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By Myself: Norwegian rapper Denim Blue wonders what happened to those rules on ‘Rodeo’

Inspired by Prince, Ice Cube, Kanye West and The Weeknd, Denim Blue lets the music speak for itself on his brand new single all about seeing something so bright stop shining rather quickly on ‘Rodeo‘.

Jens Bjarne aka Denim Blue, is an indie rapper, weeds explorer and singer-songwriter who is based in beautiful Norway.

I love mixing genres and I’ll never stop trying to show my art in creative ways.” ~ Denim Blue

This is the story about being with someone who you care about so much, who you saw with a halo on their head that has now been so tarnished. Your ex lover fell nose-first into the treacherous trenches of temptation and you won’t stand for it, as you wish that they could go back to who they were before the once-beautiful spark fizzled out.

I’ve been writing songs my entire life, rapping for most of my life, and singing in the last 5 years or so, but I didn’t start recording until 3 years ago.” ~ Denim Blue

Sung with a terrific vocal ability, honest lyrics and with a dazzling beat which has your imagination swirling so quickly – this is a real gem of an underground track from this youthful artist with morals – who refused to walk in the line that so many fall over just to get inside.

Rodeo‘ from the Norway-based indie hip-hop artist and songwriter Denim Blue, is a reminisce-filled track all about wondering what happened to that person you looked up to. They were a Queen in your eyes but that shimmering star has faded darkly into the night, as you now feel like you are much better alone.

An old school lover mentality is so hard to keep these days, but this is something that morally you can’t change in the fiber of your fabric.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via his fresh IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Polyphonic Exophilia – ups et pertulerat: a progressive soul-funk serenade.

Vol. 2 by Polyphonic Exophilia

Norway-hailing music collective, Polyphonic Exophilia, describe their sound as sensual progressive alternative soul-funk, and it’s fair to say, if any bassline is going to leave you weak at the knees it is the one in the standout single, ups et pertulerat, from their EP, Vol.2.

Ups et pertulerat is the Latin phrase for ups and downs, and that’s exactly what the soundscape explores; if you constantly find yourself between mania and melancholy, you may just find that your tumultuous mind reflected at you through this exploratively engaging release.

The jazzy, tonally warm instrumental single is all about the bass-carved grooves and the colourful alchemy that breaths between them. It leaves you in anticipation of what the next progression will offer as the shimmering polyphonic keys bring the soul in the absence of vocals.

Check out Polyphonic Exophilia on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Under My Skin: Norwegian rockers One and a half Dog know this was meant to be on ‘Shine’

As they start off strong with a drum-filled beat mixed with groovy riffs for the ages, One and a half Dog raise their hands up high as they smartly avoid the doom-stacked doubts around and aim to ‘Shine‘.

One and a half Dog is a classic five-piece indie-rock act from Trondheim, Norway. They make a stunning blend of electric music that startles you at first, as you jump headfirst into their sensational soundscape.

The vocals are so atmospherically on point the whole way through, as we are taken on an exciting ride that lights a flaming-hot fire into your mind, that sweetly warms up your previously-cold heart. You feel like this is a cinematic experience through the swampy fields of doom – that soon take you to a place which has you gritting your teeth – as you rise up to move into the much more inviting greener pastures.

Shine‘ from the quality five-piece Norwegian rock band One and a half Dog, is a watch-me-do-something-special track, that climbs up bravely from the dangerous rubble and unhealthy dust, to break down the disappointment of before and turn it into a new perspective. On a terrific track that urges the miserable souls in your life to move away as you are only looking towards a new positive energy, this is a new single which will have you feeling motivated to shine bright again.

Knowing where you want to go, is the key to that all-time peace inside your hungry soul.

Hear their new single on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Be Careful: Vintage Norwegian rock band Electric High thunder in with abundant energy on ‘Go Easy on My Heart’

With a robust energy that sends your anxious soul into a frenzied state of desired excitement, Electric High athletically rips through our delicate speakers, on their new single taken off the latest five-track EP called ‘Go Easy on My Heart‘.

High-powered Bergen, Norway-based four-piece rock band Electric High, are an experienced outfit who make that spectacular sound, that ruffles a few feathers and wakes up the pesky neighbors, just the way they intended their music to be enjoyed.

This is the story about asking the person you really like to be careful with your heart as it can’t take being broken too many more times. You feel that they are grabbing your strings already and this could be exciting, but certainly dangerous.

You feel their class from the first verse, as the power of having two vocalists shines though and leads a light beam to the band who know what each other is doing like the back of their hand, as they give us a groovy lesson in that pure rock n roll.

Go Easy on My Heart‘ from the ear-splitting Norwegian band Electric High, calumniates in a brooding sound that captures your mind as they smash all glass windows out from the houses around you, with their mesmerizing sound that reminds us all of the classic days of rock. This is a terrific throwback from a quality act.

Hear this electric new single on Spotify and see their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Breaking out from the norm: Mörmaid and Bård Berg join forces to be ‘Set Free’ through music

The exceptionally talented Mörmaid is back with her latest sparkling single and this time she brings in Bård Berg to add an extra excellent element to ‘Set Free‘ our hearts.

Mörmaid is a Norwegian-born, usually London-based electro-pop artist currently hiding out in Norfolk, East Anglia, who illuminates the sky with a rhythmic energy that transfixes your whole body; as she gracefully sings with a style that stops you in your tracks.

Bård Berg is also a Norwegian native from Oslo, who is best known for being a drummer and producer. He is a wonderful talent who brings forth a uniquely brilliant style to music, that is breath-taking and innovative at the same time.

The acid-house type start breaks you out of your comfort zone and it feels like there is a breakout on the go. You can hear the hunger in her voice and she puts in a terrific performance. With his added influence, they make a great song that is hauntingly beautiful and full of surprises, the twists of the beat bends the story to its will and you feel enlightened the longer and louder you listen.

This is about breaking out from a pattern that you wish to free yourself from and start fresh again, with your mind tuned in like a functioning radio, rather than doing the same unhealthy thing and feeling bad for doing it all the time, when brighter days are over the next hill.

Set Free‘ from Mörmaid and Bård Berg is a dazzling assortment of wave-crashing soundscapes that barrels into your mind and doesn’t let go until you reach the shore. Their close-knit fusion is sweetly textured and you feel free inside and safe somehow as her intoxicating voice leaves your soul feeling warm and fuzzy.

Sometimes you can feel trapped with seemingly nowhere to go but if you actually look around and dig deep enough, you will find that tunnel to escape, finding the light and seeing where you need to be in life.

Stream this excellent new track on Spotify and see more on Mörmaid’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Living for Zelda: Finding purpose through love is ThoseBricks’ message on the heartfelt pop single ‘Keep My Feet on the Ground’

ThoseBricks sends us a message of hope that is inspired by his newborn daughter on the new single ‘Keep My Feet on the Ground‘.

The silky smooth Norwegian indie-pop artist and producer who has been open about his struggles with Complex post-traumatic stress disorder, brings us a ray of sunshine and a song that helps him each day to conquer the next step of his life.

When you have a child it changes everything in your world. Those little hands and feet, innocent look and at-times scared eyes, shine through all darkness as you find purpose. Raising a youngster in this wild world is not easy but it helps with easing the pain and deep scars you have inside Its like the re-birth of yourself in someway as you help raise a small human to be big and strong, just like you are.

His voice is so honest and he sings like a angel sent from above. Each word is meaningful as he is so inspired by his daughter that has come into his life at exactly the right time. The soothing melody is so glorious to hear and the soft piano background is perfect for this special moment. A man who now knows his purpose. Raising his daughter and making incredible music that helps us all heal together.

His young daughter Zelda gives him hope that each day is going to be a better one than before as she needs and wants her Daddy to be there for her. ‘Keep My Feet on the Ground‘ will bring tears to your eyes and you want Norway’s ThoseBricks to win at life.

You might not understand all that is going on inside his brain but you support him and wish him well. This is real music that has been created to share, inspire those who need it and also bring positive energy to a world that needs each sinew of it to re-boot again. The future is in the youths hands and we need to protect, teach and guide them, so they can reach their dreams and live in a better world.

Heart this incredibly real song on his Spotify and see how fatherhood goes on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dreamy memories in Norway: Matte Juno drops exquisite single ‘Daytime Serenade’

Matte Juno returns with a vibrantly pleasurable new song that instills a thoughtful energy into your day on ‘Daytime Serenade‘.

