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A story of transformation: Nashville based C.A Jones shows his class on the excellent ‘A Southern Sentiment’

Taken off the recent debut full album called The Velvet Hour, this is a fine addition to 2020 as it has a peaceful and thoughtful undertone. With the world going way too fast and in danger of skidding off the road at any second, we are blessed to have an intelligent voice like C.A Jones to help us relax a little bit, even for a short time. ‘A Southern Sentiment‘ is the new single and this is something special.

With a pure sound that is a rarity these days, this is an artist that working all the time to be a better person. He believes in his music and wants to learn. With so many artists showing their selfish side at times, this is a welcome change and one that inspires hope in these dark times. A ray of sunshine however creeps through the clouds as you listen to this new single.

Gosh, the class is so evident and you become so curious with each passing second. A singer-songwriter with a voice that pierces through like a tattoo artist making a sculpture on your body, this intertwines in the heart and make the blood flow so much smoother.

With a silky style that has so much brilliance attached, C.A Jones is top quality on ‘A Southern Sentiment‘. This is the story of finding yourself in a new town, a new experience and having that fresh mindset to succeed. Music that means something is always welcome.

Hear this peaceful song here on Spotify and follow the journey here on Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wanting others to win: Henny Holyfield shows the world how its done (ft Mistah F.A.B) ‘Win (Remix)’

Henny Holyfield shows us all how its done on his latest release. With Mistah F.A.B in imperious form, ‘Win (Remix)‘ is an exciting new Hip Hop track and this is the story of a man that wants others to do well. This is a selfless emcee that is one of the good guys, in an often ego-driven industry.

With a flow that is absolutely classy and hits the spot just right and a visual video that captures the moment perfectly, this is a message of peace in a war zone year of madness.

With an attitude that raises the game, Henny Holyfield (ft Mistah F.A.B) sends the world a positive message on the ‘Win (Remix)‘. This is an ode to the way music was supposed to be, supporting others and wanting those good souls to well.

Music in 2020 is all about rap beef and creating headlines to drive clicks. This is a swing back to the old school and for this, Henny needs to be acclaimed and admired. Hopefully his message spreads to the youngsters in the music game who can gradually change the native. People dying and getting hurt over music is something that needs to end as soon as possible.

See the music video here on YouTube and find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New Jersey’s multi-talented Gen Dietzel emerges from the depths of the underworld with ‘Haunted’

New Jersey’s multi-talented Gen Dietzel emerges from the depths of the underworld with ‘Haunted‘. This is a eerily brilliant song that catches you by surprise and engulfs your thoughts.

Gen Dietzel is a singer-songwriter and also a very talented writer who sings about how she feels deep inside. There is a real element of pain in her voice as she unwraps all the things in life that are keeping her soul down in the dumps, waiting for a fresh start. Gen has a style that is so hauntingly beautiful as you get lost in her voice, you look for the cookie crumbs on the floor and follow them. You know the journey is going to be worth it and it certainly is.

Haunted‘ from Gen Dietzel is a scary but brilliant release that captures the mood of 2020 just perfectly. The world right now has been caught in a big messy bottle, with so many terrible leaders, a world that is closed off mostly and the mood is so somber. Being in love is so tough right now too and you feel like you are haunted, nothing is going the way you want it to go.

Her vocals are so unique and you are transported into a dark world that need salvation so badly. Music heals all they say and this is a song that makes you think, makes you sad and inspires at the same time. A rare gift indeed that if nurtured correctly, can only blossom into something beyond, what it was first intended for.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘We Got’ from Houston duo/3 piece Eucalyption is a truthful story on how the world is wrapped up in useless information

We Got‘ from Houston duo/3 piece Eucalyption is a truthful story on how the world is wrapped up in useless information, instead of learning how to improve the planet.

Taken off the debut 10 track album ‘Go Ahead and Ignore This If You Want‘, this is a conscious Indie-Reggae track with such real substance and meaning. The lyrics are all about how smarter the world should be, but really isn’t. Instead, with all the new toys we have to play with globally, we are actually getting less smarter. This topic is discussed in depth here and this is such a vital view that needs to be spoken about more.

You smile to yourself and wonder why the world even talks about certain things, Instead of innovating, so many people are so stuck in their phones and are forgetting what life is really about.

Eucalyption are such a fresh new sound and ‘We Got‘ is the the type of track that you don’t really hear these days. There is so much appeal here and you get lost in the melodic soul that gets you in the mood. This is a debut song that is super impressive and this is a fine track that is full of real talk.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Inspired by lockdown: ‘Kindred Spirits’ from pianist Craig Sutcliffe warms the heart

This is a wonderful instrumental-only full album from a pianist who was inspired by the words from a lady in the crowd. She told him to not keep this stunning music to himself and to get it out there into the world. He did just that. Who knew that playing a small Meditation Session would leave such a last impression.

Kindred Spirits‘ from pianist Craig Sutcliffe is a wonderful album that portrays so much peace and pureness. With a thoughtful melody in each song, we are taken on a journey that helps so much during these dark times.

This is the 5th studio release from Craig Sutcliffe and there are so many highlights here. The top tracks here are ‘Drift Away‘, ‘City Lights‘ and ‘Magical Life’. The marvelously created riffs are like a butterfly landing on your shoulder when you are sad. You forget about your worries for a few moments and remember that life has so many beautiful moments to enjoy.

