Tiny Ghosts are quite simply electric on new single ‘The Days of the Phoenix’

Tiny Ghosts are quite simply electric on new single ‘The Days of the Phoenix‘.

This is an indie-pop cover of the AFI punk-classic ‘The Days of the Phoenix‘ originally released in 2000. Early AFI was a massive influence on the band and they were always connected to Halloween through their imagery and symbolism. With the 20 anniversary of the song happening, this seemed like a great time to make this track that is close to their hearts.

This is a talented duo that makes indie-art and tasty dream pop to quench all those thirsts out there. Dayan sings and illustrates all of their artwork. Eric plays guitar and is also the producer and this is the team that make this lovely music.

Tiny Ghosts shows us their quality on ‘The Days of the Phoenix‘ and this is a terrific song to be consumed. This vocals are gritty and real, the guitar and production is matched in quality. This is cover that has been mind with making it an excellent celebration and this goal has been achieved with this superb effort.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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