Love that tastes good: Polo Candana drops pasta-dripped debut Hip Hop cook-fest ‘Macaroni’

With a likable style and a flow that is unmistakably exuberant, we are introduced to a new Hip Hop artist that oozes charm and global appeal. Polo Candana and his chefs drop the debut music video for ‘Macaroni‘ and this track will certainly make you lick your lips in delight.

His lyrics about how he admires her for making money with a real hustle is a refreshing formula in a genre that often comes across as highly misogynistic. Hopefully this signals a change to how Hip Hop is made and portrayed to the world. With femicide and abusive relationships at a seemly all-time high, this is a way to make sure that young men and woman all over the globe know how to treat a woman. With respect and support, not a reckless and disrespectful style that rubs the wrong way and creates a perception that females are second best- a narrative that is completely wrong.

Macaroni‘ from Polo Candana shows a rap style that is cutting edge and the music video shows a fresh face in the game, who is keen to make his mark in the music scene real quick. His bars are consistently presented and the chorus with the boys in a smoke-filled room, is a real 2020 anthem of swimming against the wave of this crazy year. This is an excellent debut track and the visuals make this a memorable song.

Hear this catchy new Hip Hop track on YouTube and find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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