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Soulful Steve Schuster is back with united ”One Lonely Voice’

The soulful singer-songwriter from Westborough in Massachusetts, Steve Schuster, returns with his new song called ”One Lonely Voice”. This is a united message of speaking up if you have something positive to say and how we should all support this notion. One lonely voice can indeed change the world and its great that Steve has brought out this song during the highly challenging and stressful COVID-19 time.

I like this song for a variety of reasons and the main one is that it is so simple. You could teleport back to the 60’s and it wouldn’t be out of place in that era of game-changing music. This is ear-food for consumption that won’t make you sad but instead do the opposite and inspire you.

With a happy-soaked base, Seattle-born Steve Schuster’s strong lyrical content coupled with a rhythmic guitar riff & his vibrant voice, ensures that ”One Lonely Voice” should be treasured as one of 2020’s most uplifting theme tunes.

Stream more from Steve Schuster on his SoundCloud page and look inside for more fantastic music.

Review by Llewelyn Screen


The incredible Kellindo shows us his solo chops with sun-gazing ”Summertime”

With a start so fresh you just want to keep it chilled in the freezer. The lead guitarist for singer Janelle Monae, steps up to the solo mic and sends through good time vibes to our hungry souls. This could be the summer anthem for all of those who need some motivation. Kellindo is here to build us up and his single ”Summertime” just heals everything.

With a 70’s vibe all over this track, lots of solos that last for ages in a truly beautiful manner, this is a happy kind of song that needs to be played all over the world.

A quality singer-songwriter himself, Kellindo shines on his new single ”Summertime”. The guitar skills are absolutely legendary, the way he creates sounds is such a pleasure to witness. I feel like he had a a lot of fun making this and just wants to help the world celebrate that good summer the right way. The beat is funky and I feel like I’m sitting on the beach, shades on, grooving away with a refreshment in my one hand and a big smile slapped all over my sun-kissed face. What a song.

Stream this excellent musician right here on his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Dan Plants and Nate Cronk- Stay: A journey through the sound of Synthwave

‘Stay’’ was created by two great friends Dan Plants and Nate Cronk, it dives straight into the Synthwave style as it introduces a variety of different sound effects as well as some catchy vocals.

From start to finish it has this up-lifting beat that gives the track so much energy, there’s a mixture of hard-hitting drum beats, insane riffs on the guitar as well as the synth effects that intertwine themselves into the vocals and instrumentation.

It tells a story throughout about love and heartbreak, but even if it tends to have a more poignant meaning, it still manages to keep your spirits high as the melody is so contagious and it gives off this cheery feeling.

Dan and Nate have made something that’s creative, something that may not be for everyone, considering the overall sound is not as popular as it once was, but even then Stay shows just how good it can be. It has some incredible rhythms and a superb lyrical approach, if you’re one that hasn’t really delved into the world of Synthwave music then you must!

You can check out Stay for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall