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Cenzontle’s fusionist sound is sweeter than ‘Nectar’ in their latest seminal Latin folk release.

After enchanting audiences under the GlowStone Leaf Orchestra banner and producing 13 albums that weave a tapestry of profound narratives and complex harmonies, the delectably talented Berlin-based artist, Jorge Hernandez, who has been honing his rhythmic and raconteurial crafts for over a decade stepped into a new ensemble when he assembled the three-piece Cenzontle with Lucie Nana and Kim Kong in 2019.

Monikers don’t come much more apt than Cenzontle, which translates to “400 voices”; it is a nod to the Mexican heritage of Hernandez and the multi-layered essence of his work, which breaks the monocultural mould while proving music is a universal language.

The eponymous LP, which hit the airwaves earlier this year is an opportunity for immersion in a captivating fusion of traditional Latin American Folk and electrifying Rock, delivered with a digital twist. Whether you delve into the vibrant recording or witness the emotional and innovative depth via the live performance of the standout single, ‘Nectar’, you’re sure to be stirred by the spiritually transcendent experience which solidifies Cenzontle’s position at the forefront of genre-bending music exploration.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Please Tell Them: LAUBE moves slowly on with the relatable mid-life crisis anthem, Weeping Pilgrim

11 Songs of Love and Devastation by LAUBE

Taken from the recent release called 11 Songs of Love and Devastation, LAUBE cruises onto the lands of recovery to find that self-confidence and inner love again within the high walls of the powerful mind with Weeping Pilgrim.

LAUBE is a Berlin, Germany-based indie folk artist who delves so much further than most into real topics which can cause goosebumps in many arms with a genuine blend of introspective brilliance.

This song represents comfort to me, and was recorded right in the middle of my life crisis, as I survived from day-to-day. It’s about a humble pilgrim, whose slow step-by-step progress mirrored my own slow recovery process. Holding onto the hope that even the greatest sorrow might not pierce my heart so deeply.” ~ LAUBE

Easing our minds so brilliantly and bringing us something so splendidly honest, LAUBE has unearthed a scintillating single to be radiated by. This is something rare and special and for all the right reasons. With a world-class sound and featuring expertly written lyrics, we find a release for old-school souls who love original music.

Weeping Pilgrim from Berlin, Germany-based indie folk artist LAUBE is one of the most authentic experiences possible in 2023. Stunning all ears with something rather heart-calming and pure, this is a really outstanding soundtrack for reinvigorating the mind, body and soul.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

2077: Berlin’s Mezolozyde follows The Call and escapes from the dark forces

With a rather fascinating energy which will either stun or inspirit many, Mezolozyde sends our spines into shiver overload on the superb new single to turn up loud, The Call.

Mezolozyde is a Berlin, Germany-based indie alternative industrial rock project who slices massive holes into unassuming ears with a heavy presence.

The Call” is the name of the second single and builds on Mezolozyde’s first video clip. Connecting stories and elements taken from the lyrics, it reveals a futuristic and dystopian version of Berlin in the year 2077. Introducing a potential villain, a mysterious woman, the viewer notices that EzZe is being chased. They then travel with him through the hidden parts of this dark gritty future Berlin while at the same time taking in its glamorous and flashing facade. Once again the music video is directed by Martin Pedreira.” ~ Mezolozyde

Shaking our core and taking things into a movie-like experience, Mezolozyde shows us deep into the German mindset and navigates us into a rather scary and controlling world.

The Call from Berlin, Germany-based indie alternative industrial rock act Mezolozyde is a scintillating sizzler which might awaken those sleepy eyes to see the truth. Giving us a rather thrilling track to be amazed at, this is a look into the future. A scary look too. An exploration into what is possible. A reality check for anyone who hasn’t seen the evil which is possible, if wickedness wins.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

On Her Own: Anna Helen drops an unforgettable single to heal the pain with on Healing

Gracefully flowing from her gorgeously sweet 3-track EP called Twenty to Self, Anna Helen shows us the fight needed when you don’t receive that extra love needed on Healing.

Anna Helen is a fresh-faced and vocally brilliant Berlin, Germany-based indie pop singer-songwriter who makes music for others to face those life-changing challenges.

