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The sweet sounds of Leicester: The Gabriels throw us a debut gem into the ‘Loose Canyon’

The Gabriels bring that catchy exciting vibe that is wrapped with tasty goodness, on their electric debut track called. ‘Loose Canyon‘.

Formed due to their love of good music and that jangle crush guitar sweet lovin’, Leicester’s five-piece indie-pop outfit The Gabriels, make that top tier music to turn up and immerse your self into. For a new act they have a mature sound that grips you tight and gives you a hug, with a freshly-poured pint and a cheeky smile.

While anxious England is the mist of a dark and depressing cloud that just won’t go away, this is a caressed song that makes you feel fresh again and ready for that well-needed adventure.

With sweetly honey-lathered vocals and an excellent assortment of electric and acoustic guitars, meshed together as always by the vital drummer, this is a band that is such a pleasurable listen as the smashing solos make it even better on the battered souls, still reeling from evil 2020.

This is story about you love being home but just want to travel again and get out for a while to see other parts of the world. The band are tightly knit and thrill our souls with a debut performance that gets you grooving and moving, with your head bobbing and your feet tapping. The urge to get out of your hometown is massive and this is a highly relatable topic that makes you think of being in the sun, exploring your surroundings and meeting new faces with character.

Loose Canyon‘ from the sensational new Leicester act The Gabriels, is a song that will fill your heart with that genuine joy that is so hard to find in this mysteriously complicated world. They make that special and simply stupendous music that sounds so good and might make you forget to do the dishes.

Hear and see this jangly guitar road-tripping blanket warmer on Bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify and see their adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Learning to love as one: TwentyNine30 are scintillating on debut track ‘I Won’t Hide’

TwentyNine30 are a new name to immerse yourself into through their stunning song about loving your partner throughout all on ‘I Won’t Hide‘.

Durham, North Carolina dreamy-pop band TwentyNine30 make that kind of music that makes you reflective and inspired at the same time to be a better person and to deal with whatever is holding you back in relationships.

With the breathtaking honey-layered vocals of the classy Emily Pierce and the skillfully pure guitarist Jack Thomas adding in his incredible voice to mesh a intertwining bundle of glorious goodness for our hearts, this is a special song full of heartfelt treats.

Its so easy to turn your back and hide away when you find something out about your lover. Perhaps they are hiding the key to the real reason away as they are embarrassed or worried you will leave them. Being a strong couple and fully fusing your hearts together to be so madly in love so nothing can or will break you, is extremely hard but possible if you both want it enough.

This is the story about how two humans decide that they want to know each others deepest fears and secrets, so that they can fully trust and be at one to navigate life’s adventures hand in hand, heart to heart with gusto and that rare ultimate trust.

I Won’t Hide‘ from North Carolina’s indie-dream band TwentyNine30 is a pleasurable experience on the soul and they sing with such passion and the eclectic guitar piece at the end puts you in such a calming state- after the deeply emotive lyrics and supremely gifted vocals of that true love.

We might not like what we find inside each others minds and hearts sometimes, but if you love someone enough and can see that they genuinely are a kind person and have valid reasons for their actions, you can overlook it if when you look into their eyes you see true goodness, you know that they are someone you can fully trust and be with no matter what.

After all, the eyes never lie.

Stream this wonderful single on Spotify and see their next move on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tiny Ghosts are quite simply electric on new single ‘The Days of the Phoenix’

Tiny Ghosts are quite simply electric on new single ‘The Days of the Phoenix‘.

This is an indie-pop cover of the AFI punk-classic ‘The Days of the Phoenix‘ originally released in 2000. Early AFI was a massive influence on the band and they were always connected to Halloween through their imagery and symbolism. With the 20 anniversary of the song happening, this seemed like a great time to make this track that is close to their hearts.

This is a talented duo that makes indie-art and tasty dream pop to quench all those thirsts out there. Dayan sings and illustrates all of their artwork. Eric plays guitar and is also the producer and this is the team that make this lovely music.

Tiny Ghosts shows us their quality on ‘The Days of the Phoenix‘ and this is a terrific song to be consumed. This vocals are gritty and real, the guitar and production is matched in quality. This is cover that has been mind with making it an excellent celebration and this goal has been achieved with this superb effort.

Click here for the Soundcloud link.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Find out more on the Insta page.

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LA multi-skilled musician James Waterman rustles in with fresh new single ‘Moses’

LA multi-skilled musician James Waterman is back with this dreamy-pop pearled song called ‘Moses‘.

The California artist shows his skills yet again on this fantastic track that shows the intricate nature of the song. Taken off ‘Smiling‘ is throwback to the styles of music that inspired this artists life suck as classic rock, pop, punk, soul, and dance music. After just turning 30 in the midst of a pandemic, he found himself reflecting on some of the moments and inspirations from over the years.

Moses‘ from James Waterman is like that happy-go-lucky travel song, it comes up so bight while the darkness of the world blankets the skies. This is the type of music that should be appreciated as it has been created with that rare kind of energy. One that has been made with years of experience and love. The multi-talented percussionist, singer-writer and composer shines yet again on this standout track.

Click here for the Bandcamp link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

California Singer-songwriter James Waterman sings sweet melodies on dreamy-pop ‘Smiling’

James Waterman is a highly skilled musician, percussionist, and composer who is based in Los Angeles. He lives for music and has achieved so much in such a short space of time. He is back with the new single that will transport you to a new, calming vibe on ‘Smiling‘.

Synth, percussion, piano, drums and sweet storytelling is the order of the day here on this mystical gem. This is a peaceful marvel of a song that is so transfixed in your soul. It bites deep at those memories of live when you smiled. These memories are entrenched and interwoven into your mind, good times must last and being sad is the opposite of what you should be aiming for. You instead lock eyes with her and from there you seen if there is a spark.

You want be live a great Falcon. So majestic and well-respected in the air and land too. This is a pure song of an incredibly high standard. Some may find it too chilled but if you look deeply, you will appreciate this absolute gem. ‘Smiling‘ from James Waterman is a song to embrace with all the love you have to give.

Click here for the Bandcamp link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Michele showcases her elegance on the beautiful journey ‘Mirage’

Singer-songwriter Michele showcases her elegance on the beautiful journey that fills the room with intrigue on ‘Mirage‘.

A variety of music styles is the feel here with with Michele’s signature dreamy-depressing indie-pop filled with wonderful vocals. This singer is a huge fan of mirrors and shadows, her music drifts into your ears and grabs you by the lobes. You feel a sense of warmth and slight sadness at the same time. You move your body to this graceful artist and her amazing artwork.

This is a music soundtrack to a movie surely. The wonderful violin picks me up and I feel like I am on clouds right now. The music and vocals combine to heat all senses.  I like the harmony and vision from the track as I wonder when I can see this  beauty live.

A love ballad that is so unique, the Dubai-based singer brings a full orchestral string team to help her find the lost lover that she wants so badly. The world is strange now and she wants to feel safe.

Mirage‘ is a fascinating effort from the wonderful Michele and she treats us with this fine release in 2020.

Click here for the Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Worldy dreamy pop stardust from Stevie Bull’s incredible ‘Hotel’

Stevie Bill is a new name is the music scene and she kicks down the door with the excellent ‘Hotel‘.

From Amsterdam to NYC, Stevie Bill’s journey eventually needed her own stories. That time is now and this is a singer with an elegant voice that is so silky and smooth, you could listen to Stevie sing all day and night. This girl can sing and brings her kind authenticity with her.

Born to an English mother and a Dutch father, she moved to buzzing Berlin after her 17th birthday and she soon found herself working in studio’s and writing songs for other artists. While in Berlin, Stevie applied to the prestigious Clive Davis Institute at NYU, New York. She was accepted and moved there in September, at age 19. In New York, Stevie has been working on her project 24/7, collaborating with the writers and producers she met in Amsterdam, Berlin and New York during the last couple of years. Stevie wants her music to be relatable to her peers, telling stories about ambition, self-doubt, friendships and living in a dorm room with strangers.

You feelings cool down and things end too quickly. A few hours before it was all sunsets and clean sheets. The night was young and the hotel was amazing. It was just you two, open windows, kissing but then you start to disagree on silly things. The love was strong and you were falling upwards in love but now its the the complete opposite. Falling downwards but then you realize you are just reminiscing. You are happy now and are with the love of your life, strolling on the beach and looking at the stars.

Stevie Bill is a fantastic singer and I love this debut track. From singing covers, she is showing the world her creativity and she takes full charge here. This is an artist who is getting to know herself and her music reflects her growing maturity.

See these amazing visuals on YouTube.

Stream this new song here on Spotify.

Find out more about Stevie on her Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘AsWeGo’ from Italian band Plastic Palms is a summer dream

Yellow Panda by Plastic Palms

Turin in beautiful Italy is the home of Plastic Palms and they bring us much joy with their new release called ‘AsWGo‘.

This is a summer indie-pop song that is a riveting listen. This is a cool breeze song to play while on a road trip or on the way to work to hype you up. The vocals are so glorious and simple. I could listen to this band all day and they take me on a happy journey. The guitar riffs are so well constructed and this might be my new favorite act.

Plastic Palms is Clarissa Ghelli, Daniel Rineer, and Jordan Bernstein. This fantastic 3 piece roam free on this one like a fantastic breeze that is floating happily around. This is quality music with a happy vibe that makes you put your sunglasses on and dance around. ‘AsWGo‘ is the summer song that we all needed. Turn this up and hit that repeat.

Head to Bandcamp to hear this gem.

Click here for the Facebook page.

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Jim Jam hypnotize our ears and souls with the delightful ”Get Away”

Jim Jam is a UK based artist from South-East London and he is back with his indie lo-fi music to sooth our hearts. His latest guitar-laced dreamy song is called ”Get Away” and this will be in your head for days.

Constructed around his trusty acoustic guitar, Jim Jam’s sound is so ambient with a deep pulse that is so real. This exciting solo project from South-East London is influenced by an array of genres and this shows in his music. I love how this song is constructed and this artist makes you listen to each word.

Get Away” is about having that time alone with each other. You both need a vacation and the time together will do you the world of good. You need to get out of the same old road for a while as nothing has changed and things are getting a bit stale.

This is a beautiful song with beach vibes all the way. I could see this being played late at night with the bonfire burning bright. South London’s Jim Jam impresses here with his mellow dreamy-pop style on ”Get Away”.

Stream the new song set for release on the 24th July from Jim Jam here on SoundCloud.

Head to Spotify to find out more about this fine UK musician.

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TwoSeven, LXT and Brendan Mills join up to a formidable winner summer electro groove soundtrack with ”Alone”

10 year vet, UK producer TwoSeven joins up with a summer hammer music throw Olympic Gold Medal Team as LXT and Brendan Mills connect on dreamy-electro sax-infused summer jam to groove your body all day, ”Alone”. Have you ever been with someone and you keep on breaking up but also can’t get enough of each other?

After bringing out an absolute gem with Piers James on ”Sunshine”, this much-anticipated track does wonders for the heart. I am imagining being with mates and loved ones partying with this one. This has summer anthem written all over with the masterful Brendan Mills on sax that lifts this soundtrack to high-flying views here on a song most of us can relate to on ”Alone”.

Mixed full with songwriter and vocalist LXT, this is a wonderfully constructed song. I love the whole format and the three artists from the UK work like a powerhouse team.

Stream this song right now on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen