Choly – Little Darlin: Celestially Catchy Pop Rock

There was absolutely no forgetting the up and coming artist Choly after we were hit with their indulgently inventive Electronica single “Arcade Love”.

This time, the up and coming UK-based artist has cooked up a much more melodic single which takes down the tempo and amps up the emotivity. “Little Darlin’ has a slightly more archaic feel, but with the archaic allure comes a sense of accessibility which allows you to slip into the fluid pacing of the single. So, instead of effects which would also be at home in a Gary Numan track, you’re treated to acoustic melodies which switch between orchestral swells, electric guitar riffs and light piano keying. How seamlessly the track progressed spoke volumes for the level of production on Little Darlin’; when the classical strings kick in Little Darlin’ borders on ethereal.

You can check out Choly’s latest single Little Darlin’ for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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