I started writing poetry and short stories when I was just 10 years old. Telling stories and trying to connect with others through words and art has always been the moving force in my life. Soon I discovered my love for music, started playing the piano and singing my poetry instead of reading it aloud. When I realised that through my songs I can speak up for others and take a stand as well as work through my own obstacles it became my goal to share my songs with the world.” ~ Anna Helen

Looking for a special light to take the darkness away, Anna Helen wrote this song for those who needed it most. She kindly washes away all the past hurt and slides our attention away into the moment to start the lets-get-better process quicker.

Healing from Berlin, Germany-based indie pop singer-songwriter Anna Helen is a rather sublime effort from an angelic goddess who is showing us the way to a better path. Performed with a superb tone and featuring so many lyrically intricate moments to treasure, we find a track to feel okay with again. Finally.

The storm does eventually pass after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Berlin’s KOLLISION rock out with speaker-busting force on Provinz

Provinz by Kollision

With a pulsating sound that smashes a hole in the window and gets the birds flying away rather quickly, KOLLISION is at their powerful best, with a truly awe-inspiring display on their new single, Provinz.

KOLLISION is a Berlin, Germany-based alternative rock/post-grunge duo who sing in both German and English and are inspired by legends such as Foo Fighters and Stone Temple Pilots.

Right now we are enjoying ourselves playing shows after all lockdown restrictions have been finally lifted.” ~ KOLLISION telling us about their relief that live music is back

Shaking our ears and core alive like we haven’t felt for years, KOLLISION wreaks havoc with a forceful display that includes illuminated vocals, which will wake you up rather quickly. Loud and proud, fierce and brilliant, this is a band who might snap a few guitar strings as they belt out an anthem for those who love it heavy.

Provinz from the Berlin-based alternative rock/post-grunge duo KOLLISION is the type of single that we all needed to hear today. Sung in German and showing us they are a force to be reckoned with, as they powerfully guide us into a land that has a mosh pit ready for anyone who needs to forget all their worries away. Good music does that, you see.

Open up the windows and blare this loud on Bandcamp while scrolling through their Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hummana shows stunning elegance on the culture-rich single CARGA (Burden)

With such a beautifully mood-transforming essence and meticulous care to keep a vital creative movement alive forever, Hummana is rather spellbinding in a superb song to close your eyes with as your mind is finally set free on CARGA (Burden).

Led by the brave Cristina Vieira, Hummana is a Berlin, Germany-based Madeira Island-born Portuguese indie music project who is on a mission to keep the incredible culture of a homeland awake no matter what.

Cristina grew up in the Island’s unique cultural landscape with influences from Portugal, Northern Africa and Northern Europe. She was immersed in the traditions of the island that, nowadays, are quickly disappearing.” ~ Cristina Vieira

Searching for an updated approach to popular poetry and the traditional Madeiran Songbook while never losing its real authenticity, Cristina Vieira and Hummana shall have you wondering why music can’t be as pure as this all the time. Showing so much pride for being a part of a community that is so special, there is an ear-warming effort to appreciate for its fine artistry.

Vocally outstanding and with an ensemble of the highest quality musicians possible, this is a song that shall find you feeling so replenished.

The music of Madeira is simple and wise. It speaks of the pillars of life. It is work-music that is being played to the rhythm of the manual labour that forged the lives of the people of the island. It is also the music with which the Islanders have expressed love, grief and joy.” ~ Hummana

CARGA (Burden) from elegant Madeira Island-born singer-songwriter Hummana is one of the most illuminating songs of the year so far. With important cultural implications attached, this is an immense anthem that shows us all that if you are doing things for the right reason, it usually works out for the best. Great music heals after all.

Watch this new music video on YouTube and see more stories on their Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Graceful Berlin-based artist Raluca is quite scintillating on her excellent new single Thunder

With a wonderfully deep lyricism that reached the bottom of our soul on her previous single, Could IRaluca shows us her incredible talents yet again on the leaving-heart breakup infused single Thunder.

Raluca is a classically trained Berlin, Germany-based indie pop singer-songwriter, pianist and guitarist who has Romanian blood flowing within her veins.

She writes and sings about identity, love, the weight of loss and the possibility of new beginnings. Basically of life, with all facets. The result is energetic, yet at times soothing. Easy and deep at the same time. A blend of darkness and light given a voice.” ~ Raluca

Produced by David Nichols, Raluca urges us all to swiftly avoid those ghastly ghosts amongst us who don’t feel anything at all. For your precious heart’s sake, it’s best to hide away before your valuable shine is stolen forever by someone who just wants to use you as they see fit.

