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Stop and smell the roses: Elijah Kusel reminds us to take a step back on ‘Flowers’

Solo indie-rock artist Elijah Kusel returns with his second single and this is a groovy affair that will have you thinking about taking a time out on ‘Flowers‘.

With the world in a flux and our heads spinning more than the planets alignment, its always good to take a moment to have a break and reflect for a moment. Enjoying what you have currently, even if you thought the year would be different, is so important. That is the message on this soulful R&B single that makes your back shiver as the beat is full of breathtaking bass-lines and vocals that put you in a peaceful mood.

His simple and relevant story drifts along and helps you take a step back, rather than a sprint forward like 2020’s stress filled race.

Flowers‘ from Elijah Kusel is the perfect message for this crazy year and his mellow voice is like sitting on a new chair recliner. The snap back and chill is exactly what the doctor ordered. The melodic soundscape flies up above and is a pleasure on the soul and his indie R&B fusion takes out the shadows to bring in some sunshine.

Head through to the Spotify page to hear this chilled tune and find out more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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Rocking through lockdown: Echo Strike show continued growth on the exciting ‘Catch Me’

Rocking through lockdown: Echo Strike show continued growth on the exciting ‘Catch Me‘ and this is a dance-pop journey that takes us into the mind of a paranoid lover.

After being stranded in Argentina at the beginning of the world lockdown, this has allowed the fine band to mesh together and put together new music. The results scream a hat-trick that Maradona would be proud of. This is a band that are clearly close and their mix of sonic indie rock pop speaks volumes for all the hours they put in when live shows got cancelled.

Taken off the new full album called ‘Not Inside Your Mind‘, this is the first and best track off the new release. The beat gets you ready and the vocals are different, so catchy- with added flavor to keeps us satisfied. You feel really thoughtful on this song and think of current or previous relationships and how they make you feel.

You care about them so much but feel like you have done something wrong at home and don’t want to go back right now. You are thinking that perhaps you should let things cool down and then go back to see what has happened.

Catch Me‘ is such a fun listen and is full of ebbs and flows that always feel right. The electro style satisfies when you turn it up and this is a track to be enjoyed all day. With a promising sound and an attitude that you just can’t help but like, this is a band that are on the right road for global interest.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Find out more about future shows on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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Tiny Ghosts are quite simply electric on new single ‘The Days of the Phoenix’

Tiny Ghosts are quite simply electric on new single ‘The Days of the Phoenix‘.

This is an indie-pop cover of the AFI punk-classic ‘The Days of the Phoenix‘ originally released in 2000. Early AFI was a massive influence on the band and they were always connected to Halloween through their imagery and symbolism. With the 20 anniversary of the song happening, this seemed like a great time to make this track that is close to their hearts.

This is a talented duo that makes indie-art and tasty dream pop to quench all those thirsts out there. Dayan sings and illustrates all of their artwork. Eric plays guitar and is also the producer and this is the team that make this lovely music.

Tiny Ghosts shows us their quality on ‘The Days of the Phoenix‘ and this is a terrific song to be consumed. This vocals are gritty and real, the guitar and production is matched in quality. This is cover that has been mind with making it an excellent celebration and this goal has been achieved with this superb effort.

Click here for the Soundcloud link.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Find out more on the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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Yung Ballxr shows promise with the Hip Hop-trap filled ‘Everyday’

Yung Ballxr shows promise with the Hip Hop-trap filled ‘Everyday‘ that gives us an insight into this young emcee’s lyrical explosion.

Taken off the recent new EP ‘Tough Times‘, this is one of 5 fire and tasty tracks for the ears on this new school beat. This is the sound that youngsters love in Hip Hop in 2020 and this falls in this new style. This vocals are sung but have rap influences and we can hear the stories of the street on this one. Life is hard and we have to do what we can to survive.

Yung Ballxr is in electric form on his new single ‘Everyday‘. The life of cruising around with the crew, getting up to no good and doing the same things each day. This can get a bit much but the song is a perfect sandwich to be devoured with meaning. With a massive lyric ability, this is probably the best track off the new EP and a real Hip Hop beat comes with it. Lots of potential here and this is the sound of the new school.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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‘Bats in the Attic’ from Vincent & the Noise is a story of a surprise visitor and finding that chorus on a soulfully sweet song

Bats in the Attic‘ from Vincent & the Noise is a story of a scary bat found in the attic!

Vincent & the Noise is 19 year old singer-songwriter and producer David Vincent, Dan Rinaldi (Drums), and Dylan Scully (Bass). They are all about those good vibes and this incredible song reflects that. They are so real, a simple story created music which is amazing to see.

This is indie-rock-pop with a real inside soul, the melody flows like a pleasant river. You are close to those that mean a lot to you and you are looking for that sound you want. With the silky smooth start, this is that happy type of music that sets you free from your worries. One day you will live together with that special soul, kids in the yard. Good times await.

Self produced and written while the band held themselves at a cottage in upstate New York to find their sound, 19 year old front-man David Vincent came upon the song’s chorus one night after the band found a bat in the attic of their cottage. It scared the shit out of them. Without that fateful scare, this song wouldn’t exist.

Bats in the Attic‘ from Vincent & the Noise has inner beauty and pureness that we are looking from music in 2020. With so much smoke around, this clears the air and is a must-add on any mood boost playlist.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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New Jersey Punk rockers Still Ghost return with awesome ‘Look Up’ (Official Lyric Video)

New Jersey band Still Ghost rock in with their awesome lyric video for ‘Look Up‘.

Still Ghost is a high energy rock outfit from central New Jersey who draw influences from late 90’s and early 00’s bands and capture our attention with powerful choruses, aggressive vocals, and catchy hooks.

Soon after parting ways from their previous project, My Lonely Heart, TJ Haefner and Dee DiMeola began writing songs together in the summer of 2018. Once their ideas came together, they brought their new music to drummer Ryan Venancio, who added to the energetic feel of their new music. After months of writing and debating on the name for their new project, the trio officially announced their new beginning in March of 2019 and began playing shows under the name Still Ghost. In late 2019, the band added bassist Liam McNicholas to the line up and this 4 piece band certainly have all the right ingredients to cook some electrifying music together.

This is about getting over those old feelings and being yourself now. You have been hurt and just want to look forward and not upwards. A rocking song with ferocious vocals and terrific bass lines that are so great to listen to.

Look Up‘ is the fab new track from Still Ghost as they rip in with this fantastic song that is high tempo and riffs perfectly.

Head here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen