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Debut track ‘Lonely Star’ from Australian artist Kenzo is an emotional journey to find that true shining light

Debut track ‘Lonely Star‘ from Australian artist Kenzo is an emotional journey to find that true shining light in your life when you are feeling really down. This is a fine debut effort from this talented new singer/rapper with a huge future.

You get the feeling that you are listening to a new musician that has something special on ‘Lonely Star‘. With a Post Malone type of vibe, this is a song that will be appreciated by all new school rap fans who love this sound.

The honesty shown by Kenzo is quite inspiring as he raps about his feelings currently. This is about looking in your life and realizing who is really important to you when you are down, perhaps there is only really one person who truly gets you deep inside your soul.

Lonely Star‘ takes us on an emotional roller-coaster of a ride and you might need to get the tissues out.

The beat is one that seems similar to a lot of songs but the lyrics are not, this is an in-depth look into life in 2020. The world is lonelier than ever and this is a massive issue right now globally. This is an artist with a way with words and the Australian musician is here to stay.

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Live looped Rock and Roll Rap in droves with the Oscar Mic ‘Get Yours’ music video

This is live looped Rock and Roll Rap, Oscar Mic releases ‘Get Yours‘ and trust us, this is a song like no other in the world.

Oscar Mic is Seamus Hayes in real life and is a one man band with plenty to offer the world with his charm, different music and stage appeal. This is the type of artist that is best consumed live on stage.

Oscar Mic shows his showmanship on the new ‘Get Yours‘ music video which was created during lockdown  with the help of his girlfriend director Dovile Meilute. He is a character like no other and this shows vividly here on the latest release from the one man band. This is a funny video, with striking visuals, lots of stage presence and lyrics that make you think.

This is unique TrashPop track, something that you would of course expect to be produced by the mighty Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor, Skunk Anansie). Enjoy and admire this terrific artist.

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‘The Moment Keeps on Moving’ from Max Lee is a lovely indie-folk single

The Moment Keeps on Moving‘ from Max Lee is a lovely indie-folk single that has care and love written all over it.

Bethel, New York is the home of Max Lee and he returns with a fine track that is full of honesty, indie-folk dreams and fantastic lyrics. Very unsatisfied with widespread complacent attitudes toward life, he is on a mission to change the world with his music.

This is about knowing deep inside what the real story. You need to follow your dream and make your move, you are the person in charge of your destiny so must do what is right.

The Moment Keeps on Moving‘ from Max Lee is a fine new effort from the singer-songwriter as he delves into life with a fine song. With a voice that takes you on a flourishing journey, this is a real track that we needed. Keeping the moment and making everything worthwhile in life is so vital. Music like this reminds us about this important message.

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Florida act Greye rock the cobwebs off the dusty dance floor with ‘Growing Pains’

The energetic Daytona Beach, Florida based band Greye rock off the cobwebs off the dusty dance floors of 2020 with ‘Growing Pains‘.

“Progressively Independent.” This is the mantra of this fine band who inspire. They feel like it is not black and white but many shades of Greye. They rock the house down with that extra special sound and they turn up the volume on everything.

After the success of recent single, ‘So Far So Good‘, this is another quality addition to a growing discography that is getting better and better.

Greye show us that good indie rock music is still out there and alive on ‘Growing Pains‘. The vocals here are so fab, the guitar riffs powerful and the groovy style shimmers the stage. The light are on and glowing here with a top single. Hannah, the lead vocalist finds a lovely balance and tone, this is a terrific listen that shakes your heart.

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Tahoe’s Nick LaBella drops journey-filled debut song ‘California’

Tahoe’s Nick LaBella drops debut song ‘California‘ and this is a lovely listen. With indie-folk love and stories attached, this is a song to pay full attention to.

With percussion and digital processing added to his vocals and guitar, its always good to have an extra little boost, Nick creates a signature sound that is sure to be warmly received all over the world. Burnt out after a successful career in the Corporate world, Nick decided that he needed a change. A new start which has music at the core. Being happy is so important.

Nick LaBella is quite inspiring on his debut song ‘California‘. The Tahoe-based musician shows us his journey here. He writes and plays a multi-generational & eclectic mix of folk, blues, rock and pop. Nick draws on a wide range of musical inspiration that touches the soul and warms the heart. This is the story of the underdog, driving southbound to find the next gig. With simmering vocals, Nick LaBella is quite brilliant onCalifornia‘.

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New England band We Demand Parachutes rock through with punk steamed ‘Ketamine’

New England band We Demand Parachutes rock through with punk steamed new single called ‘Ketamine‘.

This New England’s emerging Indie-Rock band was started originally as a writing project, with one member deployed overseas with the United States Military, and the other two working in the live sound world. This group blends elements of alternative and “blink-182” era pop-punk with the emotional and incisive lyrics of front man Kevin McCord, drummer Ben Shumaker, and bassist/programmer Seth Richardson.

This is all about needing to have someone close to you to make sure that you are okay always. Life flips up and down so fast and the partying can get a bit much sometimes without that support.

We Demand Parachutes impress on the punk rockin’ single ‘Ketamine‘. This is a party-filled jam full of party stories and overdoses with a few hospital visits. The energy is swarming, the guitars full of focus and are ferociously driven to make this is a wild story. The vocals are punk-rock and the baselines will remind you of some of your favorite 90’s bands.

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Melbourne singer-songwriter Jayvier is on top form with ‘Everything That Happened’

Melbourne singer-songwriter Jayvier is on top form with his new song about lost love on ‘Everything That Happened‘.

With the string-filled start, we are soon put into the story of the blizzard. he was at the bottom, was stumbling but made it anyway. He ended up missing that special soul, he thought she was gone. Somehow it worked out and he got to meet her in the end.

There is a lot of lovely indie-folk here, you can feel that this is a singer-songwriter who is well-traveled. He has seen a lot of music venues and bars, the extra bit of vocals is so great to hear. He projects his voice so well and the song is vibrant, full of stops to gain momentum again.

Everything That Happened‘ from Australian singer-songwriter Jayvier who is looking for his angel on this fine song, full of quality vocals and a story about lost love.

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Nine Moves West & Mary Jo are incredible on ‘Death of Me’

With the help of elegant singer-songwriter and recording artist Mary Jo, Nine Moves West rocks in with the new single, ‘Death of Me‘.

Arising from Boston at Berklee College of Music, Benjamin Roche of Nine Moves West have continued their journey making their unique alternative, retro-futuristic, cinematic rock take on music. The formula is working quite well and this is such great music.

With a brooding start, you feel like something special is going to happen here. On further listens, that intuition is proved correct. The vocals from Benjamin reach heights that you just don’t expect. This is a laid-bare track with Mary adding a vital sound to make this song even better. The sounds are backed up with flawless production that simmers in the door, awaiting to be set free.

Nine Moves West consists of front-man Benjamin Roche, with surreal sounding synthesizers, heavy guitars, intense drum rhythms, and cinematic vocal performances, this is just good music. Mary Jo & Nine Moves West rocks in with the new single, ‘Death of Me‘, that combines so many talents into one big package of goodness. This is a song to throw on loud and proud.

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Worldwide Music Group releases the hit compilation ‘Predicted Platinum Deluxe’ EP

Predicted Platinum Deluxe‘ is a 6-track great journey that has a bouncy-life flow that is always welcome in the year 2020.

Spearheaded by both The DJ Grid of Amada Records aka CEO, Eric Jones, and COO of Amada Records, Tiffany Gaines, who is also the owner and founder for the independent conglomerate, SS Global Entertainment; the ‘Predicted Platinum Deluxe‘ is a brand new compilation that champions the voices of an independently chosen elite few who were selectively handpicked to stand out from the rest.

Brought to you by various artists including Cee Cee Simone, Jayarson, Jakk Jo, Macck, BigBankBandz, Deadman Rashaun, DJ Live Wirez and Brisk, the album has already reached number one in the iTunes hip hop chart and number 6 in the country’s overall US iTunes chart.

This huge success is indicative of the talent and passion the project is composed of. “To give independent artists, writers and producers a platform from which they can shine and reach their true potential right alongside the many known acts of today”. This is the aim and this goal has been achieved tremendously. This shows how many of us miss these type of releases. Singles can get lots sometimes but an album like this is actually genuine and the success shows this.

The Hip Hop/R&B style with a lot of elegant soul is a marvel to hear and this has made this release so spectacular for our hearts. ‘Predicted Platinum Deluxe‘ is such a fine EP that I listen to this over an over again. Its the type of music to download and share with friends, to be played at the BBQ- its that good.

The standout tracks are all of them. The standard is so high and there are no passengers here. ‘Predicted Platinum Deluxe‘ is a look into the future where we listen to good music again and its shown in the charts.

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Alabama’s Clothesline Superman sings with meaning on ‘Devil On Her Hand’

Alabama’s Clothesline Superman sings with meaning on the new single ‘Devil On Her Hand‘.

Kevin Smith grew up in Talladega in Alabama and he served in the US Army as a Combat Medic. After his Army career, Kevin founded the healthcare IT company TrainingWheel and the success of his company allows him to give back to his hometown of Talladega through the revitalization of the Talladega Historic Square and showcase the tremendous amount of talented musicians, singers, and songwriters in Alabama.

This is all about being with someone that you don’t want to be with. You have been forced by your parents and you are not happy with this situation. They never cared about your needs or what you wanted. They love you but this mindset is not helping at all, You want to be free and love who you want to be with.

Alabama’s Clothesline Superman is excellent on his ‘Devil On Her Hand‘. This is a song that is relatable to so many woman who have had to go through this terrible thing in their life. This is well-sung with an indie-country style that is a pleasure to listen to.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen