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Pulls Away: The American Love Story knows that the mind has trouble letting go sometimes on Drive

Lost in the line with nowhere really to go but over the edge, The American Love Story gets far away from a lonely place that wasn’t serving any purpose on the reflective single about finding a fresh start somewhere else on Drive.

The American Love Story is an Orlando, Florida, USA-based indie rock outfit who is produced by 5x Dove award-winner Andy Anderson.

Searching for that good feeling again, The American Love Story races away in fine form and has dropped an anthem for anyone who is feeling stuck in that daze that can confuse your soul into taking risks you might not have before.

There are supreme vocals on offer and a real gusto seeped into the bones of this quality band, who have forayed into the distance with impressive results.

Drive from Orlando, Florida, USA-based indie rock outfit The American Love Story is a song that will cause us to all think about that moment many have certainly envisaged, or begun already. Featuring a story that is eerily familiar for those who are currently lost, whilst trying to find a compass in this ultra confusing world filled with sandy traps of doom.

Hear this fine single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Till I Break Down Like Before: Johnny S wonders when he’ll be face down on the floor on FLOWERS

Taken off his excellent complex release called REFLECTIONS, Johnny S goes to work for his vital rent and mind-soothing smoke on the raw gem you will just know is rather nice to dice with on FLOWERS.

Johnny S is a Virgin Islands-born, Florida, USA-based indie hip hop artist who loves to keep things strictly pure and underground.

On my new project I tried to write about the ups and downs of the human experience. Well, my human experience at least.
I’m infatuated with the complexities of the mind and the way emotions affect who we are and how we react to certain things, decisions we make.” ~ Johnny S

Showing us such an edgy flow that shall probably catch your attention, Johnny S wonders if he might be broken. Sensing that he is under the weather like a boat that has sprung a leak, this is the type of track to get you off your couch.

Searing potently with a rugged mentality that might get you excited about what is on offer, from an underdog creative who knows that his time is now.

FLOWERS from Virgin Islands-born, Florida, USA-based indie hip hop artist Johnny S is a real-life lift into our current generation. This is a hugely memorable experience that shows us the deep inside the struggles to keep that paper skyhigh despite the battles each day..

Rapped with a true precision, this is an absolute surefire eye-opener for anyone who needs a reminder of the truth.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sunshine On Our Bodies: Jainil Chokshi drops carefree new single to love with on The Patio

Taken off his brand new emotion-filled 4-track EP called Gyre, Jainil Chokshi just knows that the night is going to be more than okay and sends us into that mellow party that is on The Patio.

Jainil Chokshi is a 17-year-old Jupiter, Florida-based indie singer-songwriter and music producer who used an old electric keyboard and guitar to create his new offering.

I feel like this is my first time creating a cohesive piece of art,” Chokshi says, “and that’s new for me because it required much more planning and structure, but I’m really proud of how the final record came out.” ~ Jainil Chokshi

With a youthful exuberance that will take your heart safely into a much more content zone, Jainil Chokshi reminds us it’s okay to live again. Showing us where the light is, this emerging talent has done more than most to guide us into our friends’ arms and loved ones’ souls. Through a calming song of much peace and tranquility, you see?

The Patio from the exciting Jupiter, Florida-based indie singer-songwriter Jainil Chokshi is a groovy wonder that might put a massive smile on your dial. Rich in quality production, vocally smooth, packed with corn chips, and taking us into a night to remember, that is the mission and is welcomed rather joyously.

Showing us that life can be simple and happy if we want it to be so, this is a lovely single to make you beam happily wherever you are in the world.

Hear this new track on Spotify and check out the IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Swimming In Her Ocean: Jspino locks deep into her eyes on Need You

Released directly from his debut 6-track project called Summer’s Just In, Jspino just knows that a hot connection is only getting started despite the pesky ghost of the other guy on Need You.

Jspino is a Miami, Florida-based indie pop solo singer-songwriter who shows us so much freshness that is flowing within his creative veins.

Sending the temperatures simmering into another stratosphere completely, Jspino is simply first rate on a super body of work that might cause heart palpitations. Taking us on a ravishing ride where he knows his skills need to be up there with the best, in order to get the human who he certainly desires. Performed with a desirable ambience, this is a kiss-filled song that might cause a blush to appear on our faces.

Need You from Miami, Florida-based indie pop solo singer-songwriter Jspino is most likely the most romantically seductive song you shall hear today. Or tomorrow. Or even in your lifetime. Gosh, there is so much steamy energy involved that some might have to have a glass of cold water.

When you want something to happen so badly, you might surprise yourself by what you can achieve.

Check out this new song on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Daytona Beach rapper Tomoka Ryan shows us his fierce tenacity on ‘Swing Away’ (feat. Haden Carpenter)

Taken from his brand new full release called ‘Dad Bod’, Tomoka Ryan knows the home run is coming soon as he believes in his abilities enough to win at life no matter what the scoreboard says on ‘Swing Away(feat. Haden Carpenter).

Tomoka Ryan is a Daytona Beach, Florida-based indie Hip hop solo artist who has a likeable rap style that will have you pressing repeat for hours.

The state of Florida has notoriously produced artists who have built their identity around drugs and violence, but Tomoka Ryan has found success in selling the more positive attributes of his region.” ~ Tomoka Ryan

Guiding us to where he knows the promised land is, Tomoka Ryan raps with a self-assured style that is never too much, only relatable and furnished with impressive promise.

He is candid on a myriad of topics such as his wife’s feelings about the rapper lifestyle and the pressures of creating good music without the guarantee of a return on investment.” ~ Tomoka Ryan

Swing Away(feat. Haden Carpenter) from Daytona Beach, Florida-based indie Hip hop solo artist Tomoka Ryan is a reflective gem that we need to admire. Shepherding us through the internal battles that can halt your progress if you let it, this is a brave warrior who sees the winning line and isn’t stopping until he reaches it. Saucing his fire-lit flows with a dynamic approach that feels natural and totally real – we are entertained to the fullest – by a rising artist who knows what he wants.

If you keep on swinging, you will reach your goals if you put the work in and get that luck on your side.

Listen up to this terrific track on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

3way P.K opens up the door to that fresh ‘Ice Baby’ mentality

Demonstrating his stylish ways that are always going to cause a 2nd look, 3way P.K raps with his signature dynamic style that has you turning the volume up to ear-splitting levels of enjoyment with his ‘Ice Baby‘.

3way P.K is a Miami, Florida-born indie Hip hop artist who makes that fly kind of music that gets the team on the dance floor and brings a a cool vibe to the night.

Slicing his piece of the massive pie that ensures that he can feed his family without any issues, 3way P.K glows with his charm and flows like someone who is only headed for the top of the mountain.

Ice Baby‘ from Miami, Florida-born indie Hip hop artist 3way P.K is a single that will have your mind alive with all the possibilities to dress rather stylishly if you put the work in. Rapped with a full-flow technique that is bundled with fashion-savvy vigour and with straight up lyrics that have you listening deeper, this bass-heavy single produced by EzBeatz, is a speaker-bouncing experience to lift your vibe up with.

With a self-assured attitude, it feels like we are witnessing a new hero in the crowded rap scene.

See this flash music video on YouTube and check out the IG page for more buzz.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

KnatxKyngxKold grills the beat hot on the attack rap track ‘Look At This’

With an astonishing authority behind the mic and shredding the lyrics down like a true poet of the game, KnatxKyngxKold grabs our attention away from the disrespectful world we live in with ‘Look At This‘.

KnatxKyngxKold aka Nathaniel C. Davenport is a Kissimmee, Florida-based indie Hip hop solo artist who is one of the most creative underground rappers around.

Busting through the front door with much rugged abandon, KnatxKyngxKold is in brutal form and punches in a memorable song for us to remember because of his street-filled storytelling expertise.

Look At This‘ from Kissimmee, Florida-based indie Hip hop solo artist KnatxKyngxKold shows us a self-assured emcee who is tired of anyone getting him down. Slashing the air out of those timid tires that have been drilling a bunch of nonsense when they are showing fake love, he reaches for the metal and smacks the beef out of any rivalry. With his signature bad-to-the-bone rap style that will shock many back into action, this is a reminder that we need to show respect to this underappreciated artist on the rise.

When you know what you want, many former friends will suddenly be wary of you.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see what he gets up to on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Underground Miami rapper Foxxamilli shows us his winning mentality on ‘4-0’

Dropping a lyrical storm that sends the streets into absolute raptures, Foxxamilli is at his best with a barraging display on his latest track that shall have you remembering how the underground is alive if you know where to look with, ‘4-0‘.

Foxxamilli is a Miami, Florida-based indie Hip hop artist who raps with his team on his back and shows his melodic expertise on each one of his releases.

All I have is my brothers when it comes to this music. I’ll do anything for them. I do everything for my squad.” ~ Foxxamilli

Blasting through our creaking speakers that need to hear the truth about how it really is, Foxxamilli has dropped a substantial track, and it feels like he is only just getting started. With an insightful vigour that shows us what is possible, this is a single to play loud when you are driving around and keeping an eye out for those who want your downfall.

4-0‘ from Miami, Florida-based indie Hip hop artist Foxxamilli is a monumental display that shall get you easing the bass up onto full, to a full picture that is packed with a world that has him prevailing where others failed. With a cypher-like technique, this is a thunderous single that will have you taking another shot even if you have missed before, to get that 3-point mentality back into your armour.

Hear this new track on SoundCloud and see more on the Twitter page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Fort Lauderdale pop sensation Erica Gard drops dreamy debut single, ‘Four Leaf Clover’

Taken off her delightful first album that shall resonate with all the lovers out there, Erica Gard shows us flashes of her gorgeous vocals with an exquisite new song to truly embrace with her debut, ‘Four Leaf Clover‘.

Erica Gard is a highly-skilled Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been performing since her youth.

Erica recently released her debut album DOWNPOUR. This six-track EP is a love letter to her fiancé.” ~ Erica Gard

With a sumptuously elegant delivery and displaying her amazing promise that has you beaming for joy after discovering someone so exceptional, Erica Gard might be the new name that you tell all your friends about. She is quite scintillating on a story that shall have you feeling rather reflective, on a voyage that was bound by mishaps that took you on a different route than first expected.

Heavily influenced by some of the top female artists such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Tori Kelly.” ~ Erica Gard

Four Leaf Clover‘ from Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Erica Gard is such a superb single that shall have you wondering why the fairy tale you believed before, seemed to break in half when you least envisioned it to let you down. She sings with a hugely innocent style that is such a beautiful listen, as you imagine her singing on the biggest stages possible in the future. Class always rises to the top after all.

Hear this lovely new single on Spotify and see more of her life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Florida-based rock band The Walkers find that mirror amongst those ‘Bright Shadows’

Exploring the highs and lows of humanity through a music video that shall have you beaming with joy at the originality portrayed, The Walkers are at their most colourful with their new visuals for a song that will shake your core awake on ‘Bright Shadows‘.

The Walkers is a Gainesville, Florida-based indie psychedelic rock 5-piece act who are all good friends and is united by their love of garage rock.

Inspired by nature’s polarity and focuses on the power of juxtaposition; light and dark, yin and yang, life and death.” ~ The Walkers

Cruising through with a single that has you feeling like you are in a movie, The Walkers show us what true ingenuity is about with this sparkling new track that shall get you feeling like you too should venture outside again to see the world.

Bright Shadows‘ from Gainesville, Florida-based indie psychedelic rock band The Walkers is a lightning bolt visual that will have you appreciating a humble group who are clearly making a brand of music that gets you off the couch. A swampedelic family experience is on offer here from a likeable band that is connected through blood and brings us an entertaining track that is packed with their signature authenticity.

Check out the music video on YouTube and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen