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I believe in just one God: Carol Blaze doesn’t ask for much on Sex Drugs Rock And Roll

Carol Blaze Playlist by carol blaze

Rocking our socks off many feet and taking us back to a time so many humans treasure fondly, Carol Blaze sends all minds into a fireball of imagination on the charged-up single to feel reinvigorated by and this is called, Sex Drugs Rock And Roll.

Created by A.T. Vish, Carol Blaze is a massively experienced San Francisco, California-based multi-instrumentalist and psychedelic/goth rock singer-songwriter who is known for unforgettable live performances made for the memory bank.

the former drummer of Pittsburgh, USA’s dream-pop darlings, Lowsunday (Projekt Records), psychedelic monsters, Thickhead Grin, and musical productions of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Without You, both starring Anthony Rapp (of Rent, etc.).” ~ A.T. Vish

Off to Lisbon soon for the summer, Carol Blaze shall heat up many souls with this fiery experience to nod heads with all night as the mosh forms. Avoiding the wartime narratives and sending a shiver down startled spines, this is a rather sturdy single to feel proud of while playing at full volume.

Sex Drugs Rock And Roll from San Francisco, California-based multi-instrumentalist and indie rock singer-songwriter Carol Blaze is one of the most raw tracks anyone shall hear this year. With confidence in spades and a real story to believe in, this is a proper song to feel alive with again.

Hear this electric track on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Right For You: Max Mercier sings with illuminating meaning on vocally excellent effort, In Your Frame

Wondering why a certain someone misuses the all important test of time, Max Mercier displays his powerful vocals for all to hear in flourishing full force with In Your Frame.

Max Mercier is a San Francisco-born Los Angeles-based indie pop artist and music producer who grew up singing classic Tom Petty tracks.

Max writes the story of two people who can’t let go of one another, though it is detrimental to both of their well being. Letting go of his dream-pop/heartland rock/glam-rock roots, he explores a more contemporary pop sound, laced with the sonic textures of the last century.” ~ Max Mercier

Scintillating to the max and launched with so much velocity, Max Mercier shows us into his mind and performs with a splendid verve which shall get many ears wagging with delight.

In Your Frame from San Francisco-born Los Angeles-based indie pop artist and music producer Max Mercier is a magnificently instinctive single for those who love their music made with gloriously toned vocals to hug all night. Wrapped tightly in courageous lyrics and a sublime aura, we find a refreshing release to play on loud.

Listen up on Spotify. See more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Emmett McGrath brought light to the darkened world with his acoustic single, Little Guy

What does it mean to be human in perpetually unprecedented times? You will get a pretty good idea by hitting play on the latest single, Little Guy, by the San Francisco, Bay Area singer-songwriter Emmett McGrath.

The single, inspired by his grandson, captures the necessity and fundamental nature of love as a light in a darkened world. To be honest, I was already tearing up with the single synopsis, when I heard the gentle Cat Stevens-Esque melodicism of the acoustic guitar and his reassuringly gentle vocal timbre, I was emotionally floored.

Emmett McGrath is more than worth his weight in gold in times like these. The pandemic may be behind us, but with the threat of societal precariousness in every news segment, he’s a breath of fresh optimistic air in an atmosphere stifled with anxiety.

Little Guy is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Like A Whirlwind: Asian-American artist Xander Lee can’t stop thinking about that passionate summer on Private Hell

Trapped in a world where he wants to escape but feels so powerless from its mighty aura, Xander Lee closes his eyes and only sees that moment he can’t seem to pass from on the catchy new single to dance with, Private Hell.

Xander Lee is a San Francisco, California-based indie pop/rock-electronic solo singer-songwriter and music producer who is proudly Asian-American with Chinese and Korean roots.

Viewing himself as a singer-songwriter who uses his voice and the computer as his primary instruments, he combines a focus on lyrical storytelling with creative sound design and production, tipping traditional pop songwriting on its head and drawing you into his searing explorations of mental health and youthful angst.” ~ Xander Lee leading us into his vision for this striking music project

Opening that steaming window to cool down after thinking too much about that special night, Xander Lee drifts into our souls with an ear-catching display that might cause your whole body to shudder rather unexpectedly. Dripping in an anthem-like delivery which has a big stadium written all over it, we find a rising musician who is so valiant on this audacious soundtrack to those days we all wish we could transport back into.

