Show Me What You Want: CONT4MIN4TED shows us those deep desires on So Easy

Treating us to a stunning video created by Ekaterina Poletaeva, CONT4MIN4TED shows us why love can be So Easy if we let it flow and are brimming with compassion and understanding to truly contemplate.

CONT4MIN4TED is an underground EDM artist and music producer who is hugely motivated to emerge from the shadows and into millions of lives.

Introduced with so much incredible soul and meaning, CONT4MIN4TED lathers a bow of truth into our lives rather excitedly. This is a superb experience to swim deeply into, as we find a special single to bathe briskly inside. Deep in comfort and taking us into a better place, it’s hard not to love So Easy.

So Easy from underground EDM artist and music producer CONT4MIN4TED is a stunning sizzler of a soundtrack for our weary hearts. Projected so radiantly and flowing into our ears like a weekend away at a waterpark, that shall instil memories into our hearts forever. Packed with a glowing ray of sunshine and hope, this is a gem of a song and video made with love.

Sometimes it really can be so uncomplicated.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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