That Party Vibe: Berlin’s Stephen Paul Taylor is in the zone on ‘Wasted in the Summertime’

With his shirt off, his friends close and the snazzy swim shorts on to impress, Stephen Paul Taylor brings us into the fun story of those body shaking days that you surely treasure for years on ‘Wasted in the Summertime‘.

Stephen Paul Taylor aka SPT, is a touring indie rapper and composer from Berlin, Germany, who has performed live in over twenty-two countries including four extensive tours in Russia.

This is a thoroughly entertaining track made with a fresh edge packed full of a unique flows, as he takes us on a terrific journey that is vividly explained and rapped with a confident vigor. His style is smartly niche, his lyrics are quick-fire and there is much to get excited about here with a sensational display, on a catchy beat that you just want to lather inside.

Wasted in the Summertime‘ from the Berlin, Germany-based indie hip-hop solo artist Stephen Paul Taylor, is a laid-back track all about enjoying the best time of year and just wanting to be left alone with your friends. He raps with an eloquent energy and with cleverly-penned lyrics that are wildly creative, as we are left breathless after this sunblock-soaked experience that has you sliding your sunglasses on.

Hear this new sun-filled single on Spotify and follow his exciting movements on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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