Speaking My Mind: H2SO4 shreds life back into our impressionable ears with Outsiders

Battering through the floor and slowly flowing deep inside our buzzing hearts, H2SO4 urges the lost to merge together in order to join forces when the bass hits on Outsiders.

H2SO4 is a UK-based underground electronic duo that began as a remix project and has developed into one of the best acts in the game who have been shown love by legends such as Pete Tong and John Peel.

Co-writer and producer Andy Phillips broke away from H2SO4 after the release of the Japan-only follow-up album ‘Glamtronica’ and formed the production partnership Bombay Monkey with Guy Martin, leaving Graham Cupples and James Butler to continue making music as H2SO4.” ~ H2SO4

Boggling our minds with something heavy but somehow manageable on the earlobes, H2SO4 has dropped something to be surely proud of. This is a stupendous experience to appease all worries and to bring in a new wave of hope to the disillusioned amongst us.

Outsiders from the much-respected UK dance duo H2SO4 is a rather splendid track to play when an extra boost of natural energy is needed in those throbbing veins. Slicing through our dazzled ears and taking us for a ride of a lifetime, we find a splendidly assembled song to admire for its soul-healing superpowers.

Turn it up loud and proud via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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