Covered in Blood: Hardcore Baltimore rapper Dbn Kai sees the bullet dance on Gravedigger

After kicking all sub-standard haters to the curb with fierce ferocity on In The Way, Dbn Kai prays up above and sinks further into a demon-packed world which can make your spirit go cold on Gravedigger.

Dbn Kai is a Baltimore, USA-based indie rapper who punches above his weight on each track and uses his bodybuilding to further cement his name as one of the toughest around.

Feeling rather evil and dropping an underground single to bounce with, Dbn Kai has his hood on tight and is in no mood to mess around no matter the weather. This is heart-stopping stuff with a hefty beat that might lacerate veins in the dark,

Gravedigger from the Baltimore hip-hop artist Dbn Kai is a potent track that might be able to break open the glass. Smashing through cold souls and telling us what goes down after 2 am, this is an assertive single that might scare some and enthuse others.

Digging into haunting air, this is a single to play on loud all night long.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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