Mathias Haukjem aka Matte Juno is a Norwegian singer-songwriter who is fairly new onto the music scene but is making a quietly impressive start to releasing his creations to the world.

Stitched neatly in a fantastic fusion of drum machines, poly synths and funky guitar and bass, this is the type of song you tell your friends about.

There is a peaceful breeze that blows in the wind towards your body here as the jazzy tingle is a lovely touch. With a clever beat that keeps you fascinated and your ears give you the thumbs up during this journey of finding that chilled spot, that rests your head just right.

Daytime Serenade‘ from the young and talented Norwegian musician Matte Juno is a work of art that paints a pretty picture in the sky as you gaze up above, wondering how many planets there are actually up there. It could be a road trip song too as it ticks all the boxes you need in music and is a blessing to those tired spirits that need a natural boost.

A peaceful track that mixes electronic, blues and jazz all in one pretty bundle that is full of joy and love.

Stream this vibrant new song on Spotify and see his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music that heals the heart: Gjermund Wien is so tremendous on debut song ‘True Companion’

Taken off the recently released debut EP ‘Electric Fire’, this is a hauntingly real single full of an authentic energy, that passes in our ears piece by piece, lyric by lyric, to give us a warm embrace from this traumatic year of mostly sad solitude. Norwegian compassion is on full display here thanks to the new soulful singer-songwriter Gjermund Wien on ‘True Companion‘.

His voice lifts the mood as you get lost in the natural style that he possesses. A new musician to the scene, the freshness is so pleasant to see as he sings with such thoughtfulness. This is an artist who has been waiting for the right moment to send his music out to the world for manifestation, his humble artwork is vividly appreciated as you feel his true intentions which is to make music, that helps heal the wounded souls out there in the world.

The care that this musician has taken to move the audience is so cinematic and you feel like this is music that is perhaps ahead of its time. To truly comprehend its beauty, one needs to close their eyes and imagine floating in the sky, looking for that true love for your heart.

Gjermund Wien is a step above on the Electro-fused ‘True Companion‘ and this is a welcome listen to remind us to never give up on searching for that happy feeling, that holds your very being together.

Hear this new peaceful single on his Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Human Nature show us lots of colors and hope on ‘No Escape’

No Escape‘ is the vibrant new song from The Human Nature and the band from Norway don’t disappoint.

The Human Nature are a Norwegian band from the South East and their signature sound comprises a lot of synthesizers, heavy drums, vocal harmonies and a distorted Les Paul. They are such a creative band, they visualize so well and this is a marvel to listen to. I feel peaceful all inside and this is a fine song.

The search for love right now is so hard to find, you need to be with someone that is careful with your heart. You want someone that is kind and who champions your dreams and pushes you to reach them. Covid has made finding this love so difficult but it is possible.

The music of The Human Nature is infectious and sweet, you want to listen to this song again and again. I like how this song builds up and up, the energy is radiant and fresh. ‘No Escape‘ is a quality new single that speaks to our hearts.

Click here to stream.

Head through to the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ask Carol swim in with the sunny ‘Do It in LA’

Ask Carol swim in with the sunny ‘Do It in LA‘  and this is a radical video from this fresh band who do things differently.

From beautiful Auma in Norway, alt-pop duo Ask Carol have toured the world and this is an act that are on a mission for their music to be everywhere. Covid has slowed them down a bit but perhaps its given them the extra time to get more music and awesome videos together for release.

Ask Carol is front woman Carol and also multi-instrumentalist Ask. This fine 2 piece act challenges the traditional conception of what a duo can be. With their powerfully portrayed guitars, drums and fuzz-synth, with Carol’s distinctive, dynamic range and bad-ass vocals, this two-piece creates a wall of sound that is truly great to listen to. They have so much energy, I like the sound of the band and the vocals wake up your heart right away. This is genuine music that is made with such caring precision.

Ask Carol rock in with the brilliant ‘Do It in LA‘ and this is a fine listen. The video is so great and viewers will enjoy the creative nature. They are pushing the boundaries and not trying to copy anyone else.

Click here for the YouTube page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen