Jenna Laurise – Waves: Oceanic EDM Pop

When it comes to Dance & EDM tracks, usually the only expectation is for intricate build up, resounding kicks and blindingly euphoric breakdowns. Jenna Laurise did all that and more with her latest single Waves which was released earlier this year. The depth of the lyricism within her track was oceanic, puns aside, Jenna has definitely set the bar when it comes to creating rounding Dance hits. The poignant composition was orchestrated around the emotions surrounding loss, whilst the lyrics are sonorously emotive, the energy behind track is pure uplifting empowerment. It took quite a voice to match the harsh beats when they were in full flow, but Jena Laurise had no trouble in dominating the soundscape with her soaring strong vocals. Throughout the duration of the track I couldn’t quite help shed the feeling of familiarity in the sound when drawing comparison to Lady Gaga, and that’s by no means an insult; they’re both vocally blessed goddesses.

As an EDM Pop hit goes, you really couldn’t ask for more. You can check out Jenna Laurise’s latest single Waves on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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