DynamicMP – Insomnia: The Ultimate Urban Lullaby

If you’ve ever had insomnia, you’ll know that it sucks. Thankfully, DynamicMP’s single Insomnia is much sweeter. The East London based artist created one of the most conceptual beats that I’ve heard from any Urban soundscape in a long time.

The concordantly mesmerising piano prelude seamlessly introduces the track which slides into a slightly R&B Pop arena before you’re hit by the full Grime Trap momentum of Insomnia. As sweet and sensual as DynamicMP’s crooning is, your full respect for the up and coming artist is handed over when he kicks into one of his Rap verses which prove that London based urban artists will always raise the bar when it comes to haunting and gritty lyrics. How he managed to keep the piano melody running throughout the duration of the track so seamlessly against the rest of the harsher electronic instrumentals was enough to win me over alone.

You can check out Insomnia for yourself by heading over to Spotify now, you can also check out the rest of DynamicMP’s 6-track 2018 EP ‘Rise’.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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