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Time to Play: Dbn Kai tells haters they will be stomped into submission on In the Way

Inspired since he was young by legends such as Jay-Z and the late great DMX, Dbn Kai has dropped a massive track to stack it all up with as he shines so high that birds frolic in the sky bouncing to his beat on In the Way.

Dbn Kai is a Baltimore-based indie hip-hop artist who slices weak rappers from the earth with his ravenous style to pick up the mood of many who need a new hero to turn up loud.

Bodybuilding his way into our gym-of-life with potent power and self-motivation, Dbn Kai has lifted our mindsets with much might with a hardcore rap song to put on repeat. This is heavy stuff and shall guide us away from the commercial and back into the underground.

In the Way from Baltimore-based indie rapper Dbn Kai is the kind of statement track which will surely move small-minded fools out of our vision forever. Hard and speaker-shaking, this is the kind of 5 am track to play on repeat while getting the grind on.

We find a massively motivated artist who just wants to eat a hearty meal, in a world where so many are looking to pinch anything they can without putting any previous effort in to improve their situation.

If you like rugged rap, you have just found it.

Hear this new single on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ringing In My Ears: Wise Woman rises from the deep on Fen Woman

Taken from the recent 4-track EP called Thread, Wise Woman moves mountains and changes the oceans back to a captivating crystal blue on the rather wonderfully sweet new single Fen Woman.

Wise Woman is an East Anglian/ Welsh power-folk foursome who brings back that 90s girl vibrancy which will ignite the spirits within our deepest souls.

With a blend of folk, jazz and blues mixed with that creative musical theatre, Wise Woman takes us to the light and shows us what is possible if strong hearts can join together as one. This is a cinematic-like experience which might calm all fears away in just an instant, just like the truly world-class outfits do.

Fen Woman from East Anglian/ Welsh power-folk foursome Wise Woman is a special song which deserves all the love possible. Projected with so much love and fearlessness, we find a scintillating soundtrack to rise up from all depths. Layered rather expertly and features dynamic energy which will inspire us all to keep on flying upwards, no matter what obstacles are present.

Listen up on Spotify. View more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Salt Lake City electronic artist TRILIIIGY transmits our minds into an exhilarating vortex with Harpy

Brooding in with much vehemence and certain authority, TRILIIIGY slices open the creaking door with an ominously dynamic impact which will surely open many minds up again on Harpy.

TRILIIIGY (formerly Z3LDA) is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based electronic artist, computer programmer and music producer who sends shivers down many shaking spines.

Using Ableton Live as a DAW and mostly working with Splice samples alongside an MPC.” ~ TRILIIIGY

Heavy in nature and a warm embrace into our awaiting earlobes, TRILIIIGY has dropped a rather thrilling experience to soak all worries deep into the swimming pool of possibilities.

Harpy from Utah-born electronic artist and music producer TRILIIIGY is a quality listen which shall swap many moods around with a superb performance. Lathered with a truly intense track which will thunder through with much force, this is a rather incredible single to sizzle all doubters away into a faraway memory.

See this moody gem on YouTube. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Boils Deep: New City Temples helps us overcome those heavy obstacles on Silence

Seeking that survivor’s armor to keep away from any darkness that shall break even the strongest souls, New City Temples just wants those nightmares to end on the hardcore new single that needs to be heard called Silence.

New City Temples are an indie Athens, Greece-based alt-rock/metal power team who force lift our ears into a whole fresh territory on each of their speaker-smashers.

Lyrically, it was born during the quarantine era and it shows. Personal mental issues is the main theme of the song and how the loss of loved ones can cause a further spiral into depression.” ~ New City Temples

Hammering into our lives with a convincing performance that will get our minds a real shake, New City Temples show us that the hype is real and they’re ready for world domination. Their sound is gripping and shall set the atmosphere for whatever demons need conquering.

Silence from Athens, Greece-based alt-rock/metal band New City Temples is a hugely memorable single for anyone who needs to get away from those heavy dreams. Performed with so much heart and vigor with a forceful energy, this is a single which so many of us will relate to.

Venting out that frustration when you just want quiet is the only thing which shall set you free.

Listen up to their Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Made Some Sacrifices: Matte shows us how he turned it all around on Power (feat. C Block)

Overcoming all obstacles no matter how harsh the climates, Matte sings with so much incredible strength and ultimate inspiration to assist us all to rise above the dangerous smoke of the world on Power (feat. C Block).

Matte is a passionate London, UK-based indie hip hop artist who is joined on this full-volume track by local reggae musician C Block.

Power is specifically targeted toward the goal of uplifting, empowering and motivating the listener to go within and draw out their own personal power.” ~ Matte

Joining forces rather expertly as the storm clouds move away, Matte and C Block display such helpful energies for those who have felt rather lost lately. Sung with a really insightful passion and look to the future, this is a track to truly appreciate. Showing us through the past that has not defined them, we feel the genuine hope that the world will illuminate like it should.

Power (feat. C Block) from London, UK-based indie hip hop artist Matte is a special song for those who believe that they are chosen. After surviving so many almost-death experiences, this is a tremendous experience to turn up loud. Being proud of where you are now is the message that is entrenched with that hard working mentality, which has helped break through any challenges presented.

Knowing that you can take that power back will change you forever once you realize where it is.

Listen up to this top new single on Spotify and see more news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Black Thoughts Were Paused: MASTOIDS claws through the crude engravings on Circadian Low

Sharing a bond after playing in a band together more that half their lives, MASTOIDS tame the ominous rustles in the bushes with a Circadian Low style performance to be inspired by.

