Till I Break Down Like Before: Johnny S wonders when he’ll be face down on the floor on FLOWERS

Taken off his excellent complex release called REFLECTIONS, Johnny S goes to work for his vital rent and mind-soothing smoke on the raw gem you will just know is rather nice to dice with on FLOWERS.

Johnny S is a Virgin Islands-born, Florida, USA-based indie hip hop artist who loves to keep things strictly pure and underground.

On my new project I tried to write about the ups and downs of the human experience. Well, my human experience at least.
I’m infatuated with the complexities of the mind and the way emotions affect who we are and how we react to certain things, decisions we make.” ~ Johnny S

Showing us such an edgy flow that shall probably catch your attention, Johnny S wonders if he might be broken. Sensing that he is under the weather like a boat that has sprung a leak, this is the type of track to get you off your couch.

Searing potently with a rugged mentality that might get you excited about what is on offer, from an underdog creative who knows that his time is now.

FLOWERS from Virgin Islands-born, Florida, USA-based indie hip hop artist Johnny S is a real-life lift into our current generation. This is a hugely memorable experience that shows us the deep inside the struggles to keep that paper skyhigh despite the battles each day..

Rapped with a true precision, this is an absolute surefire eye-opener for anyone who needs a reminder of the truth.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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