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Thinking About You: Whyen (feat. Juli-Ane) are breathtaking on stupendous future bass single ‘Higher’

After feeling the fresh breeze wash over your doubts with their excellent track from February 2021 called ‘Free‘, Whyen (feat. Juli-Ane) are back with a sensual song about powerful love that makes you go ‘Higher‘.

Yannik aka Whyen, is a prolific multi-talented pianist, future bass music producer and film composer from busy Berlin in Germany. He is joined once again by the wonderful fellow Berlin-based singer/lyricist Juli-Ane, who’s sensational voice has the rare ability to make your hairs stand up to gripping attention, her striking tone incredibly captures all your thoughts calmly as you get lost for days in her thoughtful story.

Their combination works like a perfectly fitting glove, your eager body slides snugly right into this story of finding yourself under the power of someone else which makes you think deeply, despite your love for them.

The production is top class and matches with her stunning vocals, that certainly takes you to the sky above in an effortless display which has you relaxed and focused again.

Higher‘ from the captivating Berlin producer/vocal duo Whyen (feat. Juli-Ane), is a refreshing swim into the waves of love, as you want to be happy but sometimes the undercurrent takes you to places you don’t want to. Sometimes people just have that power over you and you need to find the right stream so you can be in your lane, without anybody having control over you.

Stream this breathtaking new track on Spotify and see Whyen and Juli’s IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stockdale exhibits their in-Vogue urban pop style with ‘Countdown’.

Berlin-based artist Stockdale has captured the air of 80s East Coast hip hop while adding a melodic soul-pop twist with the standout track, ‘Countdown’, from their 2021 album, ‘BUDDY’.

Their versatile discography cruises between smooth pop and hip hop anthems; with Countdown, you get the best of both worlds. By starting as a fiery feat of lo-fi jazzy indie hip hop, you’ll get pulled into the progressive mix that exhibits four vocalists and a potent dose of collaborative chemistry. With D’Fish, Nomé, Pilgrim and Luce bringing their authentic personality to the track, you’re almost welcomed into the collective creative experience. The harmonic layering in the dream-pop style production towards the outro seriously puts every 90s boyband to shame.

Countdown is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jack & Cherry delivered a dark folk rockabilly revival with their sophomore single ‘Moonchild’

Jack & Cherry

Berlin-based duo, Jack & Cherry, have released a hypnotic rockabilly revival with ‘Moonchild’; the first single to be released from their debut EP, ‘Roadkill Lullabies’.

Instrumentally, shimmering echoes follow the meandering guitar stretches that pay ode to the styles of Dire Straits. Lyrically, Moonchild will throw Chris Rea and Stevie Nicks reminiscences your way.

There may be plenty of dark imagery within the lyricism, but ultimately, Moonchild is a song that urges you towards self-acceptance. After we’ve all had so much spare time to spend with our anxiety and insecurity, plenty of people will find resonance through the lyrics which reflect the strength of your shadow side but remind you that you’re stronger still.

Any fans of Tiger Army, Hillbilly Moon Explosion and April March will definitely want to make room on their radar for Jack & Cherry. Their debut EP is due for release in late 2021.

Moonchild was released on March 26th, you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

From sadness comes healing: Folga graces us with the exquisitely intimate transformation on debut ‘Moon’

After dealing with a traumatically emotional moment in her life that caused her to rethink things, Folga has emerged a strong woman with renewed purpose and insight on her outstanding debut single called ‘Moon‘.

Olga Kozmanidze aka Folga, is an enchantingly pure Urals, Russia-born, Berlin, Germany-based, organic-electronica singer-songwriter and performance/sound artist, who sings masterfully through her past experiences that have ultimately enlightened her imagination.

”I summoned this song while passing through an identity crisis some years ago and it kept me company while I was lingering in this limbo state. The song emerged with an insight, it revealed something I needed to learn from this difficult experience.”- Folga

Produced by the wonderfully talented Constantine Chistiakov, you feel like you are in an alternative universe here through the sound, your body and ever-replenishing soul.

Her captivating voice is so mysteriously wrapped in beauty, you feel each glorious note on this incredible song that is genre-bending.

She is revealing ourselves slowly and bringing forth her stunning creation that has been manifesting for so long, she looks ready to show her whole face and allow herself to be vulnerable, as the scars heal over time to make her a warrior princess who will never be broken again.

