The underdog won: Jay Saffran is fascinatingly free-spirited on the crafted gem ‘Porcupine in the Rain’

Scenes from a Whirligig by Jay Saffran

Taken off his promising experimental five-track debut called ‘Scenes from a Whirligig‘, the supremely creative Jay Saffran spikes our coats off the rack with the fantastic ‘Porcupine in the Rain‘.

Jay Saffran is a joyful hipster, humble traveler, Downstate New York-born family man and Vermont-USA-based mind-blowing indie-psychedelic guitarist, keys player and percussionist, who majestically blends his music to chill out your soul and takes you to a far-away place, so you can happily escape this whirlwind world for a while.

The splendid sounds are consistently mesmerizing all throughout this sumptuous ten minute experience to the outer reaches of space and his movie-like journey on the road comes back to life, this is the type of free-lifting music to just let play the whole way through and immerse your whole body in gently.

After sleeping in his car for some time whilst travelling around most of the USA, before meeting his loving his wife through mutual friends, it feels like we are witnessing all of his previous experiences meshed into a dazzling sound like no other. He is the underrated creator, the diamond in the rough that is slowly being found with each passing day, as his captivating music gets found by willing music fans each day to enjoy gleefully.

Porcupine in the Rain‘ from Vermont’s multi-skilled Jay Saffran, is a wondrous palate-feeding smorgasbord of different sounds that your curious ears will find a healing layer to hold onto, as your body shakes in delight.

This is the unexpected encounter you probably needed to rinse all the doubts away, so you can just lay back, close your eyes and apprise your soul with this spectacular track.

Hear this delightfully original single on Bandcamp and see more on his FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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