The Human Nature show us lots of colors and hope on ‘No Escape’

No Escape‘ is the vibrant new song from The Human Nature and the band from Norway don’t disappoint.

The Human Nature are a Norwegian band from the South East and their signature sound comprises a lot of synthesizers, heavy drums, vocal harmonies and a distorted Les Paul. They are such a creative band, they visualize so well and this is a marvel to listen to. I feel peaceful all inside and this is a fine song.

The search for love right now is so hard to find, you need to be with someone that is careful with your heart. You want someone that is kind and who champions your dreams and pushes you to reach them. Covid has made finding this love so difficult but it is possible.

The music of The Human Nature is infectious and sweet, you want to listen to this song again and again. I like how this song builds up and up, the energy is radiant and fresh. ‘No Escape‘ is a quality new single that speaks to our hearts.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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