Time to Play: Dbn Kai tells haters they will be stomped into submission on In the Way

Inspired since he was young by legends such as Jay-Z and the late great DMX, Dbn Kai has dropped a massive track to stack it all up with as he shines so high that birds frolic in the sky bouncing to his beat on In the Way.

Dbn Kai is a Baltimore-based indie hip-hop artist who slices weak rappers from the earth with his ravenous style to pick up the mood of many who need a new hero to turn up loud.

Bodybuilding his way into our gym-of-life with potent power and self-motivation, Dbn Kai has lifted our mindsets with much might with a hardcore rap song to put on repeat. This is heavy stuff and shall guide us away from the commercial and back into the underground.

In the Way from Baltimore-based indie rapper Dbn Kai is the kind of statement track which will surely move small-minded fools out of our vision forever. Hard and speaker-shaking, this is the kind of 5 am track to play on repeat while getting the grind on.

We find a massively motivated artist who just wants to eat a hearty meal, in a world where so many are looking to pinch anything they can without putting any previous effort in to improve their situation.

If you like rugged rap, you have just found it.

Hear this new single on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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