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In Your Mind: Leeds hard rock act ALL I LIVE FOR knows that the eyes needed to be opened on ‘Awaken’

Featuring a riveting sound that cuts through all of those dusty chains that have been holding back a soul that needs to be free from the past, ALL I LIVE FOR confidently urge us to get that saw ready and get rid of anything in the way with their passionate new single ‘Awaken‘.

ALL I LIVE FOR is a Leeds, UK-based 4-piece indie hard-rock/alt-metal band is a well-constructed team that loves a powerful solo, as they make meaningful music that has been made to help others in pain.

Despite the heavy breakdowns, the band are not shy about exposing their heartfelt side. Their unique sound is focused around powerful guitars, empowering lyrics and a choral section saturated with emotive vocal harmonies.” ~ ALL I LIVE FOR

ALL I LIVE FOR bring us a real mood-booster that is all about stretching for the sky and never giving in, with the reasoning that keeps you so intrigued from the first second to the last. The UK rockers certainly turn up the volume and let loose, with an inspiring message that we all need to take note of quickly before it’s too late.

Awaken‘ from the Leeds, UK-based indie hard-rock/alt-metal outfit ALL I LIVE FOR, sends us a message that is so true in this constricted world that wants you to fail. With their trademark heavy sound that is mixed with potent vocals that just seems to get the ambience just right, this is a booming effort that is rather pain-alleviating and an exceedingly quality listen.

Hear this deep new single via Spotify and see more news via their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No Control: Pins has their excellent creation taken to another dimension on ‘Ghosting’ (Hard Dub Stal Mix)

As he ingenuously sauces up the breathtaking beat to keep us sipping on the delicious water like a thirsty kitty cat, Stal is at his best with the Pins track ‘Ghosting‘ (Hard Dub Stal Mix) that certainly raises the temperature to cooking hot.

Stal is a passionate and multi-talented self-taught Leeds, UK-based indie EDM music producer, pianist and guitarist, who has gotten back into music again after getting divorced.

The band Pins had the artistically innovative idea of releasing the stem files for their track Ghosting, so that anybody who wanted to could remix the song tracks and add their own feel.” ~ Stal

The unit-breaking speakers seem to shudder collectively in unison to a thunderbolt of electric rays from a different planet to ours – as this sonic experience only gets better and better throughout – while you look around and nod in approve at the mesmerized crowd who are sweaty and loving every moment of this powerfully constructed track.

Ghosting(Hard Dub Stal Mix) from Pins, is an I-can-control-myself type of track that is full of electric energy and flashing lights for us to delve deeper into. The mood is rather ominous and the silky energy is deep inside your carving bones, as the moody sound seems to warp wonderfully through your alert body to give you those excited chills.

This is a highly worthwhile remix from an artist who is back and not going anywhere else again.

Hear this new track on Soundcloud and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wishful Thinking: Manuka kindly brings us her beautiful self-reflection on ‘Tribal Man’

With a truly calming ambiance and a stunning voice that might give you absolute shivers of joy, Manuka allows the warm light to shine through again after the cold darkness to heal us all on ‘Tribal Man‘.

Manuka is an Indian classical music-trained Barking-born, Leeds, UK-raised indie folk singer-songwriter and mental health worker with Sikh heritage, who is currently living in India.

This was a song written to heal and to ease my anxious heart. I go to this song always to help detox the darker thoughts that cloud my judgement.” ~ Manuka 

This is a sweetly-sung song from an angelic forest Queen named Manuka – as she lovingly calls for the world to calm down again – whilst reminding herself to stay grounded through all the over-stimulation that is growing around our scarred planet. You feel that she is rather self-aware and knows that there is so much more to life than being glued to a tiny screen – as she takes a deep breath that is pollution-free- feeling so grateful to have the support around her to truly blossom like a fresh flower and be free.

Tribal Man‘ from the wonderfully inspiring Leeds-raised, Goa, India-based indie folk artist and mental health worker Manuka, shows us a clear path to your hearts much-needed glow again. She sings with rare and pure intentions, that allows us to get lathered willingly into this wish-I-could-be-human again message, with that sweet nature smell each day. Just like things should be, away from those unnecessary temptations that lead us astray from the ultimate goal. True peace inside your hungry soul forever.

Hear this fine new single on her Spotify page and find out more about this captivating artist on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stand By Your Side: Promising Leeds singer-songwriter Hannah Lamb drops loving debut single ‘I Need You’

As she waits by the phone for her true friend who might need her, Hannah Lamb shows her admirable care for a true spirit who she loves being around with ‘I Need You’.

Hannah Lamb is a Northumberland-born, Leeds, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter and Leeds College of Music student who is in her second year of studies. She is a kind soul who sings about personal love, loss and life, with a tender style that has you beaming glowingly from hearing such transfixing beauty.

Sung with a wonderfully calm and shining-to-the-stars style – her seemingly effortless voice takes you to a reflective place – that is full of that nostalgic atmosphere that seems to be so rare these days, in this too-busy-to-talk world. She takes us on a flower-filled journey to that beautiful place in time, where two connected humans may both be wholesomely content inside their souls.

I Need You‘ from the youthful Leeds, UK-based indie pop artist Hannah Lamb, is the sweet story of showing compassion for a true friend who has been there for you when you required help. Things have been a bit up and down with all that is going on in the world – but you want things to always be real – and to never drift apart into the ocean like other friendships in the past. Made with real heart and featuring a stunning vocalist who makes your hungry-for-love heart beat twice, this is one of the most compassionate releases you will hear in 2021.

True friends will never leave you, even if those rocky roads threaten to take them away for a while.

Stream this lovely single on Spotify and see more via her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Moving out the shadows: Chris Dawkins has shown ‘Love & Sacrifice’ for so long and now its his time to shine (ft. Georgia Harrup)

Chris Dawkins shows his underrated class on the terrific new single ‘Love & Sacrifice‘ (ft. Georgia Harrup).

Session musician, co-writer and soul/jazz musician Chris Dawkins has been in the shadows for too long and 2021 marks the wave that will flow in our souls, so we can truly appreciate this extremely skilled creative.

Taken off the new eleven-track album ‘Painting Colours‘, this is his 2nd LP and is released with the guidance of underground Leeds based record label Released Records.

This is an experienced journeyman who is now on a mission to gain a truly worldwide audience that appreciates quality music.

This electronic layers mesh so sweetly with the stunning vocals that soak so much love all over your body as your neck and back shiver in delight. This natural energy is a spectacular addition to a world that needs so much inspiration and a light out of the dark bunker beneath us.

The story about needing to know that they will be there for you all the time and not just when things are all rosy and sweet is a blessing on our hearts and a true story. You want them to be there and now its up to them as you have placed full faith.

With the honey-coasted vocals of the lovely Georgia Harrup in full flow, this is the perfect song for Chris Dawkins to showcase his talents the world. ‘Love & Sacrifice‘ is what has happened before and now, with his labels full support, this marks a new chapter in the life of a humble musician who has paid his dues and now is thrust into the limelight to be brightly shone to the masses.

Hear the rise of an underground legend on Spotify and see his story on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ride the celestial highs and sonorous lows in L.H.B.’s standout single ‘You Are Fire’

If your Ambient Electro Pop playlists are crying out for some fresh ingenuity, Leeds, UK-based artist and producer L.H.B.’s standout single ‘You Are Fire’ won’t disappoint.

With celestial highs and sonorous lows within the artist’s dynamic vocal arsenal, you’ll feel every ounce of emotion poured into the contemplatively resounding single. As the lyrics conjure imagery which sits synergistically against the glitchy yet lush Synth Pop melodies, it is all too easy to get lost in the captivating mix.

