So it won’t suffer unless it’s physical: Tankee M wonders why we spoil the pure air on Cactus won’t puke its water

Steering us more in-depth within the mindset of the world and all the wasted resources, Tankee M sends shivers down the spine of millions with one of the most real singles possible called Cactus won’t puke its water.

Tankee M is a mysterious multi-talented rapper and artist who makes the kind of tracks which are raw to the core and unearth important issues for us to learn from.

Foreing rapper trying to get new sounds. Currently using music ’cause every misspronounce might sound acceptable if poetic. Learnt how to produce in case the voice might sound really incomprehensible.” ~ Tankee M

Sizzling all fans with a blistering performance, Tankee M is rather fiery here and has dropped a lyrically aware single which contains wordplay which is rather elite.

Cactus won’t puke its water from the underground rapper Tankee M is an electric performance which will shock many and impress others. Sending our souls into a whirlwind and never holding back even for a second, this is a simply earth-shattering track which might get the day started in the right way.

Turn this up louder on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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