Swimming In Her Ocean: Jspino locks deep into her eyes on Need You

Released directly from his debut 6-track project called Summer’s Just In, Jspino just knows that a hot connection is only getting started despite the pesky ghost of the other guy on Need You.

Jspino is a Miami, Florida-based indie pop solo singer-songwriter who shows us so much freshness that is flowing within his creative veins.

Sending the temperatures simmering into another stratosphere completely, Jspino is simply first rate on a super body of work that might cause heart palpitations. Taking us on a ravishing ride where he knows his skills need to be up there with the best, in order to get the human who he certainly desires. Performed with a desirable ambience, this is a kiss-filled song that might cause a blush to appear on our faces.

Need You from Miami, Florida-based indie pop solo singer-songwriter Jspino is most likely the most romantically seductive song you shall hear today. Or tomorrow. Or even in your lifetime. Gosh, there is so much steamy energy involved that some might have to have a glass of cold water.

When you want something to happen so badly, you might surprise yourself by what you can achieve.

Check out this new song on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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