Tim Trilioni shows us his passion on fiery ‘Corona Virus’

Tim Trilioni is here with a new song and this time it’s the haunting tale of ‘Corona Virus‘.

Tim Trilioni is a New Orleans native, singer-songwriter and business mogul. His savvy lyrics and catchy style has caught the attention of artists and fashion elites around the world. He is known for his fashion contributions to pop-culture and musical contributions to artists, entertainment venues and movie soundtracks.

Corona Virus‘ from Tim Trilioni is an indie journey all about the horrible pandemic that has taken over the world. The planet is a mess and we are all in pain. When will this madness all end? Tim sings with such heart and you can feel the pain in his voice. This is a passionate single from the US artist who shows us that he is self-aware and is doing his best to keep everyone’s hopes up during these wild times.

New Orleans artist Tim Trilioni swoops in with a strong effort on ‘Corona Virus‘ and this is one of his best songs yet.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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