Thunder from the multi-talented Berlin, Germany-based indie pop singer-songwriter Raluca is a call to be left alone forever from a former lover who just wanted quiet away from that sapping energy. Courageous to the core and featuring striking vocals that will burn slowly on your ears, this is a single performed so majestically by a truly talented artist.

Check out this fine new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

mære feels so helpless when the new smile shakes her spirit awake on, ‘Pretty Crash’ (feat. gau)

Showing us a whole new person on a rather mysterious original project, mære leads us into her inventive mind that has found someone different to the rest, who has stopped her suddenly on ‘Pretty Crash(feat. gau).

mære is a Berlin, Germany-based indie-pop/alt-RnB artist and music producer with a superbly creative mind that takes you into her vividly emotive harmonies.

”For this project took on the identity of Cee, writing and producing tracks with a crew of international artists and collaborators.” ~ mære

Displaying a rather enchanting sound that grips your soul into this picture presented, mære navigates us through this intriguing performance that shall mesmerise each listener, as we are electrified to the core by an artist who makes the type of underground music you can’t help but appreciate.

The project was born from Cee’s (who never shows their face, hidden by a mask) desire to reflect and play with issues such as identity and image through the collective, and the willingness to confront and embrace the musical genres that helped them through a very difficult time.” ~ mære

Pretty Crash(feat. gau) from Berlin, Germany-based indie-pop/alt-RnB artist and music producer mære is one of those particularly thought-provoking tracks that have your mind swirling in this cinematic-like adventure. Her vocals are so uniquely ear-piercing, that shall have you closing your eyes and imagining this striking moment when everything swiftly changed even if you knew it might not work out long-term.

When you meet that special human, your heart tells you what to do, and it’s up to you from there.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Berlin’s Doruk Doyran shows the emotions leading to the unknown ‘Voyage’

After setting the scene with a supremely intricate start that has you gazing far into the distance, Doruk Doyran grabs our attention with an instrumental arrangement for the ages on, ‘Voyage‘.

Doruk Doyran is an indie musician, model, actor and scriptwriter based in thriving Berlin, Germany and composes music for movies, series and more.

The song is a reflection of the inner world of a voyager as he begins and pursues his journey, which leads to the unknown. First part is cherishing and the innocent excitement, second part is dwelling in the abyss and becoming one with your surroundings and the last part is surviving in the unknown.” ~ Doruk Doyran

Bringing us something rather spellbinding that has been wrapped tightly with a coat of mesmerising varnish to uncover, Doruk Doyran has made a track that shall have you completely hypnotised and ready for that time when you can travel to a whole new place you can’t wait to explore.

Voyage‘ from the Berlin, Germany-based indie musician, model, actor and scriptwriter Doruk Doyran is a gripping song that shall grip your core and take you into this thrilling story about all the emotions that transpire when you go into a new part of the world. Your heart will probably beat at an unfathomable speed – as we are taken into this compelling track – that has been made by a true master of his craft.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

JKLN shows us the tears and blood that have spilt onto the terrorized streets with, ‘Welcome to Ukraine’

As the undeserved slaughter continues when the shaken world needed peace and understanding instead of terrifying carnage, JKLN has dropped a song that should shock many who are still wondering why this happened with her latest release, ‘Welcome to Ukraine‘.

JKLN (pronounced Jacqueline) is a Kyiv, Ukraine-born, Athens, Greece-raised, Berlin, Germany-based indie electronic artist and music producer.

Combining deep and dark electronic dance productions with dreamy pop-inspired vocals JKLN has crafted a sound that blurs the lines between different musical worlds.” ~ JKLN

With a menacing tone that seems to somehow take you onto the battlefield to witness the sad destruction, JKLN is rather magnificent with a powerful performance that shall have your heart palpitating with fear as you imagine the absolute butchery that has taken place without cause.

Welcome to Ukraine‘ from Berlin, Germany-based indie electronic artist/music producer JKLN is a thunderous release that is packed with mystery and a heavy beat that shall awaken you rather quickly. This Ukraine-born artist has understandably been affected by the current war and sends us an epic soundtrack, to invite us inside the despair that has killed and displaced millions who deserved much better.

Showing us her music progression that has reached a world-class level, this is a reminder that the world isn’t fair sometimes but through music, we can understand the story a bit better if we open up our ears.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen