oh boy sings about that special soul who will always be unforgettable with, ‘her’

Sizzling our hearts with a love-filled single that will have you moving your whole body around no matter where you are, oh boy shows us that writing about ‘her‘ is the only way to go.

oh boy is an Alex Caesar-created indie rock/pop bedroom act who makes underground hits that put your mind into a different place in time completely.

The best band that you have never heard of.” ~ oh boy

Gracing us with a stylish single that has you in a dreamy mood you will never forget, oh boy is in scintillating form with a simply divine effort that has Alex Caesar’s signature vocals intertwined inside to perfection.

her‘ from the indie rock/pop act oh boy, is a nostalgic single that is filled with intricate guitar-playing that takes you back to a stage in your life that you can’t ever forget about. With caressing vocals that remind you of someone who hasn’t even entered his prime, this is a sterling release that will take you to that place where you were writing love letters to someone who took your breath away.

Love will make you do anything if you feel like they are the one.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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