MASTOIDS is a potent outfit who is perhaps best described as a super loud but-never-overpowering Sacramento band who might dent your car’s speaker if you get too close.

Initially formed as a haphazard talent show act, the power trio has grown immensely, gaining a reputation in the local Sacramento scene for their loud, energetic shows.” ~ MASTOIDS

Dropped off the latest Long Walk// Short Pier 10-track album, MASTOIDS are their heavy best. Paced to perfection from a top 1% of his class and pulsating just right, there is so much to get excited about. Racing quickly into your mind like a Lewis Hamilton swerve, punchy-cool-to-the-max is the class on display here as we take another listen.

These four years of maturation come through prominently on the new album, which abandons the ceaseless angst of the debut in favor of a more measured, contemplative emotional framework.” ~ MASTOIDS

Circadian Low from the explosive Sacramento-based indie alternative band MASTOIDS is a powerful performance from a savvy group who has gotten the attention of many with their honest style wrapped in mystery. Their music shall grip you closely and take you by the veins, while you imagine being in this predicament.

Swirling with a wonderfully electric aura, this is a sure-fire adrenalin winner to play all night.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Money Mission: Tennessee’s Mystro Pope turns on the ‘Power’ (ft. Loc Sleepy) with ferocious accuracy

With a flow that dives straight into the hip-hop waters of honest flows and stories that feel like a movie, Mystro Pope signals his intent with the hard-edged new single named ‘Power‘ (ft. Loc Sleepy).

Self-motivated Memphis, Tennessee-based rapper Mystro Pope, is a hip-hop artist with that paper-first mentality, who makes music that reflects his one track mindset to be successful, whilst making releases that simmer hot in the streets unforgiving kitchen.

Produced by the strong bass sounds of T-Head, this is a massive statement of starting fresh with a new and loyal crew, far away from the cowards of before. He chases the elusive-to-some money bag with three pointers all over the place, as he shoots his way to that top echelon rap mansion that has all the honey you can eat, avoiding the tempting traps like in snakes and ladders.

His voice lets you know that he is for real and with a top feature from a fellow like-minded street DNA rapper, these two up the volume on a track that is a welcome addition when there is way too many soft-as-ice-cream singles in this genre that add very little value to the world. This is that real talk marauding crew song that lifts you off your chair and finds you searching for more like it.

Power‘ (ft. Loc Sleepy) from the strong-willed Tennessee-based emcee Mystro Pope, busts a hole in your fragile speaker as he takes us for a ride through his street, to show us what needs to be done in order to be successful in this shark-infested world.

Watching the video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Showing his influence: Herm C delivers strong showing on new underground single ‘Power’ (prod. Emkay)

Herm C returns with a fiery delivery on his latest fast-paced hip-hop single called ‘Power‘ (prod. Emkay).

Montgomery, Alabama-native Herm ‘Bugsy’ Calhoun aka Herm C, is a prolific emcee that has also lived in California and Atlanta. He is a musician that has that extra self-motivated attitude that is the only way to succeed in this flaky industry that can make you famous quick and also spit you out to the has-been dumpster in the same year.

With an electrifying beat that is a sparked up with production of the highest order from Emkay, Herm C destroys the competition with his signature OG style that slams the breaks on anyone that thinks they are the best in Alabama. He dices through the pack like a Najee Harris juke, stiff arm and burst through the seam for a 80 yard touchdown. This is an emcee with swag and juice.

Street stories are laced in plentiful and he is a man who feels like he parachutes in the club through the roof right into the booth. His hunger is highly noticeable as he is fully focused on the end goal and that is to be successful and not let anything or anyone distract him from greatness.

Power‘ from Alabama rapper Herm C is the type of raw track that makes you listen intently to each bar and appreciate the high skill level to constantly barrage the mic with such confidence. This is a man that seems to know the difference between money and power and he shows the world his lyrical delivery on this top notch single.

Stream this track on Soundcloud and see more about future projects on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Artist Mek shows her spirit with new release ‘Number One’

Christian and worship R&B artist Artist Mek has released her new praise-filled single ‘Number One’ – along with a music video. 

Artist Mek shows her fans what it means to sing a song of praise in ‘Number One’. A delicately chorded piano sets up an R&B groove that feels inspired by the likes of early Destiny’s Child. Her vocal performance is equally inspiring as she powers through lyrics inspired by her faith and her own life. 

It’s a track that’s sure to inspire those who believe in the power of faith, and it’s a nicely recorded piece – even if it doesn’t hit number one, you should still check it out. 

You can check out Number One on Artist Mek’s YouTube channel here.

Sa’ra Charismata – Hypocrites: a powerful demeanor

Politically enraged, satirically honest and with an undoubtedly seductive voice, Sa’ra Charismata possesses quite an astonishing energy you wouldn’t want to hold down. That’s the opening image you need to bear in mind when you hit play on Hypocrites.

Loosely mirroring Pink’s powerful demeanor, or at least that’s how Sa’ra Charismata struck me, Hypocrites is a trap-y pop attack to a political propaganda we’re all victims of.

What could at first seem like a “girl power” anthem explodes into a wakeful uproar throughout the second verse and chorus where the light distortion in her vocals overdrive the whole feel of the track.

Join the protest by listening to Hypocrites on Youtube.

Review by Jim Esposito.