Stylistically, it sits somewhere between the overwhelming prowess of Lady Gaga’s more stripped back hits and one of Empathy Test’s melancholically tinged works of Synth Pop. Expressively, L.H.B. is in a league of her own.

You can check out You Are Fire along with the rest of L.H.B.’s album Down Yonderland via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Cub\cub has captured the alienating chaos of lockdown in their feat of Ambient Electronica “False Spring”

Leeds, UK Artist and producer Cub\cub took a unique approach with their COVID-19-inspired latest release “False Spring”. The ambient soundscape captures the chaos and alienation with poignant precision.

With the hazy vocal whispers ethereally floating above the stylishly dreamy synths which carve quiescently consoling melodies, finding resolve in False Spring is all too easy.

As a fellow nihilist, I have to applaud Cub\cub’s tendency to orchestrate mixes containing optimism and hope while never leaving out the relatable dread and fear which resonates in their atmospheric sound.

You can indulge in the smooth ambience of False Spring yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Leeds singer-songwriter Carmen McLean reminds us to ”Slow Down”

Carmen McLean a 22 year old songwriter based in Leeds in England. She is tremendous talent who is back with an important message with her indie folk message called ”Slow Down”.

Slow Down” is a perfect song for current times by the stunningly voiced Carmen McLean from lovely Leeds in the UK. She is so self-aware and makes the valid point that we all just need to slow right now in order to be happy. With a fast-paced world and so much going on, we need to center ourselves and take it easy.

Carmen McLean is a fantastic young artist who showcases her talent splendidly here. She plays the guitar with such heart and love. Carmen is one to watch on the UK soon and her calm style and intricate indie folk vibes are a wonder to the ears. Her soulful music adds a touch a class to a wild year.

Slow Down” is one of the most peaceful tracks you will hear in 2020.

Hear this peaceful track to heal those fears on Spotify.

Find out more about Carmen on her Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

UK Alt-Pop artist Eve Perrin showcases her immense talent with ”Nostalgia”

Eve Perrin is a fabulous singer-songwriter based in Leeds and Manchester in the UK. She is back with her latest single and this new song finds Eve in nostalgic mood with her ”Nostalgia” single.

Taken off the latest EP ”Hiatus”, ”Nostalgia” is a wonderfully crafted track for 2020. The vocals are smokey cool and I like the bounce and vibe of the creation. This is indie-pop soaked with a powerful style that makes you listen twice as it’s so nice for our tired brains sick of the depressing news.

The young alt-pop artist from the UK makes dreamy indie music with a R&B sprinkle to keep it all so fresh and so clean. Eve Perrin has the sound of the younger generation in the palm of her hands. She makes everything feel so safe and pure. Eve’s voice is effortless and I can’t stop dancing to her style. This is exactly was 2020 was shouting out for.

Stream the new single right here on the Spotify music channel.

Check out the Facebook page for more info and gig news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Newcastle singer Conrad Ashton is back with entertaining single ”Time”

Pop Rock singer-songwriter, Conrad Ashton, from the beautiful town of Spennymoor in County Durham, is back with new music and this time his single is called ”Time”. A positive message is here for our ears to enjoy and Conrad is urging us to make the best use of our time left in this wild world that we reside in.

Always evolving, Conrad is a genuine soul who has a lot of fun with his music and doesn’t take himself too seriously which is great to see. After mainly playing in Leeds and Newcastle, Conrad must be itching to take that stage again and performing his gallivanting style of Rock to his fans delight.

Newcastle based Conrad Ashton takes us on a wild ride, with lots of twists and turns in ”Time”. A fun singer who puts his heart and soul into every note, Conrad is the type of singer-songwriter you would take your whole family to go and watch. With the kids dancing in the front and the oldies swaying at the back while sipping on a few gins. This is terrific music that takes you back to the good old days of simple fun without pretentiousness.

Stream Conrad’s music on his SoundCloud channel right now.

Review by Llewelyn Screen