”The inspiration behind the album was the many Kindred Spirits who come into our life and help us along our journey. Some stay for a short while and some forever.”- Craig Sutcliffe

Hear this lovely music on the Spotify page and find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pop singer Richie Anderson returns with a slice of love pie with ‘Can’t Believe It’

Pop singer Richie Anderson returns with a slice of love pie with ‘Can’t Believe It‘ and this is a bright light to squirm through the sludge pit of a crazy year. This is all about not quite believing that you are in love so much and you never want this moment to end.

With a flourishing vocal ability that screams quality, the beat and clicking fingers gets you in the mood all the way. This is an innocent song in a harsh world and for this, we must be so thankful.

This song is off the brand new fresh EP called ‘S U M M A’ and is one of the best from this release. This is so catchy but pure, never too cheesy but a real love bite that is so good for the soul.

Can’t Believe It‘ from Richie Anderson is one of the most happier tracks of the year and this is a song to be enjoyed with your lover while having a night together, hand in hand, having an intimate night in. A hot song that reaches glorious heights.

Click here for the Spotify page to hear this track.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Running’ from Philippines born Michael Nathan is a story about how life can keep you on your toes

Running‘ from Philippines born Michael Nathan is a story about how life can keep you on your toes and you feel you can’t catch up sometimes. This is an indie R&B track with vocals that catch your attention real quick.

Now based in the Bay Area in the USA, Nathan is a singer-songwriter, beat maker and also a music producer that is gaining traction in the music world daily. With a confident attitude and a real ear for top beats, we are in for a reflective ride here.

Taken off the brand new full album ‘The Web‘, this is a fine new track full of R&B dressing that mixes so well in a classic kind of way. This is a throwback from a fairly new musician that has had a successful start in his career. With a fresh look, tight marketing and a voice that is so authentic, a huge future surely awaits.

Michael Nathan rips through the mic on ‘Running‘ and this is a song that most of us can relate too. Sometimes life comes fast and we need to be on our toes.

Head through to the Spotify page.

Find out more about this artist on his fresh website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Manchester Rock-Art act Sylvette drop the stunningly unique ‘Kelpius (NoShadow Remix)’ with Tom Chapman

With an innovative sound that breathes new life into your cold cup of tea, this is a kaleidoscopic mesh of styles that is quite frankly..absolute genius.

Sylvette are a UK based, Manchester Art-Rock band of supremely creative energies, all smoothly synced into one like music should be made. They are so galaxy-searchingly incredible to listen to. With an indie core that has an added element of exciting electronic waves that are wrapped around this new single so perfectly. With New Order & Bad Lieutenant bassist Tom Chapman featured here on the remix, this is an excellent track with tasty treats to fill up our hungry music senses, with an absolute feast to satisfy us.

This is the type of song that takes you into a new world and you have deja-vu somehow. The UK act are a morph of many different influences and you can’t stop listening. This is what music will sound like in 20 years as this is a band that is so far ahead of their time. ‘Kelpius (NoShadow Remix)‘ with Tom Chapman is an awe-inspiring effort that deserves a place with the best songs of 2020.

Find out more about Sylvette on their Facebook and hear this track on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Sweet Dreams’ Re-imagined: Exciting duo Sonophonix put their own blend on a classic with supremely satisfying results

Sweet Dreams‘ Re-imagined: Exciting duo Sonophonix put their own blend on a classic with supremely satisfying results as they are two such talented musicians. Form is temporary and class is permanent- these two incredible artists have created something so stunning here for us in the fire of 2020 that cools the airs and helps with the global anxiety.

Cellist Xue was born in Beijing, China and is now New York based where she works with various indie acts. After learning the piano aged 4, she moved onto the cello when she was only 9 years old.

Deborah is the pianist here and is from Salem, Oregon but now based in New York City too. She also started playing piano when she was just 4 years old and you can feel the quality here.

This is a beautiful expression of music without words and the stunning soundscape is a blessing to our tired souls. The exciting duo are two inspiring women that use their skills to make such amazing music.

‘We combined electronic elements and a touch of vocals to compliment the piano and cello.’- Sonophonix

This is an underrated duo that deserve more love and Sonophonix have been careful to put their own spin on such a classic song. Sometimes covers can sound clunky or too similar to the original. Not on this occasion. I feel so relaxed after listening to this and you will too.

With years of practice on different instruments, you can feel that these two talented musicians are in their element here and the results are marvelous. The goal of creating an atmospheric sound palette has certainly been achieved.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Head through to the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Singer-songwriter/Poet Michael Golden sends us a mellow gem on ‘Ship in a Bottle’

Singer-songwriter/Poet Michael Golden sends us a mellow gem on ‘Ship in a Bottle‘ and this is a wonderful indie-folk masterpiece that soothes the soul from all worries.

This is the 2nd single from the new upcoming full album ‘Some Kind of Holiday‘, this exciting track dropped on November 20th. A song that you can’t help but like, the layers are so lovely here and the lyrics are so wonderful. This is half poetry, half singing and this style is so fun to listen to.

Ship in a Bottle‘ from Michael Golden is such a pleasant surprise to the ears and heart. He sings with such meaning and this is a peaceful single that brings us back to the good times of music, those times where you can relax and reflect while looking into the ocean. The seas are very high right now in the world but this is a new single that calms the waters and throws us a life-jacket to save ourselves. A true modern day classic this and the incredible vocals and cello are a wonder to listen to.

Click here for the YouTube music video.

Head through to the Insta page.

Find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen