Floating on The Wings: Mirko Sangrigoli waited so long for that special moment on Never Enough


With his focus back on writing songs again and sensing the right time to get his compositions out into the world, Mirko Sangrigoli demonstrates to us the power of a chance collaboration with Never Enough.

Mirko Sangrigoli is a London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter who is a true muso and shines a light on underground tracks made from the soul.

I remember always mucking about with any instrument I could get my hands on. The first thing I ever played was my father’s drums. It quickly developed from there, and the next thing you know, I was writing songs about everything I could think of on a toy keyboard. Growing up, I didn’t have fancy equipment, so I learned to get creative with what was available.” ~ Mirko Sangrigoli

Sinking in the dark all alone and waiting for the kiss that might never arrive, Mirko Sangrigoli is in top form and shows us where real quality is in this watered-down world. This is a class personified and ultimately a fine effort.

Never Enough from London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter Mirko Sangrigoli is a real stunner of an experience for anyone who’s waited so long for something, to ultimately feeling like it was a complete waste.

Projected so eloquently and soaked in a ray of hope, that perhaps the feeling will change, even though deep down, the defeat is rather close.

Meaningful music with impact will always sound a bit better than most. Mirko Sangrigoli has just proved this notion with some aplomb.

Hear more on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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