COW understands that together is best and what nature intended with, ‘On and On’

With an unassuming vibe that has you turning up the volume to witness their sociable soundscape that reminds you of those happy days in the past, COW reminds us that we need to join hands and avoid staying indoors so much even if it feels safer these days with, ‘On and On’.

COW is a Liverpool/North Wales-born indie alternative 4-piece rock band that makes riff-filled music that has you feeling rather nostalgic.

Taking us on a genuine journey of contemplation that so many will wholeheartedly relate to, COW is one of those bands that keeps things nonchalant throughout and show us that ostentatious moves aren’t necessary when you keep the music vibes completely legit.

On and On‘ from Liverpool/North Wales-born indie alternative rock act COW is one of those songs that has you pondering what exactly happens to that valuable free time that we seem to waste, instead of seeing those who we truly care about. Sung with a calming air that gets you into a reflective mood, this is a track that shall have you humming along to the chorus for hours. Catchy music just grabs you sometimes, and this is a perfect example of a song made with true love.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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