Flash Jrive – Meant to Be: A Lo Fi Electronica Genre Mashing

Looking for a track that’s fast paced and utterly insane? Look no further than Flash Jrive’s latest Electronic track Meant to Be. His Electronically momentous Lo Fi track was one of the most enigmatic EDM orchestrations that I’ve heard in 2018. Flash Jrive clearly threw out the rule books when he composed his genre-mash EDM hit. The vocals to the track run as more of a spoken word commentary adding even more hype to the cacophonic beat which puts the happy in hardcore. The Lo Fi recording of Meant to Be proved that despite the production, Flash Jrive has the vision necessary to break up the monotony of the tracks put out there by most Electronic artists today.

You can check out Flash Jrive’s latest single Meant to be on SoundCloud, which is just one of the insanely enthralling tracks from his EP ‘Rewind One’ which was released in April 2018 and has everything you could ask for, from Chip Tune to Industrial; Rewind One has it all.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast



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