BP.frm.NC shows us where the flowers are hidden on ‘I Still Love H.E.R’

Taken off his 11-track album called ‘What Would Patsy Do?‘, BP.frm.NC wonders what happened to that old school feel that make him fall in love with the genre that is still entrenched in his heart on ‘I Still Love H.E.R‘.

BP.frm.NC is an indie part-time rapper who brings us back to that nostalgically excellent feeling and shows us that classic Common vibe we can’t ever forget.

Reminding us back to a time that was memorable and is still talked about like it was a World Series to remember for decades, BP.frm.NC opens up the History book and takes us back to that almost mystical time that so many have forgotten. Accompanying us back like a teacher and avoiding the lean times that have destroyed many bright minds, this is an excellent track to play loud and reminisce with.

I Still Love H.E.R‘ from the indie rapper BP.frm.NC is a golden age track that feels like is from the timeless 80s or 90s style that is still renowned as the best of its generation. Displaying mighty skills with the pen and flow that is combined rather calmly with an underground beat that shall catch your feet tapping, this is an ode to the good old’ days.

Music with a message is the reminder for us to ponder, as we wonder what happened to that beautiful time that felt like yesterday.

Listen to this new track with soul on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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