I Never Let You Be Alone: Monday Feeling wants that love forever on ‘Don’t Stop’

Featuring passionate vocals that has you whistling innocently along as this throwback tune gets into full rhythm, Monday Feeling wants to keep the night going as long as possible on their latest single ‘Don’t Stop‘.

Monday Feeling is a Korea-based indie four-piece Rock band. They make a fun blend of mostly happy music that is catchy and reminds you of music from the 90’s.

After touring the USA a few years ago and proving to be a big hit with fans all over during their travels, they went home to reorganize after many lineup changes that threatened to derail all the progress they had made before.

With a smooth energy and ravishing riffs which have you feeling so reflective, this is a terrific effort that has clearly been made with love from a band on a mission to become known.

Don’t Stop‘ from the Korean-based indie four-piece Rock band Monday Feeling, is a nostalgic single from a confident outfit who swarm the speakers and bring a fun groove to proceedings. This is the story of wanting that closeness as long possible, which is a feeling that so many of us can relate to during these lonely days.

Check out this new track on the YouTube channel and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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