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Ode To The 80’s: EDM producer NiraN drops the epic bass groove on ‘A Night In Vice’

Featuring a wonderfully old school big drum percussion and a shake-your-body soundscape to you get into the mood, NiraN takes us back to a much simpler time on ‘A Night In Vice‘.

NiraN is the solo project of worldly experienced EDM producer/musician Farhan Saleem. He makes that supremely taste-filled ambient, deep house and chill type of music, that has you reaching for those shades and cold beverage to enjoy his busty beats.

Having lived in different parts of the globe, I have always listened to, been inspired by / and tried to incorporate music and inspiration from all over the world in my music”. – NiraN

The thumping beat transforms your mind and takes you to a new place that you perhaps wanted to go, but didn’t quite get to. The consistent bass and glassy-feel has you feeling re-energized and full of life again. The song slows down beautifully in the middle – as the warping energy sinks your doubts away into the quick-sand below, and takes you to a happy planet far away from the current madness.

A Night In Vice‘ from the talented globetrotting EDM artist, bassist and guitarist NiraN, brings us back to a place where things were alive and a night out must of been something you never could forget. The mood is lit with possibilities here, and this is a real beach party must-have when things in this crazy world, go back to almost-normal again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take Me Somewhere: Suffolk singer Tom Stafford looks for that sunny adventure on ‘Golden Rose’

Taken off his latest six-track EP from 2021 called ‘When The Light Goes Out‘, Tom Stafford wants that thrill-seeking time with someone close who he thinks is so stunning called ‘Golden Rose‘.

Tom Stafford is a multi-talented Suffolk, England based, indie pop singer-songwriter, guitarist, drummer, photographer and music producer. He likes music from the 80’s and 90’s, as he fuses these two generations together, with a mix of modern to entertain us with such a pure sound.

He has an easy-going style and smooth lyrics to let us know his exact intentions, through a dreamy soundscape that takes you to places you forget existed. This is the perfect road trip song and is made with pure reasoning – as we are placed into a story that shows us where he wants to go – which is far away from the stresses of normal life.

Golden Rose‘ from the emerging music producer/indie-pop multi-instrumentalist musician Tom Stafford, leads us to a time where he is tired of staying inside and yearns for that exciting adventure, where he isn’t supposed to go. With a mellow style and his sunglasses ready for action, this is a peaceful single that will have you daydreaming of summer again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Room Starting Spinning: Brighton’s Leo Aram-Downs reflects on his true love with the excellent ‘White Noise’

After growing tired of being boxed up as merely a normal instrumentalist in the unfulfilling session music world, Leo Aram-Downs breaks free and shows us his dazzling skills on his new single called ‘White Noise‘.

Leo Aram-Downs is a supremely patient guitarist, singer-songwriter and transcriber, who was born in busy London and is now living a peaceful life in happy Brighton in England.

After recently blessing our cold ears with the warm ‘A Life Abbreviated‘ recently, he returns with another top class effort from this productive artist, who never seems to rest.

My music comes from a unique blend of influences ranging from fingerstyle acoustic guitar to jazz to tech metal, and everything in between.”- Leo Aram-Downs

This soundtrack is absolutely wonderfully creative, with so many fascinating layers inter-webbed inside and deserves to be in a movie or the main song to a series. The intricate intro sets the mood as the foggy midst clears and we are introduced to a skillful musician, who’s vocals are simply lovely on the ear and soothes the soul.

White Noise‘ from the talented Brighton singer-songwriter Leo Aram-Downs, shows us into a man’s mindset who misses that true love tremendously. He knows that he has made so many mistakes but believes that they will open the door when he arrives, so that they both may hug tenderly and never let go of each other again.

True soulmates are meant to be together after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pull Me Way Down Under: Elizabeth II walks away from the past on ‘All My Failures’

With an electrifying start that shakes you by the heart and vibrates into your excited soul, Elizabeth II rocks in hot with a terrific new single that sees her in top form with ‘All My Failures‘.

Elizabeth Cannon aka Elizabeth II, is a compellingly stirring indie alt-rock guitarist and singer-songwriter from Washington D.C. She makes that epic music soundtrack that should be in movies, with stories about life, love, and making use of your opportunities in life.

You feel the shake of the brittle speakers as they shudder under the might of this full-paced song with grit, as she is clearly a master at her chosen craft and we are treated to a forceful song, that catches you unawares at first. Each riff is so riveting and has you feeling like you need to turn the volume up, which is always a good sign of a world class song.

All My Failures‘ from the wildly talented Washington D.C. alt-rock artist with strikingly beautiful blue hair and with superior guitar skills plus an outstanding voice Elizabeth II, sings with such heart about her journey up until this point. Her consistency is so impressive as she lets us into her life, and looks to brush off the past and only focus on being successful.

Elizabeth II has that extra determination and heartfelt desire – that sets her apart from the rest and is a modern day rock sensation – who will surely light up many a music festival in 2022.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tranquil Peace: King Zausage is effortlessly excellent on ‘Near Bonix’

As the peaceful soundscape unravels before your willing earlobes to send a sensation that is supremely exciting, King Zausage kindly filters out all of the noise for us, with the exhilarating new single that will have you in a cat-nap type of mood with ‘Near Bonix‘.

King Zausage is a multi-talented and deep-thinking Hong Kong experimental electronica producer, music journalist, composer, guitarist, tour manager, PhD researcher in theology, rock music and spirituality, at the University of Birmingham.

He makes that deep type of soundscape that is rather rare as it has so much pure soul, as he started his career in this world of entertainment as the music show curator in a mountain of the 2012 Shan Zhai Music Festival. The bug soon bit and hasn’t left him since — instead of taking the bite out of his veins — he has instead only forged onto greater heights and might be one of the most intriguing humans around.

You feel like you are in another planet here, each second feels like it has been carefully meshed into a story for us to hold onto, for our hearts to heal with.

Near Bonix’ from the fascinating and uniquely focused Birmingham-based, Hong Kong-born electronic producer King Zausage, is that peaceful trance that you needed after all the madness around. This is a world class artist who is so in tune with the needs of the world and brings us an ambient masterpiece, to treasure wisely here.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding The True Peace: Tuomo Karjalainen soars above to give us that pure feeling again with ‘The Moon Over La Gabriella’

Despite being limited with a sore tendon injury, Tuomo Karjalainen has fought through the pain to make a wonderful new single that will have you feeling romantic on ‘The Moon Over La Gabriella’.

Tuomo Karjalainen is a soulfully aware Finnish guitarist based in London, UK. He loves to make that ‘Cinematic Dream Guitar’ sound that pulsates purely in your mind, so that we can all reflect a bit better and make moves that actually help us learn and grow.

”I got the name from the movie An Affair To Remember (1957), and it refers to a yacht that the main character had ‘three unforgettable evenings’ on.” – Tuomo Karjalainen

You feel the stunning backdrop against your tired body and you let the music take you to a place that you haven’t felt for a while. His skills with the guitar are placed to the fore, his mind and body all transferring such a warm and kind feel, in the often cold and dark world.

The Moon Over La Gabriella‘ from the humble London-based guitarist Tuomo Karjalainen, shows us the way into that true peaceful feeling when you learn to love yourself and are finally at one with your surroundings. With all of the hustle of bustle of the world, you need to have some time to look at something truly beautiful, so you can find your path to true enlightenment which means everything to your journey of life.

Stream this new single on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Psychedelic Exploration Vibrations: Mr.Eos hatch mind-bending planetary travel soundscapes on ‘Harvest Moon’

With a sound that makes you feel like you are floating in space, Mr.Eos dazzle our perspective with their supremely elevating new single called ‘Harvest Moon‘.

New Jersey, USA electronic/guitar two-piece Mr.Eos, are all about creating love and understanding with their unique mixture of potent music fusion, that sets the bar in terms of elevating creativity to a whole new level.

The layers here are quite terrific and the mystique only gains extra traction the more you really listen deeper, this is a cinematic track that will surely be in movies or series sooner rather than later.

You feel like you are exploring freely in this track, the mixture of electro, guitar and at times elements of drum and bass, jogs your memory to find similar experiences as this, the truly remarkable creation is a rare gem in this copycat world.

Harvest Moon‘ from New Jersey’s fascinating two-piece act Mr.Eos, is the hallmark of fusing different sounds to bend our ears to hear new heart-warming psychedelic sounds, to give us hope again after a dark twelve months.

Stream this galaxy-exploring track on Soundcloud and see more IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hiding Within: Mark Tiarra is back with the thumping new single about concealing information on ‘Secrets Keep Me Warm’

As he slyly hides from her what he wants to unveil, but just can’t seem to let out, Mark Tiarra sings passionately about this heartbreak inside his soul on the brand new single called ‘Secrets Keep Me Warm‘.

New Jersey-based Mark Tiarra is a well-established indie-rock singer/guitarist with a terrific Music With Marky YouTube teaching channel, that helps aspiring musicians worldwide. He makes that classic rock music that rips invitingly into your mind, as you fully appreciate his incredible skills with his chosen craft.

He sings with such passionate intent, mixed in with his clear mastery of the guitar which makes this track such an impressive listen, from start to finish. As he opens the box with the secrets stored inside, he quickly closes it and digs a bigger hole, his mind racing as he wants to be truthful, but the lies may have gotten bigger than can be spoken about.

Secrets Keep Me Warm‘ from New Jersey guitarist Mark Tiarra, is a story about hiding information that you want to say to someone you care about – but keep inside the darkest part of your mind – for fear of what it may do to the relationship long-term.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The underdog won: Jay Saffran is fascinatingly free-spirited on the crafted gem ‘Porcupine in the Rain’

Scenes from a Whirligig by Jay Saffran

Taken off his promising experimental five-track debut called ‘Scenes from a Whirligig‘, the supremely creative Jay Saffran spikes our coats off the rack with the fantastic ‘Porcupine in the Rain‘.

Jay Saffran is a joyful hipster, humble traveler, Downstate New York-born family man and Vermont-USA-based mind-blowing indie-psychedelic guitarist, keys player and percussionist, who majestically blends his music to chill out your soul and takes you to a far-away place, so you can happily escape this whirlwind world for a while.

The splendid sounds are consistently mesmerizing all throughout this sumptuous ten minute experience to the outer reaches of space and his movie-like journey on the road comes back to life, this is the type of free-lifting music to just let play the whole way through and immerse your whole body in gently.

After sleeping in his car for some time whilst travelling around most of the USA, before meeting his loving his wife through mutual friends, it feels like we are witnessing all of his previous experiences meshed into a dazzling sound like no other. He is the underrated creator, the diamond in the rough that is slowly being found with each passing day, as his captivating music gets found by willing music fans each day to enjoy gleefully.

Porcupine in the Rain‘ from Vermont’s multi-skilled Jay Saffran, is a wondrous palate-feeding smorgasbord of different sounds that your curious ears will find a healing layer to hold onto, as your body shakes in delight.

This is the unexpected encounter you probably needed to rinse all the doubts away, so you can just lay back, close your eyes and apprise your soul with this spectacular track.

Hear this delightfully original single on Bandcamp and see more on his FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Doing things the right way: Levi Cadle heats up that special soul food on ‘How We Like It’

Powered by Bentley Records, Levi Cadle grooves his way into our lives with a memorable performance to remember, on the funky-driven new single ‘How We Like It‘.

Kentucky, USA-based guitarist, singer-songwriter, former band member of various local acts and sincere music scholar Levi Cadle, expertly mixes blues, funk and smooth soul vibes inside your whole body, to get your feet tapping and your blood flow back to normal again. After being bitten by the music when he was just thirteen years old, instead of using the mosquito spray, he instead jumped straight into the music nest and is happier for the spiritually enhancing experience.

This the funky story of doing things the right way in life, as you know this is the proper formula to follow to reach inner happiness. There might be other tempting shortcuts around but you and your team know that the correct path, will lead you to the end goal with smiles on your cheerful faces.

With a soulfully pure voice that sends your heart into a state of delightful bliss, we are treated to a studied musician who has performed in many duos, trios, bands and for other artists, but now it feels like he is thoroughly enjoying this electric carpet solo ride. With so much more freedom to create, he is only getting better and better like that tasty fine wine.

How We Like It‘ from Kentucky’s indie-soul groove mover Levi Cadle, is the type of song you put on and feel instantly better for the time you spent listening. He has that inner self-awareness to read his audience and know that they need healing, in this time of unrest in our world.

Doing things your way can work out long-term, if its the authentic and right way of doing things. This feels like one of those times where a self-aware musician has that special sauce stored inside, that fills our stomachs and souls with that old school quality- that this planet needs more of.

Hear this fantastic music wonderland on Spotify and see his laid-back vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen