Getting let ‘Down’ again: Singer/producer Dewuy drops his new single that finds him in reflective mood

Dewuy is a fresh R&B singer-songwriter and producer born in Vietnam, raised in France but now based in vibrant Australia. He rips in with the brand new single called ‘Down’ which is the taken off the recently released 5 track EP ‘Novocaine’.

A massive Malcom in the Middle fan and he pronounces his name based on the character called Dewy. This is a real creative who has used his time in Australia to work on his visual skills, production and is now a flourishing full-time musician.

This is a hot new single all about feeling like you are wasting your time with someone that you are super keen for. They have different ideas however, and your mind sets are so far away, you might as well be in a different country. A story about how the fire isn’t there from their side and you know you need to move on otherwise you are going to get hurt.

His determined voice is so honest throughout and you can hear his frustration. A new start awaits and he knows it. The beat busts through the curtains and shades over the bedroom to end proceedings no matter much you wish it could be different.

This is a club slider of a song that deserves lots of spins with packed clouds. As live events stay mostly closed worldwide, we will have to enjoy this splendid song in our own homes, with the candles on and lights ‘Down’ real low by Dewuy.

Enjoy this new track on Spotify and see more of the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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