20-LD wonders why a loved one just sees the darkness when there is so much light on, ‘Can You See It’

With a cinematic soundscape that has your ears alive with anticipation, 20-LD are eerily translucent on a single that sends your entire consciousness into a distinctly familiar reality with, ‘Can You See It‘.

20-LD is a Gloucestershire, UK-based alternative band who was formed in 2020 and makes that anthem-sounding music to take your breath away with ease.

The track is about relationships, the ups and downs and being with someone who can’t see the positives, just fixated with it falling apart.” ~ 20-LD

Displaying dynamic endeavour that is rather refreshing and a welcome addition to any open-minded playlist, 20-LD are an outfit who sizzle our speakers with intricate effect. They calmly tell us this deep story about dealing with negative vibrations that can sap your soul of its important life.

Can You See It‘ from Gloucestershire, UK-based alternative act 20-LD is one of those singles that has your mind into a whole thoughtful universe of intense wonder at why some people just close off the vital light of hope. Their music is rather raw and gloriously gritty as they take charge minus that fake flash, as they delve deeper into a reflected a process that many have been feeling deep in their bones.

With a unique edge that sets them a part from other artists in this genre, as they deliver something with a scintillating edge you can’t easily forget.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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