3way P.K opens up the door to that fresh ‘Ice Baby’ mentality

Demonstrating his stylish ways that are always going to cause a 2nd look, 3way P.K raps with his signature dynamic style that has you turning the volume up to ear-splitting levels of enjoyment with his ‘Ice Baby‘.

3way P.K is a Miami, Florida-born indie Hip hop artist who makes that fly kind of music that gets the team on the dance floor and brings a a cool vibe to the night.

Slicing his piece of the massive pie that ensures that he can feed his family without any issues, 3way P.K glows with his charm and flows like someone who is only headed for the top of the mountain.

Ice Baby‘ from Miami, Florida-born indie Hip hop artist 3way P.K is a single that will have your mind alive with all the possibilities to dress rather stylishly if you put the work in. Rapped with a full-flow technique that is bundled with fashion-savvy vigour and with straight up lyrics that have you listening deeper, this bass-heavy single produced by EzBeatz, is a speaker-bouncing experience to lift your vibe up with.

With a self-assured attitude, it feels like we are witnessing a new hero in the crowded rap scene.

See this flash music video on YouTube and check out the IG page for more buzz.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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