‘Time Travel Blues’ is a soulful tale of adventure from The Tattered Rhapsodies

The Woodlands, Texas is the home of The Tattered Rhapsodies and they return with the piano-infused indie-folk ‘Time Travel Blues‘.

The Tattered Rhapsodies have just released their new record, ‘Subversive Folk‘ and this is the 2nd single that certainly impresses off the bat. They have such a unique sound that covers folk, indie, rock, pop as well and some caressing country to keep their fans happy.

Time Travel Blues‘ is all about wanting to travel through time and go on some mystical adventures. You certainly want to go but know that it isn’t possible sadly.

The Tattered Rhapsodies are a happy-go lucky indie-folk band who showcase their interesting sound that is easy on the ear and happy on the heart. They are on top form on ‘Time Travel Blues‘ and I like the sound of this band. The Texas group make beautiful music and we should all support bands like this and stream their music again and again.

Head to Bandcamp to hear this awesome song.

Stream here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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