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New Diplomat’s dance pop is at its best yet with ‘Set You Up’

San Francisco based indie/electro-pop outfit New Diplomat have released a track and accompanying visual for ‘Set You Up’ from their ‘New Diplomat EP’. 

A well-known staple in the west coast indie-pop world, New Diplomat have certainly returned to the heights that helped them get there. ‘Set You Up’ is an effeminately groovy affair which sees the band employ a wider array of darker, synthier sounds and meatier hooks. It’s electronic, rumbly, and drives with a deep soundscape that feels more attuned to concrete dancefloors than rooftop bars.  

‘Set You Up’ is a powerfully solid release from a band who should already be on the radar of many indieheads, and it’s worth throwing up onto your upbeat, electro-inspired playlists and collections. 

You can check out New Diplomat’s ‘Set You Up’ on YouTube here


Anadel’s Cosmic Creature Comforts

Cosmic Creatures is one of those songs that reveals and rewards more and more as it plays out. Starting with some minimal acoustic guitar chords you could be forgiven for thinking that this might just be another fey troubadour looking to change the world with a working knowledge of the key of A minor, you know the type. But as it slowly builds, as it draws shimmering dream-pop and gentle indie structures to its heart you realise that you are instead being subjected to a master class in minimalism and emotion.

Anadel revel in space and understand that often it is the atmospheres which are conjured between the layers of music, the anticipations that hang between the words, the intangible ideas which are much more than the sum of its musical parts that really tug the emotional heartstrings. To use a cliche, less is more, but cliches are cliches because they are true and here Anadel do little more than build inviting musical structures and wait for them to be inhabited by the listeners own imagination and feelings. Now that is what I call a very neat trick.


Swamp Child – Miss Disgrace: 21st Century Riot Grrrl

Miss Disgrace is the latest percussion soaked track from the San Francisco based Swamp Child, it’s sound is a torrent of contemptuous sound. Grabbing hold of the same angst as bands such as Hole, Babes in Toyland and Jack Off Jill. Vocalist Brandi Cheek revels in her garage blues sound with no notable ode to the predecessors to her genre. She carries her sound in a unique veracious way that celebrates her feminine tenderness with her demur styling.

Through their sound they combine the soulful grunge rock influences of New Orleans through the rattling perpetual rhythm of the guitar provided by the deft hands of Robb Hagle.

Miss Disgrace is an ode to their alternative rock roots with the invigorating touch of the contemporary indie garage rock sound which they take all across San Francisco to treat fans to a taste of their delectable enigmatic sound.

Keep tuned for the full Miss Disgrace EP which is due later this fall.

In the meantime, check out Swamp Child’s new single on Spotify using the link below:

For more on the band and details of their upcoming tour head on over to their stunning website


White Night Release Slick Hazy Indie Track “Golden Heart”

When you have your roots in two of the coolest cities on the planet, namely Berlin and San Francisco, it follows that something musically interesting is on the cards, just by virtue of having soaked up a certain creative vibe which hangs in the air of such cities. Golden Heart is a wonderful mix of slick 80’s pop and a modern hazy indie sound which seems to channel those past musical glories.

It is built on a wave of beautiful understatement and elegant strings, funky beats and gorgeously ethereal vocals which seem often to be happy just to punctuate the music rather than dominate it. If music ever summed up the places it inhabits then White Night are the perfect example, the classical grandeur of the old world meeting the exploratory nature of the new, the tight, electro-pop of the German musical story meeting the looser spirit of the American west coast. But this isn’t music which in anyway sounds retro because of its influences, if anything it is more forward thinking than any of its contemporaries and that is the perfect evolution for pop music.


A&R Factory Present: Sam Johnson

According to (January 2017) Sam Johnson is the #1 ranked Singer-Songwriter in all of San Francisco. Sam recently joined ANDY GRAMMER for the West Coast portion of his “Honey I’m Good Tour” performing live in front of thousands each night as Andy’s only opening act.

Sam’s original music is often heard in TV shows on FOX, BRAVO, MTV, SPIKE and more. In 2015 He was commissioned by the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) to write several songs which are still being used by the mixed martial arts promotion company to this day.  His rendition of “In The Midnight Hour” was chosen two years in a row for the MACY’S Black Friday sales campaign. Interscope Records recording artists “FLIP SYDE” did a rendition of Sam’s song “Tower Of Hollywood” and it became the title track of their most recent album “Tower Of Hollywood.”

Sam maintains a busy performance schedule at over 200 shows per year, playing dozens of college events, corporate events (Oakley Sunglasses, Oracle, Red Bull, Casamigos Tequila, and more), as well as festivals, tour dates, and residencies with The Ritz-Carlton San Francisco, The Palace Hotel, The Grand Hyatt San Francisco, and Cavallo Point.

He inked his first distribution deal, with Ineffable Music Group (Same distribution and management company as popular Reggae band Stick Figure), which catapulted him into sharing stages with Andy Grammer,Shwayze, Collie Buddz, Anuhea, The Holdup and many more.

Sam’s journey hasn’t always been so glamorous though. He “paid dues” for years as a street performer in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, performing 5 days a week year round. It was through this rigorous performance schedule that Sam gained a loyal enough fan base to launch a Kickstarter campaign that funded the entire production of his 2014 release “The City,” produced by Alex Elena and Topher Mohr (Lily Allen, Citizen Cope, Mayer Hawthorne).

Sam’s is known for his soulful voice and lyrical whit. It is not uncommon to hear laughter come from a crowd at his performances.

He is often compared to artists like John Mayer and Dave Matthews.



A&R Factory Present: Low Country Kingdom

Think Outkast meets Chromeo meets porn in space. They’ve been featured on A&E Networks, KickKickSnare,, and Satan’s Top 50 Tracks For Roadtrippin’ With Your Buds.

Scott [rap, lead guitar] met Adam [keytar, producer] at the University of Pennsylvania when he kicked him out of a frat party — but that’s water under the bridge. Some time later in San Francisco, they wrote and recorded their debut album (Big Like China), which ranges widely from heavy beat-driven rap anthems [Manifest Destiny] to soulful pop hits [Mmm Mmm Mmm, Another Ordinary Day] to Kanye-esque industrial orchestral instrumentals, and everything in between.

Meanwhile, Suz [co-lead vocals] was studying music at S.F. State when she stumbled upon an intriguing craigslist ad for a “hypersexual electrosoul vocalist with a heart of gold” and submitted some vocal samples. A month later, LCK became a trio.

Meanwhile, Lang [co-lead vocals] was singing classics aboard a Carnival cruise line in the South Pacific. Eventually he ported near San Francisco, and, as chance would have it, LCK was playing a gig at Amnesia SF. Adam and Lang were old high school buddies, so Adam invited him on stage with LCK as a guest vocalist for a few tunes. He set the storied venue aflame with magnificent vocal arpeggios, and quit his job the next day.

Now a quartet, the squad rages on, writing, recording, and producing music and video content from their house in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, California (yes, they all live together, eat together, cook together, make love together). Don’t miss what this eccentric team puts out next…