They always go too soon: Billy Beaumont of Peace and the Chaos (Billy BMT) sends out a fitting tribute to close ones lost in 2020 with ‘I Know’ (feat. Gram Rea)

Southeast Texas born Billy Beaumont of Peace and the Chaos (Billy BMT) is back with an amazing song that sends a loving message to those special ones that sadly lost their lives during this dreadful pandemic on ‘I Know‘ (feat. Gram Rea).

This is a man who has been in many bands and toured all over, but this means something extra special. Family and friends are gone and the feeling inside his stomach feels like a tangled scout knot that needs time to untie.

The special sounds of the fiddle and violin blow into the dusty room where the friends once sat. Soon, we hear the emotionally charged vocals that speak of laughter and those incredible moments that will never be forgotten. His vocals are so tender and loving and show strength to help those left, deal with all this terrible loss.

Time goes too fast and you wish that you could have some moments back but you can’t. This is the story of a love that has gone too soon and this horrid year of 2020 has taken way too many lives. You wish that you could turn back time and do something but its out of your hands sometimes and you need to dig deep and remember the great moments, and take care of their families, as best you can.

I Know‘ (feat. Gram Rea) from Billy Beaumont of Peace and the Chaos (Billy BMT) is a sweetly delivered indie-folk/rock single that sends a true message to his loved ones that have gone way too soon. 2020 was an emotionally taxing year and with too many good people lost, he has gone above and beyond to show his love and frustration with this wild year.

Music has the power to truly heal. When the foggy mist eases, we can then see clearly again to keep those lost ones in our memories forever and to do justice to their memory.

This is a song you will never forget so hear it on Bandcamp and hold those close to you extra tight tonight.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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