Private Hell from San Francisco, California-based indie pop/rock-electronic artist Xander Lee, is a lust-fueled story that many young lovers have felt during that wonderful summer. He tells us a descriptive story that shall warm your heart and also cause much regret about how it all ended rather quickly when the opposite was supposed to happen. Lathered in confidence and thriving with a splendid sound which could cause temperatures to rise, this is a sizzler for us all to learn from.

Recalling special times can be fun, as long as you can let it go when needed.

Listen up on Spotify and see more of his journey unfold on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

BISH gave Shakira’s ‘Whenever’ a trancey rework in his luminous remix

Whenever by Shakira will forever be one of the greatest hits in pop history; it has spawned countless remixes, including the trancey revival by the San Francisco producer and DJ, BISH.

The up-and-coming artist and professional baseball player for the San Francisco Giants made the most of his time away from the field during lockdown by working on his production skills, which transpired from learning the piano at a young age. It is safe to say that the time locked away in his home studio was well spent on the basis of Whenever.

Bringing the heat from his hometown, Whenever is radiant under BISH’s touch, which is highly influenced by his idol. Kygo. We can’t wait to hear where he takes his melodic brand of dance music next.

Stream BISH’s remix of Whenever via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

All Stories: Host Bodies will never change the walking memories on ‘Refuge’ (feat. Containher)

Showing us exactly what we needed to feel rather deeply after a long time hidden away, Host Bodies have dropped, possibly one of the most passionate singles of the year with the excellent ‘Refuge(feat. Containher).

Host Bodies are a sensational San Francisco, California-born indie electronic duo who perform with an electrifying edge to savour on each of their sizzling tracks.

Written during the pandemic, a time of deep reflection for all of us, the track tells a story from the perspective of someone left alone to wander a library of personal memories. Taking refuge among the books, all the unplanned moments in life emerge as experiences too priceless to trade.” ~ Host Bodies

Glistening with a rather fantastic fragrance that is perfect to let wade over your battered soul after dealing with so much heartache, Host Bodies steam up our day with a toasty track that definitely has that extra mayo to sauce up proceedings.

Packed with pure precision, laser sharp aim and a lot of gusto, this is a playlist-adding track loaded with greatness sprinkled everywhere.

A natural collaboration formed between Containher and Host Bodies after playing at Starcrash, SF’s electronic music residency at DNA Lounge in early 2020. Almost two years later, the first of many more tracks arrives just as both artists return to live shows.”  ~ via Host Bodies Bandcamp page.

Refuge(feat. Containher) from San Francisco, California-born indie electronic duo Host Bodies is a stunning single that is made with so much love and inspiration. With a fresh aura that reminds one of a swim in clear water during summer, this is a hot track that might leave a burn if you don’t treat the climates just right.

Listen up on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bennetti moves on from the past as he reaches for those obtainable goals with ‘Let It Go’ (feat. Tiffany Trueblood)

After taking a 20 year hiatus to reconstruct his life, Bennetti remembers the past as he focuses on making sure that he sees his next birthday away from war-filled streets with ‘Let It Go(feat. Tiffany Trueblood).

Shawn Ben’Netti aka Bennetti is a San Francisco, California-based indie Hip hop artist who, after first breaking into the scene in 1992 with rap crew Down N’ Dirty Hustlas, returns with a new project.

Impressing with his lyrical quality and a powerful aura that has you feeling like you are listening to a real storyteller, Bennetti shows us his progression and drops one of the most thoughtful tracks of 2022.

Let It Go(feat. Tiffany Trueblood) from San Francisco, California-based indie Hip hop artist Bennetti is one of those tracks that has your mind moving back to your past. After dealing with what the streets had in store, he moved up to a different level that set him free from the treacherous alleys that can steal your shine.