Moon‘ from Berlin’s world class talent Folga, gives you a new perspective as you glow again from troubled times, to rise above it all and look forward to new possibilities, never to return to the darkness that consumed you for so long.

See the video on YouTube or Immerse yourself here on Soundcloud and see her rise on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feeling that fresh air again: Whyen (feat. Juli-Ane) sends the world a stunning sunset mood-changer on ‘Free’

Whyen is back with a thrilling electronic-filled track that will get you in the mood for your next much-anticipated summer holiday on ‘Free‘ (feat. Juli-Ane).

Berlin, Germany-based electronic future bass producer, film composer and pianist Whyen, makes music that inspires your soul and with a bounce that gets you feeling free again after a pandemic-infused slumber. He has joined forces with the sweet sounds of fellow Berlin vocalist Juli-Ane– to bring us a special new single with so much love.

The star-glazing atmospheric start gives you the chills right away as you feel like you are being transported to a new planet. Right away our ears are filled with the honey-tipped vocals of a glorious singer who brings so much joy and hope through the current darkness. Feeling free should surely be the ultimate goal of us all right now.

Containing a busting bass-happy beat that only seems to somehow intrigue and get better through out this excellent electro-powered single- this is what our dreams are made of as you close your eyes and imagine being totally at peace again as you cruise into the sunset by a peaceful beach, far away from any negative vibes.

Free‘ from Berlin, Germany natives Whyen and Juli-Ane, is that sensational summer breeze that is exactly the natural boost you need to visualize your next relaxing holiday. Feeling that extra warmth in your body after a stressful few months, is the only thing that should be on our minds when this dreadful pandemic is finally over.

Life may be hard right now for us all but staying positive and thinking of future good bass-filled times- is the way to finding that smile on your dial again.

Sizzle in that heat with your shades on via Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Showing a humorously honest side in tough times: Berlin’s Grizzly Bird drop funny visuals for ‘The Drummer’s Trauma’

The elevator door slides gently open, the burning creativity has returned after two years of a hiatus away from writing, and the story begins again. The Music Shop is the home of this Indie-Folk experience that certainly wets the appetite of our eyes and ears. Berlin based Indie-Folk-Rock trio Grizzly Bird return to the airwaves of the world with their hilarious music video, named ‘The Drummer’s Trauma‘ which was produced by Cameron James Laing at The Famous Gold Watch studios in Berlin.

His voice shows the pain of life at work, it seems like a great idea but now he is growing tired of this charade. This is a funny video with the main character getting hassled all the time and waking up in sweats from the stress. The cheeky chorus is very cleverly constructed to make you sway around with a smile on yourself, reflecting on previous experiences with some musicians that didn’t make a good impression.

A mellow Indie-Folk flow that is formulated so neatly, the energy gets you to tap your feet and sing too, always a sign of a terrific song. The melody is filled with a vivid sense up humour, the chilled guitar makes you smile and this is a fun song to listen to. The percussion keeps ticking over, and the honest track is terrifically meshed together to put the listener into the mind of a business owner, who is tired of dealing with petty problems that engulfs his mind.

The Drummer’s Trauma‘ from Berlin based Indie-Folk-Rock trio Grizzly Bird, is such an entertaining video with an end that is out of The Walking Dead at times. This is a return to the music scene, and a fresh start to greater heights awaits.

See the video here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding yourself again: European Electro-Pop/Downtempo duo Anaté drop fascinating debut single ‘Confusion’

The gorgeous vocals and clean production captures your imagination right away as you drift into a visual vortex of emotions that both excites and scares you too. Anaté toys with our emotions to captivating effect here in 2020 with debut song ‘Confusion’.

Anaté is a supremely creative collaboration between elegant singer & songwriter Ana who lives in Paris and Berlin, with Milan based producer Delman handling the soundscapes to electrifying levels of pure enjoyment. You can tell that they share the same vision musically as this is cinematic experience that is so rare and compelling.

“My debut single Confusion talks about duality. It’s about the conflict between what we want and what we are ‘allowed to want’; between who we are and expected to be; between emotion and reason. We all experience moments of inner conflict like that. Confusion explores these contrasting concepts and invites us to embrace both.” – Ana

Set for release on the 28th November 2020, this is a debut track that has so much tease and intrigue already. The deep thoughts of being in that vividly beautiful dreamy world you have created for yourself, while also dealing with what current reality has to offer, has truly opened up your eyes and soul to conflicting emotions.

Anaté’sConfusion’ is an irresistible listen that makes you feel as though you are transporting in the Matrix and can slide from each world as you please. The journey to finally embracing yourself and accepting these thoughts is a long but ultimately self-healing mission. After all, knowing yourself better will help you love deeper and open your heart to many possibilities.

Hear this wonderful creation on Anaté’s Spotify and find out more about their vision on Facebook and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Let the Music’ from Berlin-based Patrizia is a fun journey of dreamy pop pureness

Let the Music‘ from Berlin-based Patrizia is a fun journey of dreamy pop pureness that will make you smile and possibly dance.

Patrizia was born into an Italian immigrant family who lived in small town Germany. At the age of just 6, she discovered a dance studio. This formed the foundation of meshing music with performance. Her creative ambition was not welcome in her lower working class, suburban world. However, a move to Berlin was on the cards and this would change everything for this young musician. She just wanted to dance and sing. Now, with the freedom to be creative in a safe environment that wasn’t small-minded, she could fully express herself.

I love the pop pureness here, this is about letting the music come to you and not to force anything in life. Just turn the music up and do what come naturally to you as this is the best way to live in life. The beat is so 80’s and this is so great to listen to. There is innocence here, the dancing and fun music resonates in a world that can be so cold.

Let the Music‘ from Berlin-based Patrizia is the type of song that makes you happy and smile. Simple pleasures that inspire and makes the day a bit more tolerable. This talented singer & actress has just kissed our ears with this gorgeous song.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The peaceful Sami Simon creates masterpiece of healing on ‘Morning Sun’

Germany-based Sami Simon heals the airwaves with a real gem ‘Morning Sun‘.

Excellent singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sami Simon creates textured indie folk music with a fondness for lovely yet pained images and deeply personal lyrics. This is an artist that has a voice and sound that makes you a fan very quickly. This is real music that is so rare.

After releasing his debut-EP in 2019 via Amsterdam-based label Revanche Records, Sami left his home city, Berlin, moving to the sunny vineyards of South West Germany. Besides eagerly creating new self-produced songs, Sami Simon works as a music therapist and abstract painter.

With a melody that catches your heart right away, you then hear the crisp vocals of a man who has had a big realization. We are all still alive. Let’s make use of what we have before us no matter the circumstances. Let’s get together as one with that good energy and avoid the negative visuals from a crazy world.

Sami Simon’s  ‘Morning Sun‘ is the best song I’ve heard so far in 2020. The peaceful creation from the soulful singer-songwriter is such a piece of art with so much bad news everywhere.

Stream this absolute gem here on Spotify.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Here is the Insta page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Worldy dreamy pop stardust from Stevie Bull’s incredible ‘Hotel’

Stevie Bill is a new name is the music scene and she kicks down the door with the excellent ‘Hotel‘.

From Amsterdam to NYC, Stevie Bill’s journey eventually needed her own stories. That time is now and this is a singer with an elegant voice that is so silky and smooth, you could listen to Stevie sing all day and night. This girl can sing and brings her kind authenticity with her.

Born to an English mother and a Dutch father, she moved to buzzing Berlin after her 17th birthday and she soon found herself working in studio’s and writing songs for other artists. While in Berlin, Stevie applied to the prestigious Clive Davis Institute at NYU, New York. She was accepted and moved there in September, at age 19. In New York, Stevie has been working on her project 24/7, collaborating with the writers and producers she met in Amsterdam, Berlin and New York during the last couple of years. Stevie wants her music to be relatable to her peers, telling stories about ambition, self-doubt, friendships and living in a dorm room with strangers.

You feelings cool down and things end too quickly. A few hours before it was all sunsets and clean sheets. The night was young and the hotel was amazing. It was just you two, open windows, kissing but then you start to disagree on silly things. The love was strong and you were falling upwards in love but now its the the complete opposite. Falling downwards but then you realize you are just reminiscing. You are happy now and are with the love of your life, strolling on the beach and looking at the stars.

Stevie Bill is a fantastic singer and I love this debut track. From singing covers, she is showing the world her creativity and she takes full charge here. This is an artist who is getting to know herself and her music reflects her growing maturity.

See these amazing visuals on YouTube.

Stream this new song here on Spotify.

Find out more about Stevie on her Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen