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Stay young forever: Swedish Forest Queen Matilda Lundberg is sweetly perfect on ‘Summer Child in Me’

Nässjö, Sweden born Matilda Lundberg transcends the condensed clouds up above to float down and dip her feet in the calm waters below, on her lovely new indie-folk single ‘Summer Child in Me‘.

Soulfully real and with stories of her youth, life beyond the horizon and with vocals that make you gasp with amazement, the sensual soundscapes opens up your heart, to a pureness that is so hard to find these days.

The stories of dipping her feet into the lake, remembering the coffee stained pants of her role model and speaking of going for your goals in life, shows you that she is an old soul. A thoughtful singer that opens the door into her life for a few minutes at a time, her vulnerable energies are a heartfelt gift that is wrapped in a delightful Christmas parcel for us to appreciate and treasure.

With her now introducing her band on the next single, you get the feeling that she is finding the sound that she is looking for and let’s face it, making music and memories with friends is so much better. After living in London for a while, she has opened up a new creative door in her mind and she intends walking right through it and upwards to new experiences.

Summer Child in Me‘ from the majestic Swedish singer-songwriter Matilda Lundberg is a piece of breath-taking beauty that can’t ever be copied. Her luscious voice lathers your tired soul with a tender touch that is like a welcome hug from a sweet angel and this is music so incredibly rare and special.

Bless your heart on Spotify and see her adventures in the forest and around the world on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Slow Capital take us ‘Underground’ with this beautifully alluring acoustic story.

Slow Capital is Andrew Dailey, a filmmaker from Kansas City, MO, who is currently based out of Brooklyn, NY; a precursor to a six-track EP planned for early 2021, Slow Capital’s second single ‘Underground’ is a beautifully mature fingerpicked acoustic guitar track, mellow and delicate, alluring in its simplicity, and carried along by Dailey’s poetic, storytelling lyrical content and up-front vocal delivery.

At just over three minutes long, ‘Underground’ is a perfect piece of alt-folk, confessional, poetic, a narrative tale to music with a harmonious, melodic guitar line and a gentle, tender vocal. You can hear ‘Underground’ on Spotify, and follow Slow Capital on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


Sleepy days of 2020: Miraduel sings so beautifully on the piano-fused folk single ‘When Evening Comes Too Soon’

Miraduel sings with such grace and honesty on his new single about how this year has sapped the energies and it’s called ‘When Evening Comes Too Soon’.

The exhausting year is taking its toll and Miraduel brings his uniquely incredible style to the fore of our minds here. His voice is effortless and you can feel his stunning energy that drifts through the window as the birds tweet in the background. It’s so easy to get lots on the path of his vocals as he gives us shivers due to his wonderful creation.

Taken off his new full album ‘Mmm…’, this a song to make you feel okay with snoozing lots during this cold and tiring year. Our minds are exhausted from overthinking and need a proper holiday to reboot. You have to cut him some slack as we are all having a tough time and awaiting 2021.

This is a rare talent who doesn’t fit into any box. He is his own genre and brings indie-folk, pop and some elements of soul with his crisp voice and the piano skills are clearly brilliant.

The ambient soundscapes wash over the dirty year and the acoustic melodies are a pleasure to listen to and your heart feels healthier after listening. A smoothie isn’t needed here to feel good, only closing your eyes and letting Miraduel calm those sad hearts on ‘When Evening Comes Too Soon‘.

Stream this soulfully sweet single on Spotify and see the music journey via IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Lydia Briggs sings with innocence on delightful ‘Morning’

Lydia Briggs is back with her stunning new song that has indie-folk-blues fuses of reflection on ‘Morning‘.

This 17 year old musician’s work is blessed by such a pure voice; blues-influenced piano; and a bohemian sensibility. She is young in age but wise beyond her years with her deep lyrics that make you listen again and again. This is about that morning love and if you will see each other in the morning or will you just leave again.

Born and raised a mile from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Lydia Briggs has been playing piano non-stop since the age of 5. At 13, she began writing music and lyrics. At 14, Lydia filed for her first business, Gin House Records. At 15, she copyrighted her work and walked into the studio to record with legendary producer Jim Wirt. This singer knows what she wants and is on the right track.

An old soul, Lydia Briggs sings with such elegance and beauty that makes the cold days a bit warmer. She has an ability to hold her voice throughout, her years of experience already helping as she ascends the music world. ‘Morning‘. is a breathtaking song from this young talent with a massive future.

Stream here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Australia’s Megan Core sends us mental health conversation starter with ‘Caffeine Fix’

Caffeine Fix‘ from Megan Core is the brand new single from the talented young singer-songwriter.

Megan Core is an Australian artist who writes honest and relatable folk-rock with an earthy feel. This down to earth singer-songwriter with a mellow style, makes the year a bit better with this fantastic song. This is her 3rd ever release and you can really feel her growing maturity.

Her last single ‘Lost In Mayfield’ was released a few weeks ago and is pretty personal and based around her love for Newcastle and the special people who can make a place feel like home. With new music out, this must be such an exciting time from the likable musician who is growing after each song. Her authenticity shining through is the most impressive part and there is no flexing here.