With a calming lyrical delivery that has you sensing that you are listening to a respected force, this is a single that shall show you it’s possible to develop and not let your past dictate your future.

Listen up to this new release on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

uhforrest became one of the most original names in indie trap with ‘highrise’

‘highrise’ is the latest candidly sweet indie trap drop from the up-and-coming San Francisco based artist, uhforrest, who is setting himself apart from the rest by establishing himself as the Elliott Smith of the new wave trap scene.

Lyrically, highrise packs a pretty bruising punch as uhforrest runs through the cleverly morose wit; instrumentally, the intimate guitars bring the catharsis as they shimmer over the glitchy trip-hop meets trap beats.

To bring yet another addictive element into the prodigal mix, uhforrest is by far one of the most vocally original trap artists to appear on our radar in recent years. When you pair that with the indie tape-saturated warmth of the genre-defying guitars, highrise is as unforgettable as it is original. We can’t wait to hear what follows.

You can check it out for yourselves by heading over to Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Daniel Roman cools off in the groove with the sensually stimulating new single, ‘For Me’ (feat. Trevor Cooke)

Following on from his debut EP ‘LUCKY‘ from late 2021, Daniel Roman took his time to reinvent his sound and experimented until he knew this was the one as we swim deeply into the catchy new single, ‘For Me(feat. Trevor Cooke).

Daniel Roman is a 17-year-old San Francisco, USA-based indie-pop music producer who returns with a track that reflects his goodbye to childhood.

Soaking us sweetly with a sensational song that is all about staying in the moment, Daniel Roman and Trevor Cooke transmit us an honest reminder that when you see that spark in the eye – it’s best to use this vital opportunity to be together – otherwise, you will regret it forever if you miss out.

With an electric ambience of enthralling production that heats up your mind, this is a seriously good track to play loud and dance with all night as you party the evening away until sunrise.

For Me(feat. Trevor Cooke) from the San Francisco, USA-based indie-pop music producer Daniel Roman, is the what-are-you-waiting-for anthem about taking your chance when you see it. There is so much to lather inside here on this dance floor slider, that will have your eyes alive with excitement as you are motivated to live only for now.

Featuring stunning vocals that will send you a soul-awakening shiver and a beaming smile all at once, this is a fine track that will surely summon you inside that youthfulness-filled energy that you thought would never end.

Listen up to the first single off his new project on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Technicolor Fades: Matt Jaffe flips the hourglass on creative visuals for the fascinating ‘Time Traveler’

After his well-planned out tour to the UK was tragically postponed due to the horrific covid-19 pandemic which has changed our lives forever, Matt Jaffe expertly finds his way through the volcano-filled vortex of current disastrous times like Dr Who would as he tries to fight off those long distance blues on ‘Time Traveler‘.

Matt Jaffe is a soulfully smooth San Francisco, California-based indie alt-rock singer-songwriter. He makes a sterling blend of music creations that is deep in thought and high in quality, as he shows us his class on this terrific single.

I wanted to record this song like it was produced by Brian Eno. The grand sonic vistas of Joshua Tree, the atmospheric panoramas of Remain In Light. It’s a love song in the tradition of Ben Gibbard’s Transatlanticism, lamenting long distance with a spacious landscape that invites you to lie down on its featherbed of Swiss Clock drums and Dalí Clock guitars.” ~ Matt Jaffe

Taken off his recent seven-track album called ‘Undertoad‘, this is a well-constructed track from a wildly creative artist who brings us a nostalgic gem. With so much music around that is made with a copy cat grin and a whisker of skill, this is a refreshingly mind-mover of an experience which leaves you totally transfixed at this compelling single.

Time Traveler‘ from the San Francisco-based world class indie rock singer-songwriter Matt Jaffe, shows us into a world that can divide many unexpectedly. The unfortunate long distance keeps your souls from interconnecting and the yearn to be with that special human can’t be replaced by any kind of technology. Sung with a composed tone and featuring complexly created lyrics which shows us his growing greatness, this is a wonderfully projected track which will have you listening twice.

See his inspiring new video on YouTube, hear more on Spotify and follow his journey to the UK on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen