Synthetix – Ominous Data: Meet the Master of Electronica Futurology

Synthetix looked far beyond the binary with the cybernetically harbingering title single from his latest bass-heavy electro LP, Ominous Data. The San Francisco-residing breakbeat producer and live artist Shea Steinbacher founded Synthetix and started cutting his teeth in the rave and nightclub scene in 1999, the same year The Matrix hit the big screen, which may or may not be coincidental, but one thing is for sure, Synthetix has become a moniker synonymous with the futurology of electronica.

As dark, heavy, and brooding as Ominous Data may be, nothing about the polished mix feels oppressive. The reverberating glitchy waves wash over you, allowing your rhythmic pulses to ebb and flow with the syncopated momentum that speaks volumes of the producer’s experience and expertise which has lent itself to 13 LPs and EPs on labels including Anti-Matter Records and Black Magic Records.

Currently operating under his own independent label, ZerosAndOnes Records, the innovative originator is ensuring that if we do have a future to look forward to where our autonomy doesn’t atrophy, he’s going to hold dominion over the breakbeat scene with his kinetic rhythms and synths that carve through the atmosphere with the reverberations of a full-scale invasion.

Ominous Data was inputted into the airwaves on April 5th; stream the track on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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