Caffeine Fix‘ from Megan Core is a lovely song, full of beauty and incredible vocals. The Australian singer flies high with her indie-folk melodies that makes you want to smile and think of things in a positive mindset despite the topic. Speaking with your close ones and making sure they are ok is so vital. This started after Megan couldn’t play for a while due to a broken finger and is such a blessing. Even if coffee makes this fab singer a bit anxious, she will do it to check in on friends.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Neve sings with such beauty on ‘Where I Want To Be’

Neve is back with her much-anticipated new track and this one is a beauty called ‘Where I Want To Be‘.

Taken off Neve’s latest EP called ‘Blue Skies‘, this is a wonderfully created indie-folk pot of delicious music for our tired taste-buds. Neve has a rare skill of being able to fully control her voice so that each note sounds so effortless.

This fantastic young singer is learning about life as she goes, as do we all. She loves being in nature and wants to be with someone that gets her. She wants to keep things simple, lay under the stars and play her music all over the world, wherever that is. It’s the journey that matters and if you are here for the long-term and not a flash in the sky. You don’t want it to end but you are figuring this all out in this crazy world so calm heads need to prevail.

Where I Want To Be‘ from Neve is such a stunning song that has left me breathless. I hope to see her sing live one day.

Stream here on Spotify.

Find out more about this amazing artist on her Insta music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


South East London teen singer Tizane sizzles on flamed out love ‘He Took It All Back’

Tizane sings so beautifully on her honest indie-folk track and visuals for ‘He Took It All Back‘.

Tizane adds her brand of brilliant comedy horror on ‘He Took It All Back‘. The video is a welcome eerie pastiche of the Stanley Kubrick cult classic, The Shining, and features all the poster icons and characters, like Room 237, The tricycle, Jack Torrance, his son Danny, and of course The Grady Twins. A rising star in the USA, Germany and getting noticed through the world, this is an artist who’s brilliantly created music is getting the love it deserves.

Tizane has had an incredible two year journey despite her private battle with anxiety issues and the broader negatives around global pandemics and such. In 2018 she was hawking a handful of well-constructed ethereal ballads around the open mic pubs and clubs of Kent with an old guitar and the less than likely dream of a music career. With determination and sheer lack of alternatives kept her out there and from there she got her noticed. With lots of radio support and a massive loyal fan-base, this self-aware young teen singer with an old soul, is going places.

M25 Carpark teen Tizane sings so honestly and her voice is so real and striking to the heart, in a really good way. She is a creative who has managed to do her exams in this crazy time and has just stayed positive throughout. Her music is so relevant in 2020 and I can’t wait to see her play live. ‘He Took It All Back‘ is a quality song from London’s Tizane.

Here is the YouTube link.

Head through to the Spotify page.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Bird’ is a touching self-shot video from William Rouached

French singer-songwriter William Rouached returns with the fine new single ‘Bird‘.

William challenged himself to take a single shot everyday during a couple of months in order to practice his video skills and create this beautiful video using his BlackBerry KeyOne phone . The results are very impressive, as you can see that this was made with love as the video shots were taken around France and Germany.

When making this song ‘Bird’, William felt that these shots depicted particularly well with the emotions he was trying to convey through the song. I agree with this as the video is beautifully made with care and to show the stunning towns too.

This is a lovely song full of heart by William Rouached on ‘Bird‘. He has flown in with a song of pure art.

Stream here for this fine new song on YouTube.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Zak Lyon speaks about a destructive relationship on indie-folk ‘Nothing Changes’

Nothing Changes’ from Zak Lyon is a sad indie-folk song about how relationships can get out of hand sometimes.

Zak Lyon from Glasgow is back and this is quite an interesting story. This is the story about how things can get physical even though you don’t want things to. You blame yourself in the end and things will never ever be the same again. The relationship will be scarred forever sadly.

Nothing Changes’ from Zak Lyon strums through with his passionate vocals and a guitar style that is very unique. The Glasgow singer-songwriter is a quality singer and speaks on a subject that is often taboo. He sings with such power and you can feel the pain in his voice. This is a soulful song that is very sad and I feel rather down after hearing this. Sometimes things never change and it’s up to us to deal with it and make changes where we can. In the end we are in control.

Stream this fab indie folk song here on Soundcloud.

Here is the Bandcamp link.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Lively Liverpool singer-songwriter Harry Tonks fascinates on ‘Fading’

English singer-songwriter Harry Tonks strides in with a fab new indie-pop song that sums up 2020 called ‘Fading‘.

Harry Tonks is a young singer-songwriter based in Liverpool. After starting to play guitar when he was just 10 in Cheshire, he was in cover bands by the time he was 11. Fast forward to 2020, Harry decided to release his first single ‘Scars Last Forever‘, which gained positive reviews and received radio play on BBC Introducing.

With ‘Fading‘ being Harry’s 3rd ever released single, you can feel him improving after each song. With a soulful start and a strong voice, this is a track that gets into the groove quickly and don’t let go. You remember those good days and some friendships fade after a while as we evolve and move on.

Liverpool’s Harry Tonks sings from the heart and this is a fine single to add to the playlists far and wide. ‘Fading‘ is up there with the best of 2020.

Stream this brand new track right here on Spotify.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen