Trèvon Slaten – Fall in Love: A Melodically Captivating Candidly Resonant Indie RnB Hit

Indie and RnB seamlessly entwine in Trèvon Slaten’s third single “Fall in Love” which any fans of romantically-rendered urban soundscapes are going to want to pay attention to.

With melodic hooks, lush vocal harmonies, and inventive instrumental progressions which will keep you locked into the mix, Trèvon Slaten has created an earworm with Fall in Love. The choruses will stick to your synapses like superglue and the introspective lyrics in the verses carry substantial evocative weight. Instead of hiding behind metaphors, the artist has laid his soul bare, making it impossible not to find the human connection in this track.

Anyone who has ever felt frustration or impatience when it comes to falling in love will definitely find resonance within Fall in Love.

You can check out Trèvon Slaten’s single Fall in Love for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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