Drugs All The Time: Sincerely,Him attemps to run away from the demons on WASTING MY TIME (prod. schmooney)

Finding the right audience through a quest-filled barrage of uninhibited verses to devour with valiant vigour, Sincerely,Him drops a single so sincere it will cause many humans to take a rather deep breath, WASTING MY TIME (prod. schmooney).

Sincerely,Him is a mysterious indie alternative rock musician who makes the kind of melodies that will empty all worries into the sea on each track.

Displaying a hugely likeable tone and much to turn up loud, WASTING MY TIME from Sincerely,Him is that awaken-the-soul gem to respect for its startling velocity and a true insight into the mentality of our lost generation.

WASTING MY TIME (prod. schmooney) from the fast-rising alternative artist Sincerely,Him is a short fuse which will light up the sky like a luminous blaze. Letting us feel the hauntingly worrying moment that so many millions have recently faced, this is a rather honest song which shows us precisely what the feelings of so many are.

When you feel like your time is being misused, it’s best to change the script.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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