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Florida’s Casandra Lark saunters on with fresh ‘Play It Cool’ Remix

Casandra Lark returns with her fresh style on her new ‘Play It Cool’ Remix that has just dropped into our laps.

The self-made singer-songwriter takes elements from R&B, funk, hip-hop and throws in electronic elements such as synths. This has helped her build a cross-genre audience that enjoy loving “all music genres”. Casandra loves keeping her entire project authentic by being involved in every step of the creative process. From composing the music, writing the lyrics, production to all visual elements, everything is done or overseen closely by her. This is one talented artist that uses her vision and creativity to be fully in control of her artistry.

I love the smooth beat here as it dances elegantly out of the speakers here. The beat just grows and grows on you as it attracts attention due to the deep house flow and electricity.

Casandra Lark’s ‘Play It Cool’ Remix is a succulent treat for our ears during these times of uncertainty in the world. The vocals are stunning and this is a singer that gets her audience. A fine remix that has me in a good mood, I am a new fan of this fine singer who plays things cool as ice.

Stream this new track here on her Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Alex PGSV is back with the groovy electro vibe on ‘Shame On You’

Alex PGSV is a talented singer-songwriter and producer who is cranking up the heat with his new track called ‘Shame On You‘.

Taken off ‘Purple Matter‘, this is the 2nd single from this powerful release that adds pop, indie and electronic music like a well-made gin & juice. Pogosov is Alex’s surname so he just took out the vowels and used it as an artist name. Very clever indeed. This Green Day fan makes music that he loves and is always looking for new ways to improve. Trust your ideas. Proceed with love, never violence. This is the mantra of this inspirational new producer and artist.

Alex PGSV’s ‘Shame On You‘ is a rewarding journey of self-discovery. His story is about a special person who let him down badly. He fell for them so hard but was left at the dial tone and things went quiet. Alex’s career is only going to get louder due to the quality music here.

Stream this new groove of a song here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


UK band Wisecrack return with fiery rock thunderbolt ‘The Grief Dance’

English Rockers Wisecrack are back with their new song and it’s what we have been waiting for called ‘The Grief Dance‘.

The project formerly based in Lincoln in the UK, has been playing since 2012 and has released two full length albums, Pining For The Road (2012) and Whiskey, No Mixer (2014). Briefly putting the project on pause after their second full-length, Matt Wise turned his hands to drumming in arguably two of the UK’s best punk bands– Crazy Arm, and The Human Project. Now with the attention fully back, this is the time for Wisecrack to show their stuff.

The Grief Dance‘ is an acoustic journey that starts off with some fine guitar riffs that soon introduce us to the intricate lyrics. From there, burning rubber illuminates from the speakers as the band fully express themselves. The UK band are on full volume for this one as they tear through the stage on this fine track. I love the solos and the skill level is clearly high from this very experienced band. Now based in South West London, Wisecrack provide us with a look to 2021 when fiery live gigs can happen again.

Stream this new track on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Thank You for Your Complaints’ is a wave crashing journey from Emilya ndMe

Thank You for Your Complaints‘ from Emilya ndMe is a riveting listen and definitely the most cinematic song of the year so far.

Emilya ndMe is the stage name of the talented Lauretta Galeno is a songwriter from Genoa in Italy. with several collaborations and appearances on prestigious Italian stages. A producer, performer and songwriter, this is one incredible musician and creative.

Ethereal electronic pop is the feel here, the haunting sound catches your attention and you first turn on the song. You just know something special is going to happen.

Thank You for Your Complaints‘ from Italian native Emilya ndMe is the final single from her album of the same name and the standard is so high the whole way through. I love how her vocals are capable of anything and this is pure music to support. The crystal clear voice takes me into a whole new world of self-discovery.

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Stream this new song here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Texas singer Ferrante returns with love story on ‘When Reality Kicks In’

When Reality Kicks In‘ from Ferrante is a fantastic young singer-songwriter that pulls on our hearts strings here on his new track.

Coming out of Dallas in Texas, Ferrante is emerging from the young generation with his vocal delivery that makes the hair on your arms and back stand up to attention. He is soulful without being cocky, this is a genuine musician with bags of talent.

When Reality Kicks In‘ is all about telling the story about leaving someone behind and ending a relationship. This is a sad time but sometimes it has to be done. Ferrante wants to be together with this person but the time has come to end it. He tried to make it work but eventually things just had to end. He wasn’t happy with some things and this is something that we can all relate to.

Dallas singer Ferrante streams in with a fab track full of realness. ‘When Reality Kicks In‘ is an indie-rap track with R&B sugar coating that is sure to leave you wanting more to taste.

Stream here to hear this fine new track on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Leisure Hour are here with fantastic indie-rock ‘The Do-Do Song’

Leisure Hour is a fan-favorite pop rock band from Muncie in Indiana. They return with their likable new track called ‘The Do-Do Song‘.

The band consists of Blake Blevins (Drums/Vox), Grace Dudas (Bass/Vox), and Isaiah Neal (Guitar/Synth/Vox). They all grew up in the same hometown of Hagerstown but didn’t ever know each other too well. Eventually their passions for music and art joined up and thus Leisure Hour was born. This is a band that want to be world famous but for now they are enjoying each step of the journey.

Taken off ‘Underground Youth‘, this is an energetic single with lots of passion and raw vocals. This is perfect to jam out with live at the local grungy music venue where the walls tell you the whole story. This is all about making sure you take that chance when it’s provided to you. This is a true message and the ‘The Do-Do Song‘ is one of the more memorable songs of the year due to it’s good vibes energy and supporting the underdog mentality.

Stream this new track here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Taaaaurs shows us the light on debut ”Beautiful People”

The stunning ”Beautiful People” is the new and debut track from Hip Hop artist/singer Taaaaurs.

Taaaaurs has galvanized the music world with this fascinating new track. This sounds like a world cup anthem as he wants all of us humans to work together. The world can be so harsh but also beautiful too.

Beautiful People” is a song all about uniting the world. There is indie Hop Hop here that is blended nicely by Taaaaurs. The beat is transcendent as it urges us all to believe in working together. I love the message here.

For a debut song in the music world, this is truly a fantastic effort. With a Damien Marley type vibe, Taaaaurs does well here to inspire us all on ”Beautiful People”.

Stream this new Hip Hop beat right here on Soundcloud.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Or1gin & Nellie S get over old memories on ”Ghost”

Or1gin and Nellie S rip through with the new track that is a self-reflective indie-electro song called ”Ghost”.

The point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived. This is the story of letting go of that ghost and what is holding you back. You have shared special memories but now the time to move on.

This is such a powerful song that makes you think of past moments in your life and how we could be dragging along ghosts with us. Those can haunt you and can also weigh your soul down.

Driven by the sensational vocals of the breathless Nellie S, we are treated to a sonic memory that will be timeless. I love the beat from Or1gin and everything about this song screams quality. ”Ghost” digs up old memories but can also inspire us to change our ways. This is what music is really about.

Stream this breathtaking pop single on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Brighton producer Soare breezes in with seductive R&B dream with ”You”

Soare is a 24-year-old DIY UK artist and producer who is back with this foot-sliding funky pop summer song with ”You”.

Brighton-based, Soare creates a blend of Pop-R&B, indie and hip-hop soul-soothing bedroom tunes. This high-flying style makes me want to dance all night and concentrate on being in the moment.

This is the 2nd sexy single from the fresh producer and follow ups the superb ”High Ride” from May 2020 which was highly successful with over 10k streams and counting.

You” is about finding that special person in your life and not letting go. You want to feel the vibe and let the good times roll. This is a seductive song perfect for those late nights while dancing over a bottle of wine. Southampton-born Soare gets it just right on ”You”.

Stream this funky new pop song right here on Soundcloud.

Check out the vibe on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Monarc is here with a song about heartbreak on ”No Ideals”

Young indie-pop singer-songwriter Monarc is a stunningly-voiced solo artist who breaks through into our ears with his new single called ”No Ideals”.

Blending influences from artists such as 100 gecs, Aries and Instupendo, Monarc creates a unique sound that blurs the lines of some of today’s most popular genres. With trap drums and catchy melodies, this is an absolute winner.

No Ideals” is song about wishing for things to work. You don’t want to feel the hurt anymore and you wish that things wouldn’t end. You have a feeling in the back of your mind that you will however always be that 2nd option. Can you accept this or can you move on quickly? You feel pushed away but keep on walking through the door nevertheless. This isn’t healthy but love makes you do crazy things.

No Ideals” is perfect for those Sunday road trips and for meditation. This is a smooth song that is consistent and I love the melodies. Monarc is a new artist and a fresh new sound filters through just in time to help distract us from normal life.

Here is the link for the fresh sound that will enlighten your heart on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen