The Melody Is So Sweet: Jessamine Barham loves that free-feeling in Nature

Inspired by Birdy, Within Temptation, and Regina Spektor, Jessamine Barham shows us her love for the outdoors that shall guide you away from the stifling smokey city that is so far from the peaceful climates of Nature.

Jessamine Barham is a San Diego, California-based indie folk/chamber-pop singer-songwriter and writer who makes beautiful melodies that are rather mood-altering.

Most of my music is either about stories I create or personal experiences or issues I’ve had.” ~ Jessamine Barham describing her sound

Gracing us with something rather special and packed with so much love, Jessamine Barham is rather special and shall hug your ear so sweetly. Everything is so pure and genuine to the max, to help us heal from all the trauma that can only be cured by taking in the beautiful parts of our planet.

Nature from San Diego, California-based indie folk/chamber-pop artist Jessamine Barham is a delightful effort that has been made with that rare class and authentic vibes. Vocally enhanced and kind in every way possible, this is an experience for this whole needs a break from the toxic smog that our busy cities can wrap over us.

When you feel that fresh air inside your lungs, everything in your soul changes for the better.

Listen to this lovely song on YouTube and see more news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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