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‘Sweeter, Cleaner, Greener’ from Noel Shiri is the splendidly innocent song we needed in 2020

Dirty Calendar by Noel Shiri

Saint Paul, Minnesota is the home of the talented singer-songwriter Noel Shiri as she returns with her ‘Sweeter, Cleaner, Greener‘.

Noel Shiri is a writer, podcaster, composer, roleplayer and all round good human. She is the composer and sound engineer for the critically acclaimed ‘Dames and Dragons‘ podcast as well as being a supremely talented musician with a gorgeously innocent voice.

This is an artist that doesn’t take herself too seriously and is such a pleasurable listen that you can’t help but like. If our role models were half as genuine as Noel then the world would be a better place. I get lost in her voice and imagine watching her live, outside with lots of fairy lights and good energy all over the crowd.

Taken off her latest album, ‘Dirty Calendar‘, this is a sweet song and I like how consistent this vocals are here and the mellow background to accompany it. She has so much talent and you can tell her authentic nature is so real. ‘Sweeter, Cleaner, Greener‘ is one of the most refreshing songs you will hear all year.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pulse Park rock the airwaves with the awesome ‘Apollonian Heart’

Pulse Park by Pulse Park

Psychoacoustic Noise-Pop band Pulse Park rock in with this fantastic new single called ‘Apollonian Heart‘.

The four men first met some time ago on an arctic expedition in Qikiqtaaluk/Canada and started learning their instruments during the long polar nights. These were ukuleles that they had traded dry fruits for at the Inuit. After introducing a breeding program for bowhead whales the band decided to sing about this experience. Songs about the cold, the dark, cod-liver oil and dinky arctic hares.

With an enthusiastic start, the scene is set on what is to come here from this fab band. The vocals are a bit hard to hear at first but perhaps that is the point here. The band want you to listen closely, take the sound in and feel the vibrations. I like how the bass line roars like a hungry lion cub, bursting for an adventure and probably food too.

Pulse Park warn us about daily consumption here and how its damaging the world. This is a fine song from this excellent band who’s music is easy to get lost in.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Portland band The Recognitions stride in with the epic ‘Silent Alarm’

Nervosism by The Recognitions

Portland, Oregon is the home of indie-rock band The Recognitions and they smash through the guitar strings with their new track called ‘Silent Alarm‘.

The Recognitions have taken many forms over the years from folks days, busking vagabonds, and now to indie rock groups and after a long break, they reunited with a pact: to examine and rewire all of their burgeoning tastes, from neo classical to krautrock; from proto punk to film scores, into their own musical language. This band is that pact and their debut is their first expression of that language. I love this energy and the fact that they know that it’s their time. I hope their music gets picked up for an epic movie soundtrack. This quality deserves that.

Taken off ‘Nervosism’, The Recognitions from Portland in the USA bring us such a deep gem with lots to think about on Silent Alarm‘. This is the sound of a quality band who’s pure vocals are perfectly intertwined to the winding riffs and tremendous drum-work on this dazzler.

Here is the Bandcamp page link.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bomethius sings sweet melodies to share his wedding story on ‘Goodbye, Covid​-​19’

Goodbye, Covid-19 by Bomethius

Goodbye, Covid​-​19‘ is a beautiful story from the soft but striking vocals of the extremely talented Bomethius.

Bomethius is the alter-ego recording alias of Jonathan Hodges who is a Dallas based-musician. An accomplished violinist, Hodges started studying music at age 3. Addressing doubts, fears, and disappointments from his own personal experience, Hodges recorded the first two Bomethius albums alone in his bathroom and quickly developed a unique baroque pop sound informed by melancholy, and wit. This is an artist that loves to challenge himself and make striking, real music.

Goodbye, Covid-19‘ chronicles Jonathan’s experience with getting married in the midst of a pandemic. It’s not really something he would recommend, but despite the fact that, him and his wife were deprived of their original venue, the majority of their close friends, and some of their family too. They found it to be surprisingly beautiful and while the world appears to be a long way off from actually saying goodbye to this virus, the song is about how good it will feel whenever we do finally get to say goodbye to Covid-19, and hello to one another — in person.

With breezy vocals and a soft piano that adds such a relaxing energy to this fine song ‘Goodbye, Covid​-​19‘ from Bomethius. This is one of the better songs on 2020 from such a genuine musician who shows us how crazy life has been lately.

Stream here from Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London singer Max RM’s ‘Little Bird’ is a fantastic self-reflective indie journey

Max RM is back with his latest song and this is such a peaceful listen called ‘Little Bird‘.

This is the London singer’s 2nd single following up from this debut called ‘Wayside‘. A new name on the scene, this new song shows maturity and the guitar rhythm puts me into a mellow zone. It’s time to fly and leave sometimes, just like a little bird. You just know when it’s time to leave and fly to a new journey in your life. Sometimes you can take that love for granted and mess it all up.

I love the chilled energy here and we are taken into a story of love and regret. However, we can’t get a happy ending in life. You think about the person all the time and wish you could of done things differently. Sadly, this was not to be.

Max RM from London is a new talent who has brought out a super indie-folk single here and the UK artist has our attention.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Time Travel Blues’ is a soulful tale of adventure from The Tattered Rhapsodies

The Woodlands, Texas is the home of The Tattered Rhapsodies and they return with the piano-infused indie-folk ‘Time Travel Blues‘.

The Tattered Rhapsodies have just released their new record, ‘Subversive Folk‘ and this is the 2nd single that certainly impresses off the bat. They have such a unique sound that covers folk, indie, rock, pop as well and some caressing country to keep their fans happy.

Time Travel Blues‘ is all about wanting to travel through time and go on some mystical adventures. You certainly want to go but know that it isn’t possible sadly.

The Tattered Rhapsodies are a happy-go lucky indie-folk band who showcase their interesting sound that is easy on the ear and happy on the heart. They are on top form on ‘Time Travel Blues‘ and I like the sound of this band. The Texas group make beautiful music and we should all support bands like this and stream their music again and again.

Head to Bandcamp to hear this awesome song.

Stream here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New American Hustle roll in with elegant ”Flexxx For You”

New American Hustle is a virtual band from California & Italy. Led by Ian Smith and a sultry cast of female vocalists, they create unique and transcendent music for all of us to enjoy on full volume. They return with the new spectacular song called ”Flexxx For You”.

This is the new single after the scrumptious EP debut ”Harlot For Days” from earlier on in 2020. A much simpler time. Just like this absolute gem.

New American Hustle have a bluesy-soul connection that brings together some of the finest talents around and its a treat to our hearts. This is jazzy hip hop fused goodness’s gift wrapped with elegance and class. You can’t teach that. ”Flexxx For You” from newcomers New American Hustle slides in with a brilliant release at a time where we need to find our mojo again.

Stream this new track via YouTube.

Lots of great visuals and sounds on Bandcamp.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen