which shall take our breath away rather quickly.

Hear this fine single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Keep On Calling: That Is Good grows tired of being used on Get Shut Off

With a debut album on the way soon, That Is Good shows us what it’s like to feel like a trophy on his goodbye-forever single called Get Shut Off.

That Is Good aka Dan Fielding is a Leeds-born, London-based indie alternative singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who makes a highly memorable blend of catchy music to never forget.

On a stunning single that will have many questioning whether they are in the correct relationship, That Is Good shows us it’s okay to end things if you feel like your soul is being damaged.

With an ear-soothing soundtrack to assist anyone who needed a reminder that you can indeed get away from dark days, this is a highly impressive release that might be stuck in your head all day.

Get Shut Off from Leeds-born, London-based indie alternative artist That Is Good is a terrific song which will lead you to that door if you know that it’s time to walk away. Sung with a real intensity and a foot tapping groove, this is a reminder that sometimes people just want to use you for their own greedy ways. Filled with a vocally excellent vocal ambience and a lyrical awareness, this is that story about waving goodbye and never looking back.

When you don’t want to answer your phone, you know that it’s truly over forever.

Listen up loud on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rising Leeds band Thysen smashes through our ceiling with their ‘Splinter’

With groovy riffs and an anthem-sounding style that is made for massive stadiums, Thysen unleashes their drum-snapping melodies to electrifying effect on their latest single to be totally enthralled by on ‘Splinter‘.

Thysen is a Leeds, UK-based indie post-shoegaze quartet who were making massive strides in the local scene before this horrific pandemic cruelly wiped out their progress.

Since entering the scene in 2019, they have been perfecting their unique blend of herbs and spices.” ~ Thysen

Sending us into a better state of mind with an exciting performance which shall get your head nodding in total delight, Thysen return with monumental display made with a robust tone and vocals which will have you listening closer.

Expect a range of sounds from melodic shoegaze to emo and stoner.” ~ Thysen

Splinter‘ from Leeds, UK-based post-shoegaze band Thysen, is a splendid single that will wash away all your doubts and shall thunder into your mentality like all the best songs do. They are a tight unit who have been developing their sound and seem ready for the next step – as they make that powerful music you can’t forget – that will get the who crowd completely enchanted into their message.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and see more via their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Leeds brothers The Dunwells show us that genuine romance is actually possible with their latest masterpiece, ‘This is Love’

Taking us into an enchanting world that is loaded with a wonderful romantic glow of hope, The Dunwells show us the light with their latest gem that shall set your cold heart free again on, ‘This is Love‘.

The Dunwells is a Leeds, England based indie-folk/Americana brother band that are one of the most respected groups around and shows their undeniable class yet again.

The Dunwells have found favour with audiences across the world having toured extensively in USA, Europe and the UK as well as having supported artists including Mumford & Sons, Tom Jones, Scouting for Girls, Bryan Adams & Elbow on their UK tours.” ~ The Dunwells

Displaying a real grace and kindness that seems to be missing from modern-day society in many forms, The Dunwells are quite exceptional and return with another ear-warmer to change your mood and take you into a kiss-filled place of love.

The brothers have taken their ‘indie-folk’ roots to a new level, experimenting and underpinning many of the tracks with soaring, intricate and studiously interwoven electric guitar infusions.” ~ The Dunwells

This is Love‘ from Leeds, England based indie-folk/Americana band The Dunwells is a majestic effort from two souls who are connected smartly as one, who has made a really special single here. The vocals are so smooth and sealed with that pacifying wind that helps you ease all worries away, with a song that might make your day a lot better.

Sometimes music is designed to heal, and we are blessed by a tremendous performance to truly embrace and never forget.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Talkc doesn’t want that sexy lover to ever leave on the hot dance single you need to hear called ‘Your Body’

With a beat so hot you might need a cold shower to cool down your fiery soul, Talkc drops a new single that is perfect for those steamy dance floors that are full of new lovers with ‘Your Body‘.

Talkc is a Leeds, UK-based indie EDM solo artist who makes the kind of sensual music vibration that takes your breath away and has you in awe of the speaker-shaking stimulation at hand.

With an electric vibration that might cause a few blushes to be easily seen by those who know what it feels like to be with someone who you can’t take your hands off, Talkc sends our minds into a spin with a dynamically-excellent single that all party fans need to swim deeply into.

Your Body‘ from Leeds, UK-based indie EDM solo artist Talkc, is a new summer-like single that is piping hot and meant to leave a cheeky smile right all over your face. There is nothing mysterious here – as the lyrics tell you exactly what is going on – while the kisses only get steamier throughout this tongue-touching gem of an experience. This is the type of track to play loud when you are with your romantic partner and want to make a point, as you gaze into those alluring eyes and hope that this night never ends.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and check out the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Picturing You And Me: Kitty Richardson wonders if they will ever be together on ‘Silhouette de Femme’ (feat. Sines)

Featuring ravishing vocals and an artistic movement replenished with delightful colours you will be totally transfixed by, Kitty Richardson shows us into her inner mind as she daydreams about that innocent love she has kept to herself for so long on ‘Silhouette de Femme’ (feat. Sines).

Kitty Richardson is an award-winning indie-pop singer-songwriter and music student from Rutland, UK, who studies music composition at the University of Leeds.

With her concentration on full as her gaze turns into something much more than meets the eye at first, Kitty Richardson is at her unique best on a new single that has you completely enthralled – by such a compelling experience – that has you glued to your screen. Bringing forth paint-filled visuals as she sketches us the picture of where her mind is currently inside, she skillfully lets us into her studio to watch this cinematic wonder unfold.

Silhouette de Femme(feat. Sines) from the fascinating Rutland, UK-based indie-pop artist Kitty Richardson, is a mood-altering single from an artist who keeps you locked into her story like all the greats seem to do. Her mesmerizing style has you quivering at times as you sense her romantic feelings towards someone who doesn’t know she exists yet.

Sometimes life can have you distracted by a love that might never happen, as it stirs your senses alive like a hot flame on your fragile skin.

See this stunning music video